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armed dragon deck

lucario beast

Well-Known Member
3 armed dragon lv 3
2 armed dragon lv 5
3 armed dragon lv 7
3 armed dragon lv 10
2 red eyes darkness metal dragon
3 masked dragon
2 mirage dragon
1 sangan
1 flying kamakiri
1 spear dragon

1 dark whole
1 foolish burial
1 heavy storm
3 level moundation
3 level up
1 lightning vortex
1 monster reborn
2 monster reincarnation
1 mystical space typhoon

1 bottomless trap hole
1 burst breath
1 call of the haunted
1 demensional prision
2 dragons rage
1 magic cylinder
1 mirror force
1 torential tribute

i know its over 40 cards but i feel like every card helps the deck leve youre suggestions and ive been testing it on DN and it works pretty well

Short Wing

Home of the Braviary
Maybe you could try:
3 White Stones of Legend (Search out BEWD, and Cards of Consonance target)
2 Flamvell Guard (Target for both Dark Factory and Cards of Consonance)
3 Blue Eyes White Dragon (Great for discarding with the Armed Dragons and easily retrieved with Dark Factory)
3 Dark Factory of Mass Production (Instead of Monster Reincarnation)
3 Cards of Consonance (Draw power)
2-3 Super Rejuvenation (You're going to do a lot of discarding with the Armed Dragons and Cards of Consonance)
2-3 Alexandrite Dragons (Instead of maybe spear dragon and masked dragon, it's a good beatstick and is targetable by Dark Factory.)

- 3 Level Modulations (letting your opponent draw 2 cards for an Armed Dragon isn't worth it, add another Call of the Haunted if you want to revive Lv 3, Lv 5.)
- 1 Magical Cylinder (You're not going for burn)
- 1 Sangan (No targets in your deck)

If you want to run REDMD may try testing some of these.
1 Future Fusion (Sends White Stones to fetch BEWD, Red-eyes Wyverns to summon REBD and REDMD.)
3 Red-Eyes Wyvern (You can discard it for the Armed Dragons and still be able to summon REBD and REDMD)
2 Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Summonable by REW, REDMD and a target for Dark Factory)
2 Five-Headed Dragon

Maybe side a Dragon's Mirror
Maybe side a Beckoning Light to fetch some BEWDs, and White stones.