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Around the World with 80 Lillipups Trade Center

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by rosierjay, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    Beckett the mascot Puppy!!!
    Hello and Welcome.
    August Event!!
    Details and Rules in second post.

    My goal is to collect a lillipup from every country in the world and state in America. So I can have a Globe filled with dots.
    In order to achieve that goal I decided to create a shop to trade for lillipups.

    1st post-eevees,events, legendary, etc want list, rules, and services
    2nd post-Lillipup Trading Center(trade ratio & countries i have etc)
    -lillipup rules have moved to here
    5th post- My Teams (also some of my key breeding pokemon)

    Rules for trading
    1. in the forum be polite and please don't pm unless i do first... fills up too fast otherwise.

    2. read here for Lillipup trades!!

    3. obvious stuff. no hacked pokemon. rngs ok and clones in some cases.

    4. please don't make a ridiculous offer... it wastes time

    5. Please no Pm unless i ask you to. Post offers in the thread, vms and pm move to fast and get lost easily.

    6. if you've been rude to me in other threads or via pm or vm. i will not trade with you.
    if i didn't understand something you posted, didn't see it, or didn't reply or whatnot in the time frame you expected, there is still no reason for you to be rude. i don't live on this forum, nor do i always go back to check to see others post everyday. i will black list you. does that make you a bad person? no i just will not trade with you, no matter what you have to offer.
    7. no strikes. if you're rude. you're done. unless you can apologize. which i won't hold my breath for or ask for.

    8. if i trade you a hacked pokemon, i will either return you're pokemon or replace the one i traded you. and apologize if that happens.

    9. let me know if you don't want the pokemon you traded me put in my shop.​

    I have bought alot of my games used, and i have a few pokemon that i'm not sure about. if i'm not sure i do put them in a different section, they are a trade at your own risk section. never expecting much for these.​

    Shiny Zek-waited for over two months to trade. finally cancelled it.
    Zoroark1998-blacklisted me because i didn't haunt his thread and know to delete a post. will not trade with. next time put in your first post not to post yet.

    currently closed- RNGING-
    BY gand_knight

    Exchange rate
    First post
    includes:Dittos, Eevees, egg/gen moves, lv100
    =equal value, cloned shinies or super rare country dots for my gts globe.
    legendary=legendary (add item for foreign)
    Cloned event=cloned event or opportunity for me to clone it.
    my uncloned event -2 cloned events or rng offer
    foreign event-2 shiny, 2 rnged pokes, or foreign event
    Generation 4 Trades-bottom of first post.
    Second post
    includes: lv1 UT, Fossils, Foreign, Unknowns, Starters, Evolved
    =lillipup from new Location (see list in this post.) if you don't understand ask
    or pokemon of equal value, tepig-> charmander etc.
    IV and Egg move breed lillipups= free to good homes. (all are nicknamed. sorry)

    can breed any first evolution breedable pokemon. (add items for french or Japanese)

    Done thanks for playing.

    gyrados chansey and tangela
    thanks everyone for participating!

    Quiet lv33 -Jpn
    Hasty lv33 -jpn
    Hardy lv33 -jpn
    Naive lv31 -jpn
    Naive lv30

    Lax lv34 -jpn
    Bold lv55

    ml-Mild, lv1 31/10/22/24/11/21 Tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn-Taimu
    fm-Gentle, lv1 21/0/13/8/18/20 tail whip, tackle, helping hand
    fm-Docile, lv1 15/23/27/13/24/22 tail whip, tackle, helping hand
    fm-Hasty, lv1 15/23/5/15/10/22 tail whip, tackle, helping hand
    ml-Naughty, lv1 18/15/4/22/10/6 tail whip, tackle, helping hand (jpn) nn-Tama(in katakana)
    ml-Gentle, lv1 9/7/19/16/19/16 tackle tail, whip, helping hand (gen3)
    ml-Timid, lv1 24/27/31/16/9/19 tail whip, tackle, helping hand, scald
    ml-Lax, lv1 28/29/31/11/30/21 Tackle, Helping hand, tail whip (gen3)
    ml-Hardy, lv1 13/23/7/8/7/21 tackle, tail whip, helping hand (gen3)
    ml-Quiet, lv1 21/26/19/11/19/27 tackle, tail whip, helping hand (gen3)
    ml-Brave, lv5 3/9/13/21/3/19 tackle, tail whip, helping hand (gen3)
    fm-Mild, lv15 10/20/20/0/21/12 thundershock, tackle, thunder, sand-attack
    ml-Naive, lv1 6/7/16/21/5/19 tackle, tail whip, helping hand
    ml-Lonely, lv1 16/0/0/10/31/16 tackle tailwhip, helping hand
    ml-Hardy, lv20 17/3/16/31/12/4 tail whip, tackle, helping hand, sand-attack
    ml-Careful, lv 9 6/12/22/24/8/30 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish (french=Phyllali)
    ml-Hasty, lv11 6/6/22/31/20/29 tackle, helping hand, yawn wish nn-Boy
    ml-Adamant, lv11 31/17/22/25/20/31 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn- Bi-ru
    ml-Lax, lv11 31/12/5/31/21/21 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn-Deiru
    ml-Lonely, lv40 25/3/6/16/3/6 hail, ice beam, blizzard, ice shard
    ml-Calm, lv8 5/10/18/31/29/28 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn-Xel
    ml-Lonely, lv8 31/28/13/25/29/31 tackle, sand-attack, yawn, wish nn-raiyan (on hold)
    ml-Lonely, lv11 31/22/7/13/11/26 tackle, sand-attack, yawn, wish nn-Paaru
    ml-Brave, lv11 24/11/22/25/8/31 tackle, helping hand, yawn, wish nn-LUKU

    ;227;SKARMORY –Good offers only
    ml-Hardy, lv1 6/26/31/0/15/9 Dark pulse, steel wing, roost, natural gift –Jpn
    fm-Timid, lv1 29/12/31/5/20/21 Dark pulse, steel wing, roost, natural gift –Jpn

    ml-Bashful 30/30/30/30/30/30 moves- Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt(fastball)-rnged?(League ribbon)-hold
    -ml-Impish 12/7/14/2/7/8 moves-Nightmare, Dark Pulse, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball nn-Boogy
    -calm- moves 13/29/31/1/15/23 Zen Headbutt, Psychic Meteor Mash, Hyper Beam
    -ml-Lonely 15/16/27/12/8/19 moves-Reversal, Screech, Copycat, Nasty Plot
    ml-Impish 6/18/22/27/3/3 moves-Night Daze, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Foul Play
    fm-Quiet 7/30/21/25/5/10 moves-Payback, Mirror Shot, Explosion, Flash Cannon(greatball)
    -fm-Jolly2/12/0/20/12/4 will-o-wisp, flame burst, inferno, hex Jpn(masterball)

    fm-Hasty, lv13 25/14/21/9/10/31 bite, leer, sandstorm, screech
    fm-Serious, lv10 26/25/3/13/21/10 Bide, meditate, confusion –Telepathy-held
    fm-Hardy, lv10 tackle, howl, sand-attack -Rattled (french)

    Careful, lv 100 4/12/17/24/10/30 thunderbolt, detect, thunder, ancient power-master
    Relaxed, lv 70 3/29/30/29/25/30 Swift, recover, safeguard, psychic. nn-MORRIS (masterball)-Kanto-hold
    Timid, LV41 23/18/18/14/26/13 Roar, quick attack, spark, reflect -master- Japanese
    Sassy, lv 53 16/3/19/21/5/2 thunder fang, quick attack, spark crunch
    Bashful lv55 0/0/15/0/4/17 Swagger, firespin, fire fang, flamethrower -master
    Relaxed lv 100 15/26/30/4/26/12 extrasensory, fire fang, fire blast, eruption -master- Japanese
    Lax, lv86 2/27/28/16/1/26 punishment, hydro pump, aeroblast, ancient power-Ultra
    Quiet, lv 100 10/14/9/7/27/12 ancient power, sacred fire, sky attack, weather ball- master
    Brave, lv 40 19/24/17/29/12/1 water sport, refresh, mist ball, zen headbutt-master
    Bashful, 70 28/3/16/25/8/15 dragon claw, recover,luster purge, psychic (cured of pokerus. league ribbon)-master
    Timid LV100 21/3/15/11/5/25 Fissure, fire blast, eruption, solarbeam (memorial ribbon)-master (might be hacked..)
    Bold, lv34 22/22/6/22/19/19 imprison, protect, swift, lucky chant (masterball)-sinnoh-master
    Careful, lv50 2/29/21/1/13/26 dream eater, psychic, thunder, giga impact (masterball) -sinnoh-master
    Mild, lv 50 22/15/9/6/24/1 swift, uproar, future sight, nasty plot -sinnoh-master
    Impish, lv 86 12/10/15/3/25/18 earth power, fire blast, roar of time (league and memorial ribbon)-master
    Modest, lv 74 8/26/19/9/1/8 dragon claw, flash cannon, aura sphere, roar of time
    Serious, lv48 4/17/20/31/22/16 helping hand, retaliate, iron head, sacred sword –FRENCH (Cobaltium)
    Naïve, lv49 31/19/4/10/28/21 cut, focus blast, iron head, sacred sword
    Mild, lv42 12/24/16/1/61/20 helping hand, retaliate, iron head, sacred sword nn-Koba –JAPAN
    Quiet, lv42 28/31/9/25/3/30 helping hand, retaliate, iron head, sacred sword
    Lax, lv42 4/6/19/14/26/6 helping hand, retaliate, rock slide, sacred sword
    Serious, lv42 30/26/2/4/23/8 helping hand, retaliate, rock slide, sacred sword nn-Tera –JAPAN
    Naïve, lv42 26/4/3/6/22/11 helping hand, retaliate, rock slide, sacred sword
    Impish, lv42 30/24/0/31/26/3 helping hand, retaliate, rock slide, sacred sword –FRENCH (Terrakium)
    Hardy, lv42 8/17/20/24/15/7 false swipe, stone edge, giga drain, sacred sword
    Timid, lv42 22/7/31/2/13/26 helping hand, retaliate, giga drain, sacred sword –FRENCH(Viridium)
    Brave, lv42 15/1/21/16/4/5 helping hand, retaliate, giga drain, sacred sword nn-Leaf –JAPAN
    Bold, lv52 1/1/19/1/9/19 air slash, air cutter, extrasensory, crunch –JAPAN
    Hasty, lv40 27/6/1/24/21/25 revenge, shock wave, wild charge, agility
    Jolly, lv50 30/7/16/21/6/22 dragonbreath, slash, extrasensory, fusion flare
    Lonely, lv74 3/15/29/20/20/16 dragon claw, draco meteor, wild charge, fusion bolt
    Serious, lv70 9/30/29/11/1/6 rock slide, earthquake, sandstorm, fissure
    Bold, lv70 5/26/0/4/0/30 rock slide, earthquake, sandstorm, fissure –FRENCH (Demeteros)
    Naughty, lv79 25/10/2/26/6/4 Blizzzard, dragon pulse, ice beam, endeavor

    ;150;MEWTWO-wifi event Feb2012
    -Quirky, lv70 7/22/23/5/11/23 UT-hold
    -Naughty lv70 UT-hold
    -Naïve, lv70 7/6/22/1/31/23 UT-hold
    Sinnoh, Serious, lv100 17/13/23/22/0/30 dark void, embargo, dream eater, dark pulse (masterball… unsure of this one)
    MAY2012 Naughty lv50 UT
    -Naive-14/30/16/11/17/17 UT-hold
    - Liberty Island- Lax, lv45; 14/4/7/23/16/22 confusion, flame burst, facade, toxic
    -Relaxed, lv100 9/29/3/23/19/10 blue flare, fusion flare, mist, draco meteor UT-hold
    -Serious, lv 100 5/3/20/9/10/7 Bolt strike, fusion bolt, haze, outrage UT-hold
    -Relaxed, lv100 UT-hold

    fm-Lonely, lv37 21/5/23/7/1/28 faint attack, hex, shadow ball, cotton guard-hold
    fm-Calm, lv37 28/20/5/5/0/20 faint attack, hex, shadow ball, cotton guard-hold
    Male- naughty, lv10 26/1/25/14/27/3 mud-slap, poison sting, taunt, poison jab-hold
    ml-Adamant, lv34 30/12/1/15/5/25 hail, ice fang, take down, double hit-hold
    ml-Hardy, lv34 13/23/1/6/5/2 hail, ice fang, take down, double hit-hold
    Impish, lv100 25/0/19/15/19/1 recover, hper beam, perish song, judgement-hold
    more coming

    Battle series- Arcanine lv50 Docile
    Character Fair-Shaymin-lv50 Timid
    Character Fair-Pikachu-lv50 Brave
    Movie14-Victini-lv50 Timid
    Janta's- Shiny Golurk-lv70-Lonely
    Han Jiu's-Zekrom-lv100 Naive
    Nok- Mew- lv50 Bashful
    Nok-Rayquaza-lv50 Sassy -Dream World
    NoK-Deoxys-lv50 Lax
    Nok-Regigigas-lv100 Jolly
    Nok-Manaphy-lv1 Bashful
    Nok-Darkrai-lv50 Calm
    ShinseGea-Feebas-lv5 Bashful
    ShinseGae-Munchlax-lv5 Relaxed
    wifi event-Tornadus lv70 Timid
    wifi event-Thundurus lv70 Calm

    7-11-Pikachu-lv20 Docile
    ANA-Pikachu-lv50 Adamant
    ANA-Pikachu-lv50 Modest- pp's have all been maxed
    McDonald's-Pikachu-lv20 Bashful
    Red's Metagross v62 Brave
    Kyushu-Miyazagi-Metagross-lv50 Naughty
    Kyushu PC(Fukuoka)-Groudon-lv80 Adamant
    Kyushu- Kokura-Sceptile lv 50 Jolly (shiny)
    Kyushu-Kokura-Swampert lv50 Adamant (shiny)
    V-Create-Rayquaza-lv100 Timid
    Nobunaga's-Rayquaza lv70 Modest
    World Hobby Fair-Manaphy-lv5 Naive
    Parushitei's Manaphy lv50 Hardy
    Otasuke-Cubchoo-lv15 Naughty
    Daisuki Club Magikarp-lv5 Lonely
    Karita's Hydreigon lv 70 Modest
    PC Tokyo Audino-lv30 Calm
    PC Touhoku Snivy-lv5 Hardy
    Satoshi's Scraggy lv1 Adamant
    Movie 11 Janta's Golurk lv70 Brave
    Movie12-Keldeo-lv15 Modest
    Movie 12 Meloetta-lv15 Serious
    Movie 12 Meloetta-lv15 Rash
    Wifi Genesect lv50 Serious
    Tag Battle - Strongest Pokémon-Ninetails lv50 Bold

    Fal2010 Mew lv 5 Naughty
    Fal2010 Mew lv100 Relaxed
    Win2011 Celebi (unused for event) lv 50 Adamant
    Win2011 Celebi (used for event) lv 50 Hardy pkrs
    Win 2011 Suicune (unused for event) lv 30 Relaxed
    Win2011 Raikou (unused for event) lv30 Rash (has 3176 ex points not lv up)
    Feb2012 Mewtwo lv70 Serious
    Spr2012 Reshiram lv100 Mild
    Spr2012 Reshiram lv100 Relaxed
    Spr2012 Zekrom lv 100 Hardy
    Spr2012 Zekrom lv100 Gentle
    2012May Darkrai lv50 Modest
    2012May Darkrai lv50 Calm
    Gamestop Celebi lv50 Docile (used for event)
    Gamstp Deoxys lv50 Lax (normal and speed forms)
    Gamestp Jirachi lv5 Calm
    Wishmkr Jirachi lv 5 Careful (shiny)
    Channel Jirachi lv5 Rash
    TRU Shaymin lv50 Mild
    TRU Dragonite lv 50 Mild
    TRU Regigigas lv100 Adamant
    TRU Arceus lv100 Sassy
    TRU Arceus lv100 Naive
    TRU Darkrai lv100 Adamant
    Michina Arceus lv100 Modest
    Saphire Zigzagoon lv5 Adamant (shiny)
    Ruby Zigzagoon lv5 Hasty (shiny) cured of PKRS
    VGC09 Milotic lv50 Timid
    VGC10 Eevee lv50 Hardy x2
    VGC12 Larvitar lv5 Adamant
    Hayley's Phione lv50 Hardy
    Ash's Pikachu lv 50 Naughty
    Film11 Shaymin lv50 Timid
    Movie Shaymin lv50 Relaxed
    Movie 14 Vicitini lv50 Brave
    Event11 Zoroark lv50 Quirky
    Event Egg Pidove lv1 (OT:J Red8) Hardy
    Palcity Lucario lv50 Modest
    10 Aniv Zapdos lv70 Naughty
    10 Aniv Charizard lv70 Sassy
    10 Aniv Typhlosion lv70 Timid
    10 Aniv Entei lv 70 Brave
    10 Aniv Bulbasaur lv70 Adamant
    Jeremy Growlithe lv32 Quiet
    Jeremy Staryu lv18 Timid
    Jeremy Slowpoke lv31 Naive
    Almia Darkrai lv50 Lonely
    Alamos Darkrai lv 50 Brave
    Space C Deoxys lv70 Impish (not sure if legit)

    2011HVR Darkrai lv50 Hasty
    more to come

    ;150;Mewtwo- hardy, lv 70 stats unknown; swift, psychic, recover, safeguard
    more coming

    What I have to offer for GEN 4 TRADES
    (All trades done in Gen 4, unless a good offer is made)
    -150- MEWTWO
    LV70 Modest swift, recover, safeguard, pyshic
    lv72 Brave flamethrower, rest, fissure, solarbeam -jpn
    lv47 Mild Slash, bulk up, Earthquake, fireblast
    lv70 Quirky fire blast, rest, fissure, solarbeam
    lv54 Mild icebeam, shockwave
    lv70 Bashful Hydro pump, rest, sheer cold, double-edge
    lv72 Sassy earthquake, extreme speed
    lv74 Serious dragon claw, extremespeed, solar beam
    lv83 Adamant hyper beam, dragon claw, extremespeed, fly-Jpn
    lv72 Hasty extremespeed
    lv100 Mild rest, outrage, dragon pulse, surf
    lv45 Hasty extrasensory, sunny day, fire blast, sacred fire -Jpn
    lv55 Hardy ancient power, fly overheat, air slash
    lv100 Adamant fire blast, heat wave, sky attack
    lv61 Quirky thunder wave, thunder, charge, drill peck
    lv100 Hasty powder snow, sheer cold, blizzard, ice beam
    lv57 Naive double-edge, blizzard, ice beam, hail
    lv40 Timid protect, refresh, luster purge, psychic
    lv40 Docile water sport, refresh, mist ball, psychic
    lv70 Jolly dragon claw, recover, mist ball, psychic -Jpn
    LV60 Docile mirror coat, ice fang, waterfall, avalanche
    lv50 Bashful giga impact, water pulse, hyperbeam, surf
    lv57 Jolly wish doom desire, psychic, future sight -jpn

    still have lots, feel free to ask

    items can be added to increase the value of pokemon.
    most legendaries i will not trade lightly
    i prefer to trad most of these in gen 4. unless something amazing is offered i won't trade it up to 5.

    (no pokemon in masterballs, unless you can promise you caught it yourself. prefer the red and white or premier balls, but others are ok too)
    YoD Event eggs. not just the pokes but the eggs. must be legit.
    will trade anything for these. clones are ok.

    event pokemon! even allowing me to clone a copy for myself. and i'll return the original!
    *10th Anniversary(UT please)
    university events
    Strongest pokemon event
    DW-Must be in Dreamball
    -foreign dw events-prefer no nn.
    Year of the Dragon
    other events that i don't have.
    anything before 2009

    **surfing pikachu**
    RNGER!!! for personal projects.
    New lillipup projects pm for details
    (i like shiny pokemon that are brown or orange. example-metatang, chikorita)

    (items that can be added to increase value of a trade)
    exp share
    sellable items etc.

    These are ones i want for to fill my pokedex.
    yes i want to keep them. and no i won't trade events for them. they don't have to be special, and if you want something more rare from my shop, offer multiples from this list.
    pretty much. expecting equal trade. legendary for legendary, evolved for evolved or lower. basic for basic etc.

    Mesprit-no masterball- nn preferred
    ( i have one, but it's in a masterball and doesn't have a nickname)

    any pokemon that would be good for trading. (I get to be the judge, but please offer)
    items that can be traded.
    these are secondary to personal wants- for now

    thank you rosierjay for all the banners for the shop and pics for my sig. XD
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  2. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer


    :506:August Special!:506:
    During the month of August I will be willing to trade any pokemon in my store (as long as it's not on hold for someone else.) for a lillipup from any player who has their game registered to one of the countries i haven't traded with (list below and follow link in signature).

    this is a limited offer.

    1. one pokemon per country dot
    2. read the spoiler about registering your game to a country
    3. only countries i don't have yet are accepted for this event
    4. this is the list of all the countries i don't have.
    5. no hacks or clones
    6. one country= one friend code
    7. only for the month of August
    8. please include in your post: requested pokemon, country registered, and FC for each.
    9. be polite and patient. i work 2 jobs, one full time. so i may not be able to trade right away, but i will do my best to accommodate.
    10. I like my lillipups to have nicknames but it is not required, if you chose to be creative and have fun with it.

    every pokemon black or white game outside of japan can be registered to any country within the game play.
    how to check:
    1. go to a pokecenter
    2. go to the second floor
    3. approach the globe in the corner on the right hand side.
    4. press A
    5. a. if you have registered the globe will appear and will have a close up of the location you chose.
    b. if you haven't chosen it will ask if you'd like to register your game.
    6. if b. you can chose any country to "register" your game to.
    please note once you register you can not change it.
    1. registering your game only affects you in the gts and with other trades.
    2. when you put a pokemon in the gts and someone searches by country,
    that will effect how they find your pokemon.
    example: If you are registered to china and put a lillipup in the gts. i will find it very easily if i change my settings to search for a lillipup in china.
    3. when ever you trade with someone the country you chose to register to will appear on their globe once the trade is finished.
    4. most countries are represented by a single dot, while other go down to state (usa, and Canada) or city (france, japan, Great Britian etc)
    What I'm trying to do and how you can help.
    1. i'm trying to collect dots from every country and eventually every city.
    2. if you have your game registered to a country i don't have, please trade with me to help further my collection.
    3. let me know when you see a lillipup or other pokemon on the gts for a country i don't have.
    4. it only helps me if i'm able to make the trade with the new country myself.
    if you make the trade for me. then you will get the country dot and i will only get the country dot you have registered in your game if i trade with you.

    i hope everyone is willing to participate. if you would like to pre-registered (in this thread) please fill out this form.
    (this claims that country and i will change it on the list)​

    licky by PopPrincess_Lyra
    Regular lillipup trading Center Information
    if i find out that you didn't register to where you promised i will alert the proper mods. as i see it the same as trading me a hack. aka- you didn't trade what you promised.

    Rules for trading Lillipups
    1. in the forum be polite and please don't pm unless i do first... fills up too fast otherwise.

    2. Your pokemon game must be registered to a country. I'm largely looking to collect dots on my globe (at the top of the stairs in the pokecenter) if you don't have anything registered... i get no dot.

    3.Tell me where your game is registered to on the GTS map Globe on second floor not the region of the game. Outside of Japan this can be set to any country. if you purposely set it to a country i don't have, i will let you choose from a much wider selection of pokemon (anything beside non-clone events, and dw.

    4. if you are unable to trade, when you offer let me know when is best and i'll try to work with your schedule.

    5. I won't accept clones of lillipups unless its something out of the ordinary and warrants cloning, shiny etc. otherwise I believe that lillipups are easy enough to catch that it's odd to clone it.

    6. all lillipups must have a nickname. unless requested(chinese or korean ones don't need nicknames). a fun suggestion for nicknames is to make the name something unique to where you live or the native language. like snowball for minnesota or natasha for russia. things like that, but anything goes be creative.​

    for the most part i'm taking out the groups faction, so this exchange rate will be updated once i finish updating the shop.

    Lillipup exchange rate
    This Post pokemon:Lillipup from a country i don't have.
    Eevees-evolutions:country i don't have or lillipup with hold item
    Evolved: lillipup with @ least 2 egg moves
    Fossils:country i don't have or lillipup with hold item
    Dittos:lillipup with @ least 2 egg moves
    Foreign:lillipup with a nickname
    Egg/ Gen Moves: lillipup with @ least 2 egg moves
    Dream World:lillipup with @ least 2 egg moves
    LEVEL 100:shiny or flawless
    Legendary:shiny or flawless
    Event:shiny flawless or rnged.
    DW Events:shiny flawless or rnged.
    Non-American Events:not available
    Shiny Legendary:not available
    Country I don't have-> any pokemon in the shop besides events
    (list of countries i need are below. you must be registered for that country in the geonet. if it turns out you aren't i will request an immediate return of the pokemon)

    (ratios are subject to change)

    this order form is made to reduce the amount of questioning posts.

    I'm working on IV and egg move breeding Lillipups
    Free to good homes.
    fm-Impish, lv1 27/31/25/18/23/31 leer, tackle, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Lorna-hold
    fm-Naughty, lv1 31/16/31/6/17/5 leet, tackle, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Nemuinu
    ml-Careful, lv1 17/21/13/31/31/4 leer, tackle, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Taurasu
    ml-Calm- lv1 17/14/25/7/31/6 leer, tackl, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Yodle
    ml-Calm, lv1 22/31/31/21/14/26 leer, tackle, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Ben
    fm-Gentle, lv1 31/0/31/21/19/26 leer, tackle, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Tori
    ml-Lax, lv1 29/6/19/17/10/7 Leer, Tackle nn-Toby
    fm-Quirky, lv1 28/7/0/31/22/5 leer, tackle nn-Tina
    fm-Adamant, lv1 20/1/31/28/28/29 thunder fang, fire, fang, ice fang, pursuit, nn-kana (in hiragana) -jpn
    fm-Rash, lv1 3-/5/13/13/31/26 Leer, tackle, giga impact, shadow ball nn-Viena
    fm-Adamant, lv1 14/31/31/8/5/16 thunder fang, fire, fang, ice fang pursuit nn-Aurora -french


    My Offers
    ml-Adamant, Tackle, outrage, earthquake .
    fm-Sassy, Tackle, outrage, earthquake
    fm-Gentle -fly
    fm-Hasty -Jpn
    ml-Impish -Jpn
    ml-Quiet -Jpn
    fm- Naughty -Jpn
    fm-Gentle -Jpn
    ml-Serious (nn-Tornado)
    ;037; VULPIX

    r-Calm, lv25 27/23/11/28/27/19
    m-Brave, lv22 31/29/19/2/20/28
    w-Modest, lv20 15/8/22/27/29/19
    x-Modest, lv15 21/24/1725/20/12
    l-Timid, lv18 27/0/21/22/31/10
    g-Serious, lv22 24/24/5/8/12/0

    ml-Lonely, lv25
    ml-Naive, lv25
    ml-Careful(proud), lv25
    ml-Naive, lv25
    ml-Mild, lv25
    ml-Modest, lv25
    ml-Careful, lv 25 nn-Wings
    ml-Modest, lv25
    ml-Careful, lv25
    ml-Bold, lv25 (on hold)
    ml-Naive, lv25
    ml-Modest, lv25
    ml-Hasty, lv25
    ml-Impish, lv25
    ml-Gentle, lv25
    ml-Relaxed(doze), lv25
    ml-Relaxed(fight), lv25
    ml-Quiet, lv25
    ml-Timid, lv25
    ml-Naughty, lv25
    ml-Bashful, lv25
    ml-Naughty(strong) lv25
    ml-Modest, lv25
    ml-Naive, lv25
    ml-Lax, lv25
    ml-Timid, lv25
    ml-Naive, lv20
    fm-Docile, lv25
    ml-Mild, lv25
    ml-Naive, lv25
    ml-Modest, lv25
    ml-Docile, lv25
    fm-Modest, lv25
    ml-Serious, lv25
    fm-Bashful, lv25
    ml-Timid, lv25

    fm-Naïve, lv1 12/16/4/24/31/26 sketch –Frnch (Queulorior)
    ml-Timid, lv1 17/30/4/13/28/26 sketch –Frnch (Queulorior)
    ml-Rash, lv49 16/3/29/18/6/20 baton pass, crunch, iron defense, sucker punch –Frnch (Mysdibule)
    Timid, lv48 22/10/18/3/27/8 embargo, cosmic power, heal block, psychic –French (seleroc)
    fm-Relaxed, lv15 6/31/21/28/9/3 leer, lick, incinerate, fury swipes nn-Flame -Jpn
    ml-Lonely, lv11 20/14/20/7/30/7 Scratch, Cut, Lick, Incinerate Frnch
    -ml-lv29 moves-Bite, Amnesia, Flame burst, Fling-suk
    ml-Hasty, lv10 27/24/26/29/21/2 psywave, defense curl, lucky chant, yawn nn-Munna –jpn
    fm-Gentle, lv35 31/24/21/3/2/6 horn attack, scary face, revenge, head charge nn-B est-Jpn
    ml-Impish, lv51 17/30/6/9/29/16 fire punch, flare blitx, strength, hammer arm –Frnch(Darumacho)
    fm-Brave, lv20 20/9/28/17/14/13 pin missile, mega drain, synthesis, cotton spore nn-Jacki -jpn
    fm-Docile, lv16 8/20/2/8/1/1 sand-attack, faint attack, headbutt, swagger nn-Jade-Jpn
    fm-Relaxed, lv47 5/18/5/12/3/12 roost, rain dance, tailwind, brave bird –Jpn
    fm-Brave, lv39 9/17/25/1/14/7 –Frnch (Vostourno)

    ml-Bashful, lv1 scratch, growl, flare blitz, flamethrower
    ml-Modest, lv 1 scratch, growl, flare blitz, flamethrower
    fm-Timid, lv 1 scratch, growl, flare blitz, flamethrower
    ml-Gentle, lv1 tackle, surf
    fm-Gentle, lv1tackle, surf
    fm-Serious, lv1 tackle surf
    ml-Careful,(scatters) lv1 tackle, surf x2
    ml-Hardy, lv1 tackle, surf
    fm-Quirky, lv1 tackle, surf
    ml-Hasty, lv1 tackle, growl, leech seed
    ml-Quiet, lv 1 tackle, leer, double edge, flamethrower
    ml-Brave, lv1
    fm-Gentle, lv1
    m-Rash, lv1
    ml-Lonely, lv1
    ml-Hasty, lv1
    ml-Careful, lv1
    ml-Lonely(flee), lv1
    ml-Naughty, lv1
    ml-Naive, lv1
    fm-Careful, lv1
    ml-Serious, lv1 tackle, brine, nn-Morris
    ml-Impish, lv12 tackle, tail whip, water gun, water sport

    fm- Rash, lv30 stun spore, poison powder, leech life, spore
    ml-Timid, lv43 splash, tackle, flail
    fm-Careful, lv49 swallow, spit up, ominous wind, baton pass –Frnch (Grodrive)
    ml-Careful, lv53 4 leaf blade, leech seed, flash cut –French (Majaspic)
    ml-Bashful, lv67 head smash, brick break, assurance, flamethrower nn-Buu -Jpn
    fm-Jolly, lv58 return, crunch, ice fang, surf nn-Doggy –Jpn
    fm-Relaxed, lv39 crunch, roar, retaliate, reversal –Frnch (mastouffe)
    ml-Naughty, lv28 16/12/26/30/31/26 low kick, rock throw, wake-up slap, strength nn-Dotek –Jpn
    ml-Gentle, lv52 dig, crunch, brick break, dragon claw nn-Ike –Jpn
    fm-Hasty, lv34 psyshock, flatter, future sight, heal block nn-GoKi -Jpn
    -Relaxed, lv 49 discharge, autotomize, gear grind, charge beam
    ml-Brave, lv 61 sword dance, guillotine, false swipe, dragon claw –French(Tranchodon)
    ml-Timid, lv70 crunch, fly, dragon pulse, dragon rage nn-BoB -Jpn

    Countries I don't have for lillipups
    French Guiana
    New Caledonia
    Sierra Leone
    United Arab Emirates
    United States Virgin Islands

    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    South Carolina

    -Buenos Aires
    antigua and Barbuda
    -new south wales
    -western australia
    -Mato Grosso
    -Minas Gerais
    -Sao Paulo
    British virgin islands
    -british columbia
    Cook Islands
    Costa Rica
    Czech Republic
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador
    -South Finland
    -Andhra Pradesh
    New Zealand
    Papua New Guinea
    -Central Federal District
    South Africa
    South Korea
    Sri Lanka
    United Kingdom
    -East Midlands
    -East of England
    -North West England
    -South West England
    -South East England
    -Yorkshire and the Humber
    - usually updated first
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  3. MaxTheAzn

    MaxTheAzn I'm Asian soo.....

    Can't wait to see the ev trained pokes you have hope you're interested in some of mine
  4. RogueLapras

    RogueLapras Water Gym Leader

    I think collecting a Pokemon from all over the world is a great idea!

    I would like to help you out. I am from Mississippi, USA. BUT, I only trade through Wi-Fi AND I want to be 100% sure I am registered in my game, so can you tell me where to check?

    Let me know if you are interested in a Lillipup from me, and if you can trade via Wi-Fi. If so, PM me and I will come back and fill out the info on the Lillipup and we can trade. Ttyl. Bye.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  5. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer


    putting the info i know about my teams here
    none of these teams are up for trade, but i can breed egg moves from males if you see one you like.

    Special Breeding pokemon
    :506:Lillipup-female, Hardy Vital Spirit lv 100 31/31/27/31/31/29 thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang, pursuit -Pickles (not rnged)

    BEAST-Black-finished-will be restarting RNGing
    breeding only game, no team.

    Team Aliana-black-8 badges-GTS Globe
    :506:Lillipup-female, Hasty, Vital Spirit, lv 73 5/23/17/20/0/0 aerial ace, crunch, giga impact, thunderbolt -Beckett (first pokemon caught in gen 5)
    ;197;Umbreon-male, Naughty, Synchronize, lv75 6/8/22/19/5/0 Last Resort, Bite, Yawn, Wish -Jon
    ;261;Poochyena- male, Bold, Quick Feet, lv 100 3/23/25/25/8/31 dig, crunch, shadow ball, sucker punch(shiny)
    :506:Lillipup-male, Modest, Pickup, lv 100 flawless, reversal, giga impact, shadow ball, crunch (shiny)-Tantei
    :565:Carracosta-male, Gentle, Solid Rock, lv 63 11/20/16/21/24/22 surf, waterfall, dive, hydro pump
    ;151;Mew-fal2010, Adamant, Sychronize, lv 61 13/3/13/29/27/28 Psychic, ancient power, cut, fly

    Team Castle-
    white-8 badges-Pokedex (complete)

    :506:Lillipup-Female, Adamant, Vital Spirit, lv 39- 26 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 23 / 24 thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang, pursuit -Katie
    ;025;Pikachu-female, ANA event, Modest, Static, lv 50 (stats needed) fly, iron tail, electro ball, quick attack
    :610:Axew-male, adamant, mold breaker, lv 36 (stats needed) iron tail, counter, dragon claw, night slash (shiny)
    :570:Zorua-male, Jolly, Illusion, lv 36 (stats needed) hidden power, faint attack, pursuit, cut (shiny)
    ;001;Bulbasaur-male, Sassy, overgrow, lv 36 (stats needed) poison powder, power whip, leaf storm, sunny day
    :564:Tirtouga-male, gentle, solid rock, lv 36 (stats needed) brine, ancientpower, crunch, smack down

    Team Beckett-white-8 badge-Medusa breeding Lillipups
    :506:Lillipup-male, adamant, pickup, lv20 flawless, fire fang, thunder fang, ice fang, pursuit (shiny)-Castle
    ;470;Leafeon-male, korean dw event, Naughty, Chlorophyll, lv 19 (stats needed) strength, razor leaf, aerial ace, hidden power-(leaf in korean)
    ;060;Poliwag-female, modest, Swift swim, lv 19 (30/5/31/31/31/31) dive, blizzard, surf, waterfall (shiny) -April
    :494:Victini-movie event, Quirky, Victory Star, lv 50 (stats needed) v-create, fustion flare, fusion bolt, searing shot
    ;172;Pichu-male, gmstop event, Jolly, Static, lv 30 (stats needed) Charge, Volt Tackle, Endeaver, Endure (shiny)
    ;468;Togekiss-male, Hasty, Hustle, lv61 (stats needed) Aura Sphere, ExtremeSpeed, Sky Attack, Air Slash

    Team Takashi-Black Japanese- 4 badges-Trade up Gen4

    :506:Lillipup-Male, Serious, Vital Spirit, lv33- 19 - 20 / 31 / 20 - 21 / 1 - 2 / 28 - 29 / 30 - 31 Fire fang, ice fang, pursuit, thunder fang -Etti
    :580:Ducklett-male, yuukan, hatomune, lv 28 (stats unknown) fly, hidden power, aerial ace, bubble beam -Duraut
    ;490;Manaphy odayaka, uruoibodei, lv 23 (stats unknown) surf, pyshic kinetics, awa, hotarubi
    ;385;Jirachi-wishmaker, odayaka, tennomegumi, lv 24 (stats unknown) negaigoto, saikokineshisu, supiidosuta(wish), ryuseigun
    ;147;Dratini-female, otonashi, dappi, lv 18 (stats unknown) dragon tail, ryuunoikari, denjiha, tatsumaki
    ;479;Rotom-grass, namaiki, fuyuu, lv 20 (stats unknown) sawaku, denkishokku, ayashihikari, leaf storm
    ;135; flareon. lv31 Careful 27/22/4/31/16/17 quick attack, tackle, bite, ember (shiny) Judai

    Team Marie-Black French- 3 badges -Breed French pokes
    :506:Lillipup-female, adamant, vital spirit, lv 28 flawless fire fang, ice fang, thunder fang, pursuit (shiny) -Beckett
    ;134;Vaporeon-male, pudique, absorb Eau, lv 25 (stats needed) dive, surf, tackle, quick attack
    ;359;Absol-male, Foufou, pression, lv48 (stats needed) coupe, tranche, prescience, coup bas(bite?) (shiny)
    ;058;growlithe-male, Discret, Intimadate lv25 (stats needed) roue de feu, macouille, boutefeu, morning sun (shiny)
    ;025;Pikachu-male, Assure, static, lv 23 (stats needed) strength, Elcair, quick attack, boule elek (shiny)
    ;328;Trapinch-female, calm, hyper cutter, lv 24 (stats needed) morsure, jet de sable(dig?) feinte (shiny) -chomper

    Team Conner-
    -black -1 badge-Cloning

    ;403;Shinx- male, Hardy lv16 Spark, strength, thunder, volt power (shiny) Farid
    ;396;Starly- Female, Naughty, lv16 Fly, Facade, Pluck, u-turn (shiny) Connwaer
    :506:lillipup-male, adamant, lv 15 31/ 31/ 30/ 30/ 30/ 30 thunder fang, ice fang, fire fang, bite (shiny) Drake
    :498:tepig-male, adamant, lv 16 flawless flamethrower, grass knot, flame charge superpower (shiny) jpn
    ;147;Dratini-male, Jolly, lv12 Surf, twister, waterfal, extremespeed (shiny) Boy412
    ;478;Froslass-female, impish, lv 13 ice beam, shadow ball, bite, psychic (shiny)

    Team Saori-
    White 2-Japanese -Dream World pokes
    glaceon-Lv1 Careful 27/22/4/31/16/17 Tail Whip/Tackle/Helping Hand-Beetle
    umbreon-Lv1 Careful 27/22/4/31/16/17 Tail Whip/Tackle/Helping Hand-Rook
    leafeon-Lv1 Careful 27/22/4/31/16/17 Tail Whip/Tackle/Helping Hand-Twig
    woobat (shiny
    horsea-(rng) named cripsin

    Future team #2
    Lillipup -41319
    shiny Finneon
    shiny Linoone?(still need to get.)

    (surf type)

    heartgold team
    spiky-ear pichu(jpn)-got
    shiny chikorita(good moves)-waiting
    shiny togepi-good moves-waiting
    vulpix-average- kitsuko-got
    shiny goldeen -hm slave (rng)-yukari-got


    diamond team-kazuki
    name ideas.

    * Afghanistan
    * Albania
    * Algeria
    * Angola
    * Antigua and Barbuda
    * Argentina
    o Buenos Aires
    o Catamarca
    o Chaco
    o Chubut
    o Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
    o Cordoba
    o Corrientes
    o Entre Rios
    o Formosa
    o Jujuy
    o La Pampa
    o La Rioja
    o Mendoza
    o Misiones
    o Neuquen
    o Rio Negro
    o Salta
    o San Juan
    o San Luis
    o Santa Cruz
    o Santa Fe
    o Santiago del Estero
    o Tierra del Fuego
    o Tucuman

    * Australia
    o New South Wales
    o North
    o Queensland
    o South Australia
    o Tasmania

    o Victoria
    o Western Australia
    * Austria
    * Bahamas
    * Bahrain
    * Bangladesh
    * Barbados

    * Belgium
    * Belize
    * Benin
    * Bermuda
    * Bolivia
    * Botswana

    * Brazil
    o Acre
    o Alagoas
    o Amapa
    o Amazonas
    o Bahia
    o Ceara
    o Distrito Federal
    o Espirito Santo
    o Goias
    o Maranhao

    o Mato Grosso
    o Mato Grosso do Sul
    o Minas Gerais
    o Para
    o Paraiba
    o Parana
    o Pernambuco
    o Piaui
    o Rio Grande do Norte
    o Rio Grande do Sul
    o Rio de Janeiro
    o Rondonia
    o Roraima
    o Santa Catarina
    o Sao Paulo
    o Sergipe
    o Tocantins
    * British Virgin Islands
    * Bulgaria
    * Burundi
    * Cambodia
    * Cameroon
    * Canada
    o Alberta
    o British Columbia
    o Manitoba
    o New Brunswick
    o Newfoundland and Labrador
    o Northwest Territories
    o Nova Scotia
    o Nunavut
    o Ontario
    o Prince Edward Island
    o Quebec
    o Saskatchewan
    o Yukon Territory
    * Chad
    * Chile
    * China
    o Anhui
    o Beijing
    o Chongqing
    o Fujian
    o Gansu
    o Guangdong
    o Guanxi
    o Guizhou
    o Hainan
    o Hebei
    o Heilongjiang
    o Henan
    o Hubei
    o Hunan
    o Jiangsu
    o Jiangxi
    o Jilin
    o Liaoning
    o Neimenggu
    o Ningxia
    o Qinghai
    o Shaanxi
    o Shandong
    o Shanghai
    o Shanxi
    o Sichuan
    o Tianjin
    o Xinjiang
    o Xizang
    o Yunnan
    o Zhejiang
    * Colombia
    * Congo
    * Cook Islands
    * Costa Rica
    * Croatia
    * Cyprus
    * Czech Republic
    * Denmark
    * Dominica
    * Dominican Republic
    * Ecuador
    * Egypt
    * El Salvador
    * Fiji
    * Finland
    o Aland Islands
    o East Finland
    o Lapland
    o Oulun
    o South Finland
    o West Finland
    * France
    o Alsace
    o Aquitane
    o Auvergine
    o Bourgogne
    o Bretagne
    o Champagne-Ardenne
    o Corse
    o Cote d'Azur
    o Franche-Comte
    o Ile de France
    o Languedoc-Roussillon
    o Limousin
    o Loire
    o Lorraine
    o Mid-Pyrenees
    o Nord-Pas-de-Calais
    o Normandie
    o Pays-de-la-Loire
    o Picardie
    o Poitou-Charentes
    o Provence
    o Rhone-Alpes
    * French Guiana
    * Gabon
    * Germany
    o Baden-Wurttemberg
    o Bayern
    o Berlin
    o Brandenburg
    o Bremen
    o Freistaat Thuringen
    o Hamburg
    o Hessen
    o Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    o Niedersachsen
    o Nordrhein-Westfalen
    o Rheinland-Pfalz
    o Saarland
    o Sachsen
    o Sachsen-Anhalt
    o Schleswig-Holstein
    * Ghana
    * Gibraltar
    * Greece
    * Greenland
    * Grenada
    * Guadeloupe
    * Guatemala
    * Guinea
    * Guyana
    * Haiti
    * Honduras
    * Hong Kong
    * Hungary
    * Iceland
    * India
    o Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    o Andhra Pradesh
    o Arunachal Pradesh
    o Assam
    o Bihar
    o Chandigarh
    o Chhattisgarh
    o Dadra and Nagar Haveli
    o Daman and Diu
    o Delhi
    o Goa
    o Gujarat
    o Haryana
    o Himachal Pradesh
    o Jammu and Kashmir
    o Jharkhand
    o Karnataka
    o Kerala
    o Lakshadweep
    o Madhya Pradesh
    o Maharashtra
    o Manipur
    o Meghalaya
    o Mizoram
    o Nagaland
    o Orissa
    o Puducherry
    o Punjab
    o Rajasthan
    o Sikkim
    o Tamil Nadu
    o Tripura
    o Uttar Pradesh
    o Uttaranchal
    o West Bengal
    * Indonesia
    * Iraq
    * Ireland
    * Israel
    * Italy
    o Abruzzo
    o Basilicata
    o Calabria
    o Campania
    o Emilia-Romagna
    o Friuli-Venezia Giulia
    o Lazio
    o Liguria
    o Lombardia
    o Marche
    o Molise
    o Piemonte
    o Puglia
    o Sardegna
    o Sicilia
    o Toscana
    o Trentino-Alto Adige
    o Umbria
    o Valle d'Aosta
    o Veneto
    * Jamaica
    * Japan
    o Aichi
    o Akita
    o Aomori
    o Chiba
    o Ehime
    o Fukui
    o Fukuoka
    o Fukushima
    o Gifu
    o Gunma
    o Hiroshima
    o Hokkaido (Hakodate)
    o Hokkaido (Kushiro)
    o Hokkaido (Sapporo)
    o Hokkaido (Wakkanai)
    o Hyogo
    o Ibaraki
    o Ishikawa
    o Iwate
    o Kagawa
    o Kagoshima
    o Kanagawa
    o Kochi
    o Kumamoto
    o Kyoto
    o Mie
    o Miyagi
    o Miyazaki
    o Nagano
    o Nagasaki
    o Nara
    o Niigata
    o Oita
    o Okayama
    o Okinawa
    o Osaka
    o Saga
    o Saitama
    o Shiga
    o Shimane
    o Shizuoka
    o Tochigi
    o Tokushima
    o Tokyo
    o Tottori
    o Toyama
    o Wakayama
    o Yamagata
    o Yamaguchi
    o Yamanashi
    * Jordan
    * Kenya
    * Kuwait
    * Lebanon
    * Liberia
    * Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
    * Luxembourg
    * Macau
    * Malaysia
    * Malta
    * Martinique
    * Mauritius
    * Mexico
    * Morocco
    * Myanmar
    * Netherlands
    * New Caledonia
    * New Zealand
    * Nicaragua
    * Niger
    * Nigeria
    * Norway
    o Akershus
    o Aust-Agder
    o Buskerud
    o Finnmark
    o Hedmark
    o Hordaland
    o Lofoten
    o More og Romsdal
    o Nord-Trondelag
    o Nordland
    o Oppland
    o Oslo
    o Ostfold
    o Rogaland
    o Sogn og Fjordane
    o Sor-Trondelag
    o Svalbard
    o Telemark
    o Troms
    o Vest-Agder
    * Oman
    * Pakistan
    * Panama
    * Papua New Guinea
    * Peru
    * Philippines
    * Poland
    o Dolnoslaskie
    o Kujawsko-Pomorskie
    o Lodzkie
    o Lubelskie
    o Lubuskie
    o Malopolskie
    o Mazowieckie
    o Opolskie
    o Podkarpackie
    o Podlaskie
    o Pomorskie
    o Slaskie
    o Swietokrzyskie
    o Warminsko-Mazurskie
    o Wielkopolskie
    o Zachodniopomorskie
    * Portugal
    * Republic of Korea
    * Romania
    * Russian Federation
    o Central Federal District
    o Far Eastern Federal District
    o Northwestern Federal District
    o Siberian Federal District
    o Southern Federal District
    o Urals Federal District
    o Volga Federal District
    * Samoa
    * Senegal
    * Sierra Leone
    * Singapore
    * Slovakia
    * Slovenia
    * South Africa
    * Spain
    o Andalucia
    o Aragon
    o Asturias
    o Cantabria
    o Castilla Leon
    o Castilla-La Mancha
    o Cataluna
    o Comunidad Valenciana
    o Extremadura
    o Galicia
    o Islas Baleares
    o Islas Canarias
    o La Rioja
    o Madrid
    o Murcia
    o Navarra
    o Pais Vasco
    * Sri Lanka
    * Suriname
    * Swaziland
    * Sweden
    o Angermanland
    o Blekinge
    o Bohuslan
    o Dalarna
    o Dalsland
    o Gastrikland
    o Gotland
    o Halland
    o Halsingland
    o Jamtland
    o Medelpad
    o Narke
    o Norrbotten
    o North Lapland
    o Oland
    o Ostergotland / Vastergotland
    o Skane
    o Smaland
    o Sodermanland
    o South Lappland
    o Uppland
    o Varmland
    o Vasterbotten
    o Vastmanland
    * Swiss Confederation
    * Taiwan
    * Thailand
    * Togo
    * Tunisia
    * Turkey
    * Uganda
    * United Arab Emirates
    * United Kingdom
    o East Midlands
    o East of England
    o Greater London
    o North East England
    o North West England
    o Northern Ireland
    o Scotland
    o South East England
    o South West England
    o Wales
    o West Midlands
    o Yorkshire and the Humber
    * United Republic of Tanzania
    * United States Virgin Islands
    * United States of America
    o Alabama
    o Alaska
    o Arizona
    o Arkansas
    o California
    o Colorado
    o Connecticut
    o Delaware
    o Florida
    o Georgia
    o Hawaii
    o Idaho
    o Illinois
    o Indiana
    o Iowa
    o Kansas
    o Kentucky
    o Louisiana
    o Maine
    o Maryland
    o Massachusetts
    o Michigan
    o Minnesota
    o Mississippi
    o Missouri
    o Montana
    o Nebraska
    o Nevada
    o New Hampshire
    o New Jersey
    o New Mexico
    o New York
    o North Carolina
    o North Dakota
    o Ohio
    o Oklahoma
    o Oregon
    o Pennsylvania
    o Rhode Island
    o South Carolina
    o South Dakota
    o Tennessee
    o Texas
    o Utah
    o Vermont
    o Virginia
    o Washington
    o Washington, DC
    o West Virginia
    o Wisconsin
    o Wyoming
    * Uruguay
    * Vanuatu
    * Venezuela
    * Vietnam
    1. pikachu event 7-11 (docile)Japanese
    2. pikachu event ANA (adamant)Japanese
    3. pikachu event McDonalds (bashful)Japanese
    4. Arcanine (Korean) event Battle Series
    5. Shiny Horsea event Year of the Dragon Japanese

    6. Mew (Korean) event NoK
    7. Shiny Trapinch event Year of the Dragon Japanese
    8. Feebas Korean event Shinsegae
    9. Metagross event Kyushu Japanese
    10. Groudon event Kyushu Japanese

    11. Rayquaza Korean event NoK
    12. Rayquaza event V-Create Japanese
    13. Deoxys Korean event NoK
    14. Munchlax Korean event Shinsegae
    15. Regigigas Korean event NoK -Jolly

    16. Manaphy Korean event NoK
    17. Manaphy event World Hobby Fair Japanese
    18. Darkrai Korean event NoK
    19. Shaymin Korean event Character Fair
    20. Victini Korean event Movie 14

    21. Cubcoo event Otasuke Japanese
    22. Shiny Golurk Korean event Juanita's
    23. Zekrom Korean event Han Jiu's
    24. Pikachu Korean event Character Fair

    all very good questions.
    yes you can only register one place. unless you restart the game. and lose everything.
    i have mulitple registers, because i own 7 games. (for gen 5)
    Chosing some place that has less people registered, ensures your chances of having your pokemon seen. countries, like America, Canada, Great Britian, Australia and south Korea have so many people registered to them, a lot of people get lost in the masses. (does that make sense?) so when you have a less common location it can be found easier and traded more often. example: if i search for a lillipup from canada, only 10 will show up at a time, but there are probably over 100 people with a lillipup in the gts at that time. but if you search for a lillipup from russia or china then only one or two will show up and i can easily trade with them.
    it's also benificial to chose a less popular country because of people like me. i'm trying to get every dot on the globe, so when i find a country i've been looking for i will trade almost anything (as long as it allows me) to get that dot. even if it mean trading a darkrai for a lillipup. (which i have done). though it can take longer if you're looking for legendaries and events.
    as far which country to chose... these are one i know i'm still trying to get.
    so far of these i've only found a few asking for impossible things like a lv9 of under Zekrom

    French Guiana
    New Caledonia
    Sierra Leone
    United Arab Emirates
    United States Virgin Islands

    Hope this helps. let me know if you have more questions.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2012
  6. Bunface

    Bunface Jewel Runner

    Can I take a Lotad in exchange for a Lillipup from South-East England?
  7. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    Country/State/City: Canada, BC, Maple Ridge
    lillipup Nickname: n/a
    IVs:(if you know them, general is ok too) dunno
    Shiny:yes or no
    Egg moves: if any: none
    Group Requesting from: 1-6: 2
    Pokemon requesting/ details: name etc: Japanese eevee-lv1
    GTS available?: what?
    will edit for things missing.
    will attach an everstone to the lillipup.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2012
  8. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    hiding other info
    v-create Rayquaza Timid 28/18/8/0/2/23
    Nobunaga's Modest 22/9/14/22/2/19
    McDonald's Pikachu Bashful 3/31/9/6/29/15
    7-11 Pikachu Docile 8/19/11/23/13/28
    ANA Pikachu Adamant 16/26/19/5/14/27
    ANA Pikachu Modest 25/3/15/17/27/28
    Hokesuma Cubchoo Naughty 14/11/3/11/18/26
    YoD Horsea Bold 25/30/28/4/25/23
    YoD Trapinch Calm 8/26/26/1/12/12
    YoD Swablu Gentle 29/14/31/25/26/3
    Miyazaki kyushu train Metagross Naughty 17/22/22/25/27/10
    PC Fukuoka Kyushu Groudon Adamant 31/31/31/31/31/31
    PC Touhoku Snivy
    Kokura Kyushu Sceptile Jolly
    Karita's Hydreigon Modest (movie event)
    Janta's Golurk Brave (movie event)
    Movie12 Keldeo Modest20/6/4/27/21/9
    Movie12 Keldeo Timid
    Red's Metagross Brave 22/30/2/30/28/1
    World Hobby Fair Mizunotami Manaphy Naive 4/29/2/30/31/13
    PalCity Manaphy Hardy8/18/9/7/16/20
    Daisuki Club (valentine's Na Na) Magikarp Lonely 10/5/30/17/1/17
    Mirosutou-Thundurus(my own wi-fi event) Calm
    PC Tokyo Audino Calm
    Satoshi's Scraggy Adamant

    NoK Deoxys Lax 20/20/5/0/5/8
    NoK Regigigas Jolly 28/22/15/5/17/10
    NoK Manaphy Bashful 10/23/20/31/8/31
    NoK Mew Bashful 9/25/17/3/0/30
    NoK Darkrai Calm 29/3/7/31/6/29
    NoK Rayquaza Sassy 29/1/28/21/4/20 -DW
    Shinsegae Feebas Calm 6/9/21/17/12/4
    Shinsegae Munchlax Relaxed 18/20/2/26/12/14
    Battle Series Arcanine Docile 30/21/11/2/1/12
    Movie 11 Victini Timid 23/3/25/18/6/3
    Movie 11(Janta/Juanita) Golurk Lonely 22/6/0/19/7/22-shiny
    Movie 11 (Han Jiu) Zekrom Naive 30/2/15/0/20/13
    Character Fair Shaymin Timid 18/9/10/14/26/31
    Character Fair Pikachu
    Event-Tornadus Timid
    Event-Thundurus Calm

    SAPHIRE Zigzagoon Admant
    RUBY Zigzagoon Hasty
    FAL2010 Mew Naughty 24/28/27/31/31/26
    FAL2010 Mew Relaxed 15/20/20/17/23/22 lv100
    WIN2011 Celebi Adamant 9/14/18/27/11/20 -Unused
    WIN2011 Celebi Hardy 31/5/20/26/5/14 -Used(pkrs)
    WIN2011 Suicune Relaxed 6/2/30/28/15/5 -unused
    WIN2011 Raikou Rash 5/27/29/30/10/31 -Unused
    EVENT11 Zoroark Quirky
    FEB2012 Mewtwo Serious 2/6/13/4/24/25
    SPR2012 Reshiram Mild 18/11/3/17/6/22
    SPR2012 Reshiram Relaxed
    SPR2012 Zekrom Gentle
    SPR2012 Zekrom Hardy 17/26/15/1/8/17
    2012MAY Darkrai Calm 16/28/1/17/12/11
    2012MAY Darkrai Modest
    GAMESTP Raikou Rash 15/11/28/31/29/22 -Unused
    GAMESTP Celebi Docile11/11/8/15/3/6 -Used
    Gamstp Deoxys Lax 20/14/7/10/18/22
    GAMESTP Jirachi Calm 31/31/31/31/31/31 -Wish, dragoMeteor
    WISHMKR Jirachi Careful 10/0/10/10/26/12 -Shiny (official legit)
    CHANNEL Jirachi Rash 17/8/13/26/9/14
    TRU Shaymin Mild 14/30/24/23/11/7
    TRU Dragonite Mild 14/28/31/23/12/21
    TRU Regigigas Adamant 31/31/31/27/27/27
    TRU Arceus Sassy 15/14/18/26/8/15
    TRU Arceus Naive 31/31/31/31/31/31
    TRU Darkrai Adamant
    MICHINA Arceus Modest 6/30/16/20/1/10
    ALAMOS Darkrai Brave 13/12/18/11/7/14
    VGAlmia Darkrai Lonely
    09 Milotic Timid 17/14/23/1/2/7
    VGC10 Eevee Hardy 3/28/23/15/25/12 (two one in 2011/one in 2012)
    Movie14 Victini Brave 26/28/25/27/21/4
    Hayley's Phione Hardy 5/13/14/15/31/10
    Ash's Pikachu Naughty 24/24/29/20/14/29
    Egg special -Pidove Hardy (JREd8)
    PALCITY Lucario lv 50 Modest
    10 ANIV Zapdos lv70 Naughty
    10 ANIV Charizard lv70 Sassy
    10 ANIV Typhlosion lv70 Timid
    10 ANIV Entei lv70 Brave
    10 ANIV Bulbasaur lv70 Adamant
    JEREMY Growlithe lv32 Quiet
    JEREMY Staryu lv18 Timid
    JEREMY Slowpoke lv31 Naive

    PKTOPIA Electivire Adamant 17/0/30/11/27/16
    Peli11 Shaymin Timid 27/28/25/1/31/13
    2011HVR Darkrai Hasty

    Torchic Adamant 31/31/31/31/31/29 -jpn
    Bulbasaur Lonely 31/31/31/31/31/31 -jpn pkrs
    Bulbasaur Bold 18/18/24/31/16/18 -jpn
    Turtwig Gentle 5/13/18/22/17/20 -kor
    Charmander Serious 31/31/7/29/23/26 -jpn
    Mudkip Naugthy 27/17/1/23/25/12 -jpn
    Chimchar Jolly Dom -jpn
    Croagunk Naughty 26/1/25/14/27/3 -amr
    Arceus Rash 26/28/22/9/11/29 -amr
    Blissey Quiet 11/24/16/24/11/17 -Jpn Christmas

    Woobat lv11 Relaxed 9/26/9/21/4/15 Skylar -regular
    Woobat lv37 Bold 13/7/195/27/30 Jesse -Ultra
    Eevee lv 5 Jolly 31/31/31/31/31/31 Ash -regular -fail, yawn, fake tears, wish
    Eevee lv1 Careful 31/31/31/31/31/31 twisted -regular wish, curse, yawn, heal bell
    Charmander lv1 Gentle 26/16/13/19/25/2 Preston -Regular(sinnoh)
    Vulpix lv47 Lax 4/0/29/12/19/17 DGuarcz -black and red
    Rotom lv1 Timid 30/30/31/30/30/30 Mat -regular
    Charizard lv36 Modest 30/31/31/31/31/31 Lily -regular-t
    Dragonite lv100 Careful 31/31/31/31/31/31 Jon -regular-t
    Spiritomb lv1 Careful 31/31/31/31/31/31 Jake -regular
    Trapinch lv25 Jolly 9/30/16/16/18/2 MARK -blue and yellow
    Axew lv21 Jolly 31/31/31/31/31/31 Isaiah -regular-t
    Shaymin lv20 Gentle 21/22/28/30/26/20 Ldr Ice -regular
    Gastly lv14 Hardy Noctis-great
    elekid lv9 Impish OLLI -ultra
    Glameow lv40 Dolice JON -blue and yellow
    Archen lv1 Hardy Tsuyoshi-regular (JPN)
    Wooper lv23 Jolly Arista -Safari
    Typhlosion lv70 Careful Thor -Regular (tornupto)met at lv70 route2-Think its hacked
    Absol lv48 Rash DGuarcz -dusk
    Dieno lv40 Impish DGuarcz -yellow&blue
    Fraxure lv40 Brave DGuarcz -Dusk
    Cubchoo lv30 Mild Raven -Regular
    Nidoran(male) lv1 Rash Meluvia -regular
    Tepig lv16 Adamant Lorenzo -regular (jpn)-part of my team (t)
    reuniclus lv41 Relaxed DGuarcz -dusk
    Bagon lv1 Jolly Seb-Regular
    Chikorita lv1 Rash Yuzzi -regular
    Totodile lv1 Adamant Lily -regular
    Froslass lv13 Impish Kushina -regular t
    Espeon lv72 Hardy tutti -regular
    Gyarados lv51 Brave Varun -dive
    Vaporeon lv50 Calm Juan -regular
    Mewtwo lv70 Hardy Lirra -regular
    Klinklang lv49 Modest DGuarcz -black and red
    Bellossom lv21 Brave DGuarcz -regular
    Jolteon lv1 Timid Sasaii -regular
    Chandelure lv41 Sassy DGuarcz -ultra
    Ninetales v47 Adamant DGuarcz- ultra
    Bulbasaur lv1 Bold PRESTON -regular

    South Finland
    Central Federal District
    -United Kingdom
    East Midlands
    East of England
    North West England
    South West England
    South East England
    Yorkshire and the Humber

    "Middle East"



    Andhra Pradesh
    -South Korea
    -Sri Lanka


    Buenos Aires
    -Antigua and Baruda
    Mato Grosso
    Minas Gerais
    Sao Paulo
    British Columbia
    -Costa Rica
    -Dominican Republic

    "Australia and surrounding area"
    New South Wales
    Western Australia
    -New Zealand

    PKTOPIA Electivire
    ID: 06257
    Lv 50
    Adamant Nature
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Moves: Thunderpunch, Ice punch, Cross Chop, Earthquake
    Other info: Active Pokerus

    Pokefesta Pal City Manaphy (マナフィ)
    OT: パルシティ
    ID: 07157
    Lv: 50
    Hardy Nature
    Ability: Hydration
    Moves: Water Pulse, Acid Armor, Heart Swap
    Other info: Classic Ribbon

    Ash's Pikachu
    OT: Ash
    ID: 01301
    Lv: 50
    Naughty Nature
    Ability: Static
    Moves: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt
    Other info: Classic Ribbon

    TRU Regigigas
    OT: TRU
    ID: 03089
    Lv: 100
    Adamant Nature
    Ability: Slow Start
    Moves: Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind, Crush Grip
    Other info: Cured of Pokerus, IV's 31 HP 31 Attack 31 Defence

    MICHINA Arceus
    ID: 020101
    Lv: 100
    Modest Nature
    Ability: Multitype
    Moves: Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rendm, Shadow Force
    Other info: Classic Ribbon

    Valentine's Day Magikarp (コイキング)
    OT: ナナ
    ID: 07076
    Lv: 5
    Lonely Nature
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Moves: Splash

    Peli11 Shaymin (Spain Movie Giveaway)
    OT: Peli11
    ID: 04019
    Lv: 50
    Timid Nature
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Moves: Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute, Energy Ball
    Other info: Classic Ribbon

    Movie Keldeo (ケルディオ)
    OT: しょこたん
    ID: 06232
    Lv: 15
    Modest Nature
    Ability: Justified
    Moves: Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick, Bubblebeam
    Other info: PP Max still held, Wishing Ribbon

    Wishmaker Jirachi
    ID: 20043
    Lv: 5
    Careful Nature
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Moves: Wish, Confusion, Rest, Mimic
    Other Info: Shiny

    Channel Jirachi
    ID: 40122
    Lv: 5
    Rash Nature
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Moves: Wish, Confusion, Rest

    Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza (レックウザ)
    OT: ノブナガ
    ID: 03172
    Lv: 70
    Modest Nature
    Ability: Air Lock
    Moves: Dragon Pulse, Acientpower, Outrage, Dragon Dance
    Other info: Shiny, Classic Ribbon

    Japanese Dream World Charmander (ヒトカゲ )
    OT: Ray
    ID: 13546
    Lv: 10
    Timid Nature
    Ability: Solar Power
    Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen

    Japanese Dream World Bulbasaur (フシギダネ)
    OT: Unable to write
    ID: 48955
    Lv: 10
    Lonely Nature
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip
    Other info: active Pokerus , ***FLAWLESS***

    Japanese Dream World Torchic (アチャモ)
    OT: Unable to write
    ID: 04332
    Lv: 10
    Adamant Nature
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember
    Other info: *NEAR FLAWLESS* 31 in each Iv except Speed

    Japanese Dream World Mudkip (ミズゴロウ)
    OT: Unable to write
    ID: 34868
    Lv: 10
    Naughty Nature
    Ability: Damp
    Moves: Mud-Slap, Water Gun, Growl, Tackle

    Korean Dream World Turtwig
    OT: Unable to Write
    ID: 45283
    Lv: 10
    Gentle Nature
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb

    Spoiler:- Japan:

    v-create Rayquaza Timid
    Nobunaga's Modest
    McDonald's Pikachu Bashful
    7-11 Pikachu Docile
    ANA Pikachu Adamant
    ANA Pikachu Modest
    Hokesuma Cubchoo Naughty
    YoD Horsea Bold
    YoD Trapinch Calm
    YoD Swablu Gentle
    Miyazaki kyushu train Metagross Naughty
    PC Fukuoka Kyushu Groudon Adamant
    Movie12 Keldeo Modest
    Red's Metagross Brave
    World Hobby Fair Mizunotami Manaphy Naive
    PalCity Manaphy Hardy
    Daisuki Club (valentine's Na Na) Magikarp Lonely

    Spoiler:- Korea:

    NoK Deoxys Lax
    NoK Regigigas Jolly
    NoK Manaphy Bashful
    NoK Mew Bashful
    NoK Darkrai Calm
    NoK Rayquaza Sassy -DW
    Shinsegae Feebas Calm
    Shinsegae Munchlax Relaxed
    Battle Series Arcanine Docile
    Movie 11 Victini Timid
    Movie 11(Janta/Juanita) Golurk Lonely -shiny
    Movie 11 (Han Jiu) Zekrom Naive
    Character Fair Shaymin Timid
    Character Fair Pikachu

    Spoiler:- America:
    FAL2010 Mew Naughty
    FAL2010 Mew Relaxed lv100
    WIN2011 Celebi Adamant-Unused
    WIN2011 Celebi Hardy -Used(pkrs)
    WIN2011 Suicune Relaxed-unused
    WIN2011 Raikou Rash -Unused
    FEB2012 Mewtwo Serious
    SPR2012 Reshiram Mild
    SPR2012 Zekrom Hardy
    2012MAY Darkrai Calm
    GAMESTP Raikou Rash -Unused
    GAMESTP Celebi Docile -Used
    Gamstp Deoxys Lax
    GAMESTP Jirachi Calm -Wish, dragoMeteor
    WISHMKR Jirachi Careful-Shiny
    CHANNEL Jirachi Rash
    TRU Shaymin Mild
    TRU Dragonite Mild
    TRU Regigigas Adamant
    TRU Arceus Sassy
    TRU Arceus Naive
    MICHINA Arceus Modest
    ALAMOS Darkrai Brave
    VG09 Milotic Timid
    VGC10 Eevee Hardy
    Movie14 Victini Brave
    Hayley's Phione Hardy
    Ash's Pikachu Naughty


    PKTOPIA Electivire Adamant
    Peli11 Shaymin Timid


    last sig.

    :506:#1 priority. is lillipup from around the world. :506:
    check shop for rules and available pokemon

    have a pending trade with me? vm me to schedule a time. i forget things

    join this written rpg with me journey to delta region. looks fun!

    fc1764 5708 0964

    I'm a girl
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2012
  9. thegreattjtoot

    thegreattjtoot Active Member

    do you know the ivs on the japanese ditto? I have a flawless lillipup
  10. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    what i mean for the gts is can you search for the pokemon you are requesting, in this case eevee. if yes. let me know when you put up and i'll trade you for the one you are looking for.
    oh what level is the lillipup.

    @bun- sound good, just give me the stats on the lillipup or fill out the form. are you able to search for lotad on gts? or are we going to schedule a meet?
    i don't know how to check the ivs beyond they guy in the subway.
    i have one that is relatively superior 31 being sp def and speed. lonely nature and alert to sounds. i think that's one of the best i have. they were all caught by me in heartgold.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2012
  11. PokaPoka

    PokaPoka ⚜Pokémon Sommelier⚜

    I have a lilipup from Denmark if you still havent got any of those
    Did you get one of those yet? :)
  12. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    no i don't what would you like in return? (form can be helpful to answer questions we both might have)
  13. Aquatrix

    Aquatrix New Member

    Country/State/City: Sweden, Dalarna (right in the middle)
    lillipup Nickname: Hund
    lillipup's level: 2
    IVs: no idea
    Shiny: no
    Nature: Lax
    Ability: Pickup
    Egg moves: -
    Group Requesting from: 3 or 2
    Pokemon requesting/ details: I would love a male dark pulse Deino if you have, if not any Squirtle is fine.
    GTS available? Never used GTS but i guess i could give it a shot
  14. PokaPoka

    PokaPoka ⚜Pokémon Sommelier⚜

    So it's basically up to you :)
    I'm not sure how you're supposed to trade over gts though...
  15. Shiny Zek

    Shiny Zek Triforce of Wisdom

    Country/State/City: Israel
    lillipup Nickname: Sandstorm
    lillipup's level: 100
    IVs: Flawless Attack and Speed
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Pickup
    Egg moves: Pursuit, Elemental Fangs
    Group Requesting from: 5
    Pokemon requesting/ details: ALAMOS Darkrai
    GTS available?: Can't trade Darkrai over GTS, so we will have to meet.
  16. PinPin92

    PinPin92 Pokémon Breeder

    I offer this lillipup:
    Country/State/City: Norway
    lillipup Nickname: Trym (Old Norwegian/Norse name)
    Gender: Male
    lillipup's level: 1
    IVs: 10 - 30 / 25, 30 / 10 - 30 / 0 - 30 / 10 - 30 / 0 - 30
    Shiny: No
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Virtual Spirit
    Egg moves: None

    Group Requesting from: 1
    Pokemon requesting/ details: pinsir-lv1
    GTS available? I have never had pinsir soo we have to meet up i guess.
  17. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    Country/State/City: Canada, BC, Maple Ridge
    lillipup Nickname: Pupzilla
    IVsif you know them, general is ok too) dunno
    Shiny:yes or no: no
    Egg moves: if any: none
    Group Requesting from: 1-6: 2
    Pokemon requesting/ details: name etc: Japanese eevee-lv1
    GTS available?: no
    will attach an everstone to the lillipup.
    Please note its female lv3
  18. Zoroark1998

    Zoroark1998 Member

    How about an Irish Lillipup for anything from group 3 down?

    PM me if your interested
  19. gand_knight

    gand_knight New Member

    rosierjay, we've traded before (I traded Tantei to you) I was just wanting to offer my services as an Rnger for your shop now that you've got it opened. Drop me a PM and we can discuss details.
  20. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    i'll be posting the times i will be avaible to trade in the second post of this thread. because i work two jobs it can be tricky. i might be finding a way around it, if that happens i can trade anytime. if you can't wait or don't want to please let me know and i'll stop holding the pokemon for you.
    sorry don't have one that knows dark pulse. do you want an american or japanese squirtle?

    um what's a pokemon that you either have seen or have. like an eevee or a zorua? once you decide. when you put the lillipup up ask for one the pokemon you decide and let me know which one it is, also let me know what the level of the lillipup, gender and the country and i'll find it. then the rest is up to me.

    ok sounds like a deal. we can aim for next sat. if you don't mind the wait. i can't trade at home unless it's a gts.

    sounds good
    is next sat ok?
    coolio. check the times to see when is a good time to trade for you.

    that would be fine. i don't have a irish dot or lillipup yet. so i think that would be ok.

    did i miss anyone?
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2012

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