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~ Art, by Est ~

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Estuary, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    I draw things. Almost always people, but I'm going to try to get good at scenery/bgs, too. Example of my stuff:


    It's so fruity.. There are a ton of things wrong with it, but it's my first finished digital picture ever, and for that I am proud. It's Yuna.

    So hey, do any of you guys have some tips on how to make a cool banner? I have this 'fic I'm working on and I'd love to make a banner for it. Everyone has such cool ones here so I figured I'd ask. Gosh, I don't even know what to draw for it...

    In return for your generosity, I'll post whatever you guys want to see [barring things that will get me banned]. Sketches, maybe fanart (ironically, I SUCK at drawing Pokemon. Srsly, ask someone else. BAD.), WIPs. I don't care. But bear in mind that I don't have the internet at home, I have a job, and I'll have to ride my bike over to the coffee shop to read/post responses, and hardly anything will be high quality.

    Also, happy Thanksgiving~!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2011
  2. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    I can't see the image... sadly
  3. Reimu

    Reimu /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    incredible :3 she looks great!
    I like your art style,
    you should definitely give yourself more credit ^^
  4. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    Thank you, Reimu! Eghh, my art style changes with every picture. You're sweet!

    And Crimson! I changed it to PNG, maybe it's visible now?
  5. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    Just doodles.. Anyone who can guess all the characters is COOL (Tifa's a giveaway since she'd be impossible to guess without her 'outfit'). Still getting used to digital art-ing, I'm such a paper-and-pencil kind of person..

    Edit: OH LOL I forgot about that Donald Duck. I ACTUALLY DREW THAT WITH A REF HAHAHAOHGOD that little picture of Donald in the bottom right corner when you play KH2.

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2011
  6. Reimu

    Reimu /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    I wish i could do doodles like that, love the one with Sailor moon brushing her hair, and how you draw eyes :)
    Luigi looks so funny x) ...
    and you just started with digital art? Would really like to see one of your pencil and paper drawings then ^^
  7. Kaiserin

    Kaiserin please wake up...

    ...Oh my god, Luigi.

    Along with Usagi, Tifa, and Luigi, I think I also see Fran and... either Daisy or Peach, or maybe Rosalina? No idea who the girl on the right of the center row is, though.

    I really like your style; it's realistic without being so-realistic-it's-ugly, if that makes any sense? Even the characters from series that are usually depicted as cartoony (like Usagi and the Nintendo princess, whichever one it is) look pretty good this way.

    Something sort of bugs me about Yuna, though... it's not the coloring, but I think you're right when you say she looks "fruity", if only in the face and hair not really matching right. Her hips and thighs also look a bit big for the character specifically, since Yuna isn't all that voluptuous or curvy in her official art (or in game, either), but it could just be a style thing. It looks like you have the perspective and pose down pretty well, though.

    Something about your coloring style is really nice, though. It's bright, but pastel enough to not be eye-searing, and is kind of fluffy and soft enough to look good and come together well on even rough sketches.
  8. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    Thank you, Reimu~! You're sweet. And thanks, I'm never really happy with my faces. That Sailor Moon one is my favorite, too. And sure! Next time I'm on, I'll post one of my traditional drawings!~

    HAHAH YOU'RE SO ACCURATE that's exactly what I thought about that Yuna picture, which is why the girl you couldn't identify was another attempt at Yuna (with yet more problems, but I still prefer the newer one). And baww thanks, these pictures are my second and third attempt at coloring. It's SO DIFFICULT for me. Yup, that's Peach, and you were right about the others, too, which makes you cool. I've never been super happy with my style, either (which changes a bunch, even within that one picture, haaaa), so your post has made me feel good all around.

    T-thank youuu~ You guys are sweet.

    Oh yeah, and I promised myself I'd try to draw some characters from my 'fic even though I didn't really feel like drawing, and this is what happened:


    I've been working on that story for about five years, and I have drawn Lein (guy on left) many, many times and he looks so creepy, every time. The guy on the right is a very unfinished sketch of Mars, he pops up in Ch. 1. I'LL TRY TO HAVE SOMETHING MORE VISUALLY APPEALING NEXT TIME.

    I'd be happy to take some sketch requests, but bear in mind that what I drew in that picture basically encompasses all of the fandoms I'm familiar with (I dont' have cable, I don't watch anime, and my gaming is pretty limited to Zelda, Pokemon, Mario and the FF series). And I suck at copying styles, so it'll be in mine.

    Thanks you guyyyys~
  9. Camellia Smile

    Camellia Smile The poor creeps...

    Wow, lovely art! Your faces are very expressive and your color choices are great.
  10. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    You're sweet. I'm terrified of color, after drawing in plain lead pencil my whole life.

    Ffff, I said I was gonna post a traditional drawing of mine, but I have nothing good on my computer... Err, here's one that isn't too bad:


    It's really old, though. I really need to draw more again, I don't have any of my old sketchbooks anymore... But since that's boring, I'll show you how crappy my first attempts at digital art were, and how much I've improved:

    First attempt:



    Haha, ha.

    Third, and most recent:

    Ehhh. A weird self-portrait. Done from the mirror, so I couldn't colordrop- which is why the colors and the proportions are off. But it was great for practice.

    Nobody wants any requests? I'm getting lazy!
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2011
  11. Victini01

    Victini01 ♫Be Fearless♫

    Oh my gosh! This is amazing! I love the textures. Well done!
  12. AmericanDreamer

    AmericanDreamer Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely fantastic! I am really loving your style and how your colors are done. My favorite so far is probably the Sailor Moon brushing her hair (even though I know nothing about Sailor Moon :D )

    If you are asking for requests, then I got one. How bout Skyward Sword Link and Twilight Princess Link crossing swords (with Midna and Fi in the backgrounds for each Link respectively).

    Or if that seems too complex to just whip up, then a serene Mewtwo :p
  13. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    I've been stalking this gallery since you posted it, but I was too shy to say anything. I will now.

    First of all, I am jealous! xD Yes, really. I totally love how you draw faces. Seriously. They are awesome. They are like, semi-realistic style, I love it so much. Your traditional drawing and Sailor Moon brushing her hair are my favourites so far (I love Sailor Moon's expression, and it really stands out - I say that even as a person who doesn't like that anime much. :) )
    Is the mouth... pasted? (or you probably moved it around) It looks like a separate rectangle pasted onto the drawing xD
  14. ~Light

    ~Light Well-Known Member

  15. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    Holy crap, so many replies all of a sudden! 'Kay, lessee:

    'Kay, I'll give it a shot. And thank you!

    Haha, and I don't blame you. But when I was little, my younger cousin was always asking me to draw Sailor Moon characters and watch it with her, and now it's just therapeutic. I'M SO FLATTERED... You don't have much to be jealous of, you're really good yourself. Thank you for overcoming your shyness-!

    HAHA, I didn't even notice that. Yeah, I don't trace or copy anything, so the anatomy and proportions are WAY off and in the early stages I spend most of my time moving my stuff around to try and make it look right. I think I recall having a ton of trouble with the mouth, until I just gave up on that picture xD; Maybe I'll try drawing poor Jackie again sometime.

    Haha, it's really weird that you suggested that, because I was doodling this yesterday:


    Link looks stupid because my only ref of Link was watching him while my boyfriend played (and beat) Skyward Sword. Great game, sob. Haaa, a picture like that will take a while, so I'll draw a Mewtwo and see if I can't get around to the Links. And thank you~! You guys are sweet.

    Bfff;fpfh thank you. I hadn't even thought about the textures. You guys are inflating my ego. This is going to be such a HUGE POST, but I have pictures to give you guys:


    The girl on the left is just someone I came up with, but I kind of like her. The rest is fanart. I'm proud of how the dark-haired girl in the middle picture looks, I might crop the other girl out and just finish her, ff.

    ONE MORE THING. I made two buttons I was thinking about using for my sig:



    Not sure which one I'll use.... The first one is kind of eye-blinding, but the second seems cluttered and odd- but I like that it has two pictures. I guess I'll use the first, for now. What do you guys think? Any tips? Oh yeah, I used the special effects from ella-hiphoppy from dA.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2011
  16. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    Haha. And no, I am actually flattered that you even commented in my thread, I was like, omg, Estuary is so good, omg she commented! *flattered* and I am not that good. You're far better and I love your works! :)

    *instant love*
    This. I honestly love it. And I always wanted to be able to color like that, this is my favourite digital style ever. It looks like it was a real oil painting. I always wanted to achieve that but I am not good with digital and I always fail to get that effect. How did you do it? I guess you draw in Photoshop, but what brush settings do you use?

    Anyway, about the picture itself, the colors are awesome, especially the sky looks great, love how you used some yellow and grey. Also love the warm tones on Link.

    And about the other picture... haha, jigglypuff. And that girl on the left has a very nice expression.
  17. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    PSH you crazy. Haha, I was actually pretty iffy about that picture. And actually, I use Paint Tool SAI for most of my drawing/coloring. It's really easy to get that neat painterly effect. I did all of that drawing with just one kind of brush. I still use Photoshop on some of my pictures to adjust the colors, add textures, etc.

    I totally recommend SAI, if you can afford a tablet (mine was $50 or something, a Wacom Bamboo Tablet. I think you'd do really well with one!

    Also aals;fdjs too much flattery ;o;

    HAHA SORRY I'll try to have a picture next time-!
  18. vedil

    vedil I do liek mudkipz.

    Lol funny fact - I do have a tablet and SAI and when I do digital drawing I use them. xD So, which tool do you use to get that effect? I always wondered and can't really find a tutorial on this. (I always use "Brush" but with custom settings)

    Other than the style, it seems like we use the same programs and stuff. (I use photoshop for adjusting and textures too)

    And flattery... you deserve it. :)
  19. Estuary

    Estuary єѕѕ-cнєw-єrry

    Woah, weird! I don't recall seeing your digital art. Cool, I use the Paper tool on "Middle Flat". Awesome for painting.

    HAHA SHUSH I look forward to seein' some digital art!
  20. MegaGirl

    MegaGirl Hello! :3

    oh V: wow! Your coloring is gorgeous! Colors and technique and everything C:

    I'm trying to achieve that painty feel x'D On Photoshop .-.
    I've wanted to use SAI for a long time, but I don't like the results ;A; Too much technology for me xD

    Have you thought of making a tutorial? I'm sure it would be very well received !

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