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As if there weren't enough sandstorm RMTs already. (A sandstorm RMT)

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Hi everyone, I've been using this team on po for a while, but it seems to have lost its effectiveness so I need to make some changes.


Tyranitar @Shuca Berry
Sand Stream
252Hp 96Sp.Atk 160Sp.Def
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Blast
-Ice Beam
Standard for ttar, sets up rocks, and has overall good coverage.


Scizor @Choice Band
252Atk 252Spe 4Def
-Bullet Punch
Scizor is usually my lead, and I find fast scizor to be much better then bulky scizor at everything except scizor vs. scizor fights.

Rotom-W @Leftovers
112Hp 56Def 196Sp.Atk 144Spe
-Volt Switch
-Hydro Pump
-Pain Split
lol I couldn't get a wash rotom sprite. This is my own custom-made set, it adds more bulk to a bulky attacker set. Moves are pretty self-explanatory, and rotom can take more hits then you'd think.


Landorus @Expert Belt
Sand Force
252Atk, 252Spe, 4Def
Iv's: 31/30/30/31/31/31
-Stone Edge
-Hidden Power Ice
Landorus has won me many battles, and is one of the best expert belt users. I usually feign a choice set then punish their switch in to pokes like heatran or gliscor.


Terrakion @Air Balloon
252Atk, 252Spe 4Sp.Def
-Swords Dance
-Stone Edge
-Close Combat
What looks like a ill thought out set proves to be very effective. If I switch in right, I can KO two pokemon before my sub is broken.


Blissey @Leftovers
Natural Cure
252Hp 252Def 4Sp.Def
-Seismic Toss
Blissey is my wishpasser, and uses a much more efficient nature then before. Blissey really helps my team soak up special attacks, and can help out-stall my foe.

Well that's my team, the main problem it has is that I only have one fighting resist, and he's a sweeper.


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Scarfed Terrakion tears this team apart... I would replace Blissey, since residual damage from Sandstorm nullifies the Lefties recovery. If you really want a wisher, here's a handy Jirachi set.

Jirachi @ Leftovers
~ Iron Head
~ Body Slam / Thunder Wave
~ Wish
~ Fire Punch / Protect / Stealth Rock
252 HP / 224 SpD / 32 Spe

Hope this helps!