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::A Smitten Kitten With One Mitten::
As the title says, what is your favorite medium when creating art?
And what kind of art do you love to make?

Personally I've always loved art, so I like all kinds of medium.

I tend to use:
  • Pencil
  • Fine Liners
  • Markers (very rarely)
  • Yarn! (I just started getting into crocheting today hahaha)
  • Pencil Crayons~
I tend to sketch anime OC's and create backstories for them...which I want to use for role-playing one day, but I've never done it before.

I used to also make plushies, but I got rid of all my fabric, and am now into trying to make amigurumi instead.
I tend to stick to traditional art, using a sketching pencil for sketches, an XS artist pen for finelining, and a set of colouring pencils for colouring. I do make little digital things from time to time on my iPad, although they’re not nearly as good quality as my traditional stuff. It’s actually kinda funny - when I started taking art a little more seriously, I thought I’d be strongest when it came to digital, but I spent so much time with a sketchbook that I just kinda... learned.

I do also make Pom Poms from time to time! Usually they’re just random, but I have also made the odd themed Pom Pom set because I’m the ultimate nerd.


I do a fair bit of art commissions in my spare time, but they're all mostly traditional, so like oil, watercolours, pencils, and markers and finer liners from time-to-time. Have been meaning to get into traditional at some point but have never found the time haha.


::A Smitten Kitten With One Mitten::
I like crayons^^ They're cute and kiddy.
Crayons are great :3
I love them too haha
Unfortunately, I got rid of all of mine :c

Did you see the new Crayola makeup they launched?
I kinda want them, just because of childhood memories :p


Unova Enthusiast
Oil paints are my favorite, second would be watercolor. I’m starting to use pens/ink more, with it being Inktober, and I quite like it.


Well-Known Member
Pencils, both mechanical and original. I stink with other mediums, no matter how much I practice. I especially can't keep a steady hand when I try to draw over with ink or markers.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Mainly pencils (I prefer mechanical pencils, but as long as it's not dull I don't really care) as it's much easier to draw traditionally every day than it is digitally since I'm not always by my computer whenever I want to draw. I'm sure I draw more traditionally than I do digitally, but I like to do both anyway ever since I started learning to draw with a mouse I think around middle school. Funnily enough, I prefer coloring digitally than traditionally.

I've also noticed thanks to a friend pointing it out that my lines are smoother on paper than on PhotoShop. I thought it was because of the pen nub being worn down over time (and that's probably the case, I haven't changed it out in a long time now that I think about it though I use a pencil brush to outline on PhotoShop and that's pretty jittery looking), but the more I thought about it, I wonder if it's because my hand's rested on something when I'm drawing on paper than it is on a tablet. Like I try to not let my hand touch the tablet when I can due to the sensitivity of the drawing pad.

Many years ago I toyed with the idea of acrylics and even got a kit for it, but I couldn't stand the smell lol. I'm not big into painting anyway, never felt I was really getting better at canvas. I've always wanted to try copic markers, but they're just so damn pricey that I haven't bothered x_x.


The Scruffy Professor
I'm a sketcher for the most part so pacers are a pleasure of mine, though lately I've been playing with markers a lot more such as Copics and dupes.

I use a lot of acrylic paints too and use watercolours on occasion.

I'm also a digital artist and use a wacom intuos with SAI and a few other art programs.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Pencil. I tend to draw a lot of robots in varying shapes and sizes. Not a fan of markers, I do use paint and graphite though.


Well-Known Member
Someday I'd like to land a job as a animator or storyboard artist for a cartoon, so I guess my tool of choice has lately been Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and occasionally Gimp for special effects. Most of my fan art tends to have thick outlines and bright popping colors although there is a few times where it got washed out a tad.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Paper to do origami is my favorite. I’ve actually came up with a really good origami Lapras created from a modified elephant head and a Clefairy modified from a Pikachu model. I also came up with a regular Diglett model.