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Around The Whirlpool (212)


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Around The Whirlpool!

Arriving in the Whirl Islands, Ash & Misty learn about the Whirl Cup...a cup that only lets you participate with Water Type Pokémon. They go to enter however they soon see some Pokémon in trouble...

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Guess I'll be the first to comment on this pretty good episode. I mean, not only was it the start of things to come, but also had Professor Elm! I must be like, Elm's only fan. ^_^o *fangirl mode* Elm > Oak


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Got my Master Quest Box set a few days ago. Well this is the first of the 32 episodes on it, was quite funny, especially how Team Rocket tried one of the more traditional methods to capture Pikachu and caught Ash instead because the boat shook......yeah pretty much made them look a bit sh*t. Of course followed by a funny motto, although Eric Stuart made James sound a little too camp with the last line I thought, funny though!

Ok I don't mind Corsola's generally, but I don't understand the obsession with them in the opening stages of this Master Quest series, so much so it was like, oh yeah I remember Pikachu.

The battle with Elm's Corsola and Team Rocket was good, nice episode.
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Team Awesome
This episode is SO BORING. Even though I love Professor Elm, the episode doesn't really have much that happens in it. I do like the start of the four-story arc with Misty wanting a Corsola, Meowth imitating Wobbuffet :D , and Brock saying the city looks like a smeargle exploded, but otherwise the episode wasn't all that memorable.


To know the unkown
BO-RING! ZZZ... Anyway, this ep. is dreary as a set up for the Whirl Island arc. And Prof. Elm was never that great a character anyways.
A very boring episode, a pointless start to the Whirl Islands episodes, at least Prof.Elm was in it
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I enjoyed this episode it was nice to see Elm actually do more than just sit in a lab and not pay attention to anything like he did in the 1st episode of Johto. It was funny to see the gang start to walk away when TR admitted the they snuck on board the ferry. Nice to see Misty actually get excited about catching a water Pokemon since her last she didn't really catch it just sort of followed her I hope she does catch a Corsola. Also nice cameo by Lugia referencing the place where you actually catch it in game.
Yes, apart from the Lugia outline, and Meowth taking Wobbuffet's place, this episode is very sleepy.
My main question is; how do the trio not recognise the noise and outline of Lugia, seen as they've already encountered it in the film?
Let's hope the rest of the Whirl Island arc picks up the pace a little!


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I thought it was good to see Professor Elm again. I also liked the references made to Lugia in the Whirl Islands. I thought Professor Elm's Corsola was really cool and I thought the battle it had with Team Rocket was pretty cool. I was extremely disappointed when Arbok defeated Staryu though. If that is how Misty battles, she will never when the Whirl Cup. Also, If the writers would pay attention and realize that Counter won't work on Pikachu's electrical attacks, then Ash, Misty, and Brock never would have ended up in the sea.


Great episode,

i loved to see Professor Elm's Corsola. it was so cute.



any pictures of the whirl islands but as if there was more 2 it like in the shows with cities n towns and more pokemon,like blue point isle, yellow rock isle, red rock isle, ogi isle, silver rock isle and tha diglett village/digda village. . .no luck finding it myself, not sure where else 2 ask. . .
or if anything a delibird game sprite picture would be nice but 1 i can copy n paste. . .
. . .


Shiny Flygon
The Whirl Island saga was amazing. I love Water pokemon and all the tournaments were great. And of Course, Corsola with its debut.
Professor Elm gets to appear again, it's already a rare event.


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This episode was just what we needed. It was a great way to introduce the Whirl Islands and the Whirl Cup competition! I mean first we had Ash and friends fall into the ocean due to Team Rocket and they got to see Lugia's shadow which was exciting since it meant that the real Lugia would appear in the anime at some point. Then we got to see Professor Elm again which is always a delight. His Corsola played a big role in the battle against Team Rocket near the end, so I guess it means he's a good trainer still. I was pleased to see that Misty was so fired up for the Whirl Cup competition. Misty never got things like this before so seeing her ready for battle was what made this episode stand out even more than the Lugia or Professor Elm combined! Loved this, 9.5/10.


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This episode was ok... It sets up for the Whirl Islands World Cup Competition. It was very cool to see Professor Elm again. His Corsola was very cute. This episode wasn't really needed as a filler. The names of the Isles are very odd. It was very cool seeing Lugia's shadow, it definitely foreshadows upcoming Lugia episodes.