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Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Matoro, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice


    [size=+4]Welcome to Artakhaguild.[/size]

    [size=+3]My name is Matoro. If you would be kind enough to sit down, I’d like to tell you a little story.

    [size=-1]Many years ago the five regions lived in peace. Many trainers from each region joined an association known as Artakhaguild. This guild existed only to better those who joined it. It was run by its members without leadership, for none was needed. The guild grew so large, they were able to collectively hire five professors who specialized in Pokemon to provide free starter Pokemon to every trainer who joined.
    This sparked an even greater boost in Artakhaguild’s membership by those who were not able to afford trainer supplies. As the guild’s size grew even larger, some joined whose intentions were not so altruistic. Sometimes, the professors’ eggs would just... go missing. For some reason there was less money in the Artakhaguild’s treasury that there was in its record books. These trainers formed a “secret” society they named Karzhiniguild.
    Eventually, some members of Artakhaguild discovered Karzhiniguild and called them out. The members of Karzhiniguild then attacked, using the Pokemon given to them by the professors. Some were defeated, and retreated in disgust. But others had stronger Pokemon, and won against the Artakhaguild members. The losers attempted to retreat, but were stopped. Then the Karzhiniguild members did something that had never been done in history.
    They ordered their Pokemon to attack humans.
    On that day, many brave trainers and Pokemon died. There were ten-year-old apprentices and sixty-year-old retirees battling for a pastime. It was the worst slaughter in ages.
    Karzhiniguild rose up out of the ranks of Artakhaguild in all five regions. The battle took place in Kanto, but ones like it sprung up everywhere.
    No one was prepared for it. The only ones who were--were the members of Artakhaguild. The guildmembers formed an elite team of battlers to combat Karzhiniguild known as the Crystalline Guard.
    The war raged for ten years. Hundreds of lives were lost, human and Pokemon alike. On the eleventh anniversary of The Slaughter, as it came to be referred to within Artakhaguild, Karzhiniguild was routed in a massive battle. But it was not without price. 95% of the remnants of the Crystalline Guard was killed, including its leader.
    The leadership of Karzhiniguild fled to the mountains. Artakhaguild was restructured to prepare in case of another war like the last one, but their current purpose has been something different.
    Over the years, the remains of Karzhiniguild have assembled small armies of sympathetic trainers and attacked Artakhaguild under various names. Most have been defeated, such as Team Rocket, Team Magma and Team Plasma, but some still exist, like Team Enchanted Garden, Team Sky and Team Nightmare.
    Now Artakhaguild is rebuilding to its former glory. It is open to all who have a desire to better themselves. Karzhiniguild still remains, but if enough trainers with a will to fight evil exist, it will be vanquished. So what about you? Will you join the cause? Are you worthy?[/size]

    Well. Thank you for listening to that little story. As you have probably guessed, I am in charge of Artakhaguild. And I am looking to recruit you. Yes, you. Karzhiniguild is on the rise again, and we are looking for fresh young trainers to battle them. But don’t be fooled: just because you don’t have battling experience, doesn’t mean you can’t join. As a matter of fact, we encourage all trainers, for we have not forgotten our original purpose: to better ourselves and those who join us.

    So, you want to join Artakhaguild? Here’s how to do it. Simply copy and paste this, but make sure to leave in the BB code, and then type in your own info.​

    [color=black][b]Forum Username:  [/b]
    [b]GMT Timezone:  [/b]GMT
    [b]Former CG?:  [/b]
    [b]Pokemon Online Username:  [/b]
    [b]4th Gen Friend Code:  [/b]
    [b]5th Gen Friend Code:  [/b]
    [b]At roughly what times (your timezone) are you available for battling?:  [/b]
    [b]How much competitive experience do you have?:  [/b]
    [b]Rate your skill from 1-100:  [/b]
    [b]Have you previously been an Artakhaguild member?:  [/b][/color]

    1. Follow the standard SPPF Rules. You can find them here.

    2. Follow the Guild Section Rules. You can find them here.

    2. If you are inactive from the forums for two months, you will be removed from the guild, or if you are active on the forums but have not posted in the guild, you will also be removed.

    3. We are a competitive guild. As such, we use standard Smogon tiers. You can find them here.

    5. Non-Pokemon talk will be taken to PMs/VMs, which are encouraged.

    6. We at Artakhaguild like to keep a good reputation. Don’t ruin it.

    7. Just because someone does not have competitive experience is no reason to bad-mouth them. Artakhaguild is open to all.

    Cool! So now you’ve signed up. What next? Well, the main way to advance in Artakhaguild is by rankups, and you get those by earning XP. Here are the ranks:

    [size=+2]Private -- 0 XP
    Scout -- 100 XP
    Minor -- 500 XP
    Sergeant -- 1000 XP
    Lieutenant -- 1750 XP
    Captain -- 2750 XP
    Major -- 4000 XP
    Colonel -- 6250 XP
    General -- 8500 XP
    Marshal -- Reserved for Leaders

    Here’s how the Rank System works. When you join Artakhaguild, you begin as a Private--but you also begin in the Normalus Squad (more on this later). You battle, among other things, to earn XP. When you reach 100 XP and rankup to Scout, you are assigned a Squad. Although I will consider your preferences, please keep in mind that I must try to keep the squads balanced.[/spoiler

    [size=+3]So what are squads, you ask?[/size]

    In Artakhaguild, there are 16 squads. Each of these is headed by a Squad Leader. They are all associated with a type in some way. But beware--just because somebody is in the squad associated with fire does not mean that they will use fire-types when they are battling!
    When you join, a squad, make sure to copy its creed into your signature. This affirms your membership in this squad. Listed below are the creeds:

    Normalus Squad -- Normal type
    I am a Normalus. There are many paths before me. I am a symbol of the unknown potential of a trainer. I hereby pledge my allegiance to Artakhguild.

    Pyras Squad -- Fire type
    I am a Pyra. I am of one of the most basic elements. I scorch my enemies with fire. When I set myself against someone, they will not be able to bear my heat. I hereby pledge my flames to Artakhaguild.

    Aquai Squad -- Water type
    I am an Aquae. I swamp my enemies with the First Element, water. I turn the vast power of the ocean, rivers and lakes to those whom I set myself against. I hereby pledge my waves to Artakhaguild.

    Vitus Squad -- Grass type
    I am a Vitus. I represent grass, that which keeps all alive. I drain my enemies with the power of life. When I set myself against someone, my roots will steal all their strength. I hereby pledge my leaves to Artakhaguild.

    Elektros Squad -- Electric type
    I am an Elektro. I shock my enemies with pure power. Those who fight me will have the most powerful force in the universe run through them. I hereby pledge my electricity to Arkthaguild.

    Geos Squad -- Rock type
    I am a Geos. I strike my enemies with the same material with which my ancestors struck their enemies. When I declare someone my enemy, I will not rest until they are crushed by rock. I hereby pledge my stone to Artakhaguild.

    Terrans Squad -- Ground type
    I am a Terran. I will defeat my enemies through the very ground they stand on. Those who challenge me will find their worlds shaken. I hereby pledge my earth to Artakhaguild.

    Toxos Squad -- Poison type
    I am a Toxos. I battle using the most potent of poisons. Those who stand against me will have their very lives sapped away. I hereby pledge my toxins to Artakhaguild.

    Stelus Squad -- Steel type
    I am a Stelus. I will strike down my enemies with the same material with which my ancestors struck down theirs. I am of the element that causes the rise and fall of empires, and I will crush those who oppose me with the power of steel. I hereby pledge my metal to Artakhaguild.

    Psyka Squad -- Psychic type
    I am a Psyka. I fight with the most powerful weapon in the world--my brain. I will hone my skills to where I can defeat all without even touching them. I hereby pledge my mind to Artakhaguild.

    Mortos Squad -- Dark type
    I am a Mortos. I utilize the strengths of my enemies and strike at their weaknesses. Those who dare to challenge me will be crushed by their own force before they are even aware. I hereby pledge my darkness to Artakhaguild.

    Combatus Squad -- Fighting type
    I am a Combatus. I will fight until I cannot even stand, and I will never give up. All who I call my enemies will find themselves shaken with the power of my punches and kicks. I hereby dedicate my strength to Artakhaguild.

    Spiritus Squad -- Ghost type
    I am a Spirit. I draw my power from beyond the grave. Those upon whom I turn my wrath will be annihilated by the power of the ghost. I hereby pledge my spirit to Artakhaguild.

    Froz Squad -- Ice type
    I am a Froz. My ice can freeze even the hottest fire. I will chill any who make the mistake of fighting me. I hereby pledge my cold to Artkhaguild.

    Insectus Squad -- Bug type
    I am an Insectus. My brothers and sisters and I can build the highest tower or overwhelm the strongest foe. We will seep into the cracks in the defenses of all who are enemies of the insects. I hereby pledge my jaws to Artakhaguild.

    Draco Squad -- Dragon type
    I am a Dragon. My race was once feared as the most powerful in the world, and with this noble guild we shall be again. I therefore hereby pledge my draconic power to Artakhaguild.

    So you’re ready to start earning XP. How do you do that? Well, there are several ways:

    1. Battling. See below.
    2. Donating a Pokemon to our Pokemon Library. If you have a Pokemon you have raised in any of your Wi-Fi compatible games, you may “donate” it to the Library. When you do this, you send its data to me, and I appraise it. For this, I will award you XP, anywhere from 0 to 500, depending on how good it is. You keep the Pokemon on your game, but anyone else in the guild may trade with you to either rent it for free (you must return it to the owner within a reasonable amount of time), or “buy” it with XP. No reason is necessary, as we exist to help you complete your Pokedex, win a battle, and become a better Trainer.
    3. Donating art to the Art Shop. If you are an artist, you may donate general Pokemon or specific guild art to the Art Shop. Just like the library, I will appraise it and award you anywhere from 0 to 250 XP. Anyone in the guild can request you do art or use art you’ve made in their signatures or threads for free.
    4. Achievements. See below the battling section.

    So obviously the most important way to earn XP is through battling. How much do you get?
    **Supereffective=A battle against someone from a squad who is supereffective against your squad.
    **Not very effective=A battle against someone from a squad who is not very effective against your squad.
    **Higher rank=A battle against someone of higher rank than yourself.
    **Lower rank=A battle against someone of lower rank than yourself.

    Higher rank

    =300 XP
    Not very effective=175 XP
    Lower rank
    =70 XP
    Not very effective=30 XP
    Higher rank

    =15 XP
    Not very effective=0 XP
    Lower rank
    =-5 XP
    Not very effective=-10 XP

    There are also bonuses:
    If it’s a war battle, add +50 XP for a win and -20 XP for a loss.
    If it’s with a Squad Leader, add +15 XP.
    Winning streaks:

    3-win streak: +40 XP

    5-win streak: +60 XP

    10-win streak: +100 XP

    20-win streak: +130 XP
    Losing streaks:

    10-loss streak: -25 XP

    20-loss streak: -35 XP

    Possible achievements:

    The Beginning of a Journey--Reach the rank of Scout. +10 XP
    Wi-Fi Battler--Participate in 200 Wi-Fi battles OR win 100 Wi-Fi battles. +325 XP
    Simulator Battler--Participate in 400 PO battles OR win 200 PO battles. +325 XP
    Flexible Trainer--Beat 8 different Squad Leaders. +220 XP
    Apprentice Artist--Donate 4 pieces of art worth more than 100 XP to the Art Shop. +135 XP
    Apprentice Breeder--Donate 7 Pokemon worth more than 150 XP to the Pokemon Library. +165 XP
    Flawless Battler--Win flawless victories against 3 distinct Trainers. +180 XP
    Wi-Fi Champion--Participate in 400 Wi-Fi battles OR win 200 Wi-Fi battles. +650 XP
    Simulator Champion--Participate in 800 PO battles OR win 400 PO battles. +650 XP
    Master Artist--Donate 20 pieces of art worth more than 100 XP to the Art Shop. +400 XP
    Master Breeder--Donate 35 Pokemon worth more than 150 XP to the Pokemon Library. +445 XP
    Pokemon Master--Beat all 16 Squad Leaders. Grounds for immediate promotion to General rank.

    [size=+1]Please do not post in this thread until all leaders have posted.[/size]
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2013
  2. draco star 98

    draco star 98 DESTROY EVERYONE

    pyrus squad section under construction
  3. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Reserved for w/e needs to be in the Aquai post.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2013
  4. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice

    Good job y'all. hokage that post is Aquai and this is Vitus

    draco star post Elektros next
  5. draco star 98

    draco star 98 DESTROY EVERYONE

    electros squad under construction
  6. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice

    This post is for the Geos Squad. If ou would like to be a leader, please contact me. Do not post.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2013
  7. Miror

    Miror Seeker of the Blood Staff Member Moderator

    Closed again due to lack of activity and failing to meet the requirements of staying open given after the last time this was closed.
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