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ASB Pokemon Battle Teaser / Advice (Title/Rating Pending)


Hope I'm doing this right.

Ok, so I'm new to the whole creative writing thing. I've done a little bit of amateur scripting for friend's projects and stuff but nothing more. This is my first attempt at something 'bigger'. Considering what I am doing at uni I need to start to develop my ability to write, I still have a very long way to go as will be evident when you read it. (What is written of the fic at the moment is much shorter than what I want to be and I feel like it seems somewhat truncated and could be expanded, but hopefully someone can give me pointers on that.) I basically wanted to do a battle in a way that seemed right to me seeing as the anime has restraints that it would really be more interesting without.

So far it's about 1 and 3/4 pages. I've tried to hold off on doing too much characterization and I'm trying to bring that in as I go so that I can use the last bits of characterization as a way to bring in the climax. It's most likely going to get darker as it goes but we'll see. I have a plan for how I want it to progress and end.

So without further adieu, the teaser.

ASB Pokemon Battle Fanfic/Short Story/Writing Practice/Thingamajig

The bright rays of light from the sunset fell on the silent street that would become their battlefield. A mix of modern skyscrapers and tattered building of a bygone era cast spectral shadows over the pavement. The two trainers stared into each other's eyes, so much rode on this battle for both of them. Both prodigies that had turned into fierce rivals, their lust for strength had turned what was once respect, into fear. They couldn't be more evenly matched, both had all the material evidence of strength available to them up to this very point. The battle that would decide who became the new Champion of the region, the title that held with it the tag of strongest battler. And in this era of explosive new talent one could argue the winner of this battle might just be one of the strongest battlers to grace the earth.

Their first Pokemon had already been released. The dinosaurian Meganium staring fully focussed at a Sandslash similarly poised. In the waning light their silhouettes were nightmarish monsters riding the skyscraper walls.

Opening gambits were issued. Poisonpowder. Dig. The wary Pokemon sprang into action. Meganium immediately began swaying it's body is a mesmeric fashion. A fine mist of purple spores laced the battlefield, floating to all corners of the arena, as if searching for Sandslash. The opposing Pokemon, however, has disappeared from sight. The ground rodent had left nothing but a hole in the ground to show it's movements.

Neither trainer showed any sign of emotion. They were seasoned battlers, cold, calculating, and very little could catch them off guard. However, things were about to get interesting.

Meganium crouched as if ready to pounce, if a thing of its size could actually pounce. At this slight change of stance the sandy haired Sandslash trainer shouted, “Now.” Meganium leaped as Sandslash burst from the ground in front of Meganium a fraction before it landed, causing wild tremors making the ground shake and crack. Sandslash leapt forward flexing its arm. His claw glowed with a purplish tinge as it struck Meganium on its exposed neck. Sandslash's sharp claw and the venom from the attack combined, poisoning it's target. Meganium let out a roar of pain from being struck by a super effective attack. Streams of instructions flew across the street towards the Pokemon and were acted upon immediately. Globs of green energy flew at Sandslash as it burrowed underground. Striking Sandslash, the globs then returned to Meganium who seemed to relax ever so slightly. Sandslash winced as it disappeared underground and out of sight of the battlers.

The strategies had been laid out and a cycle was forming, Sandslash's trainer seemed pleased with himself. His plans had started perfectly and while slow, his Pokemon was just fast enough to out manoeuvre. He cast his beady black eyes around the area, smirking to himself. He had a solid plan and the darkness soon to come would make him impossible to beat. He trusted in his Pokemon to carry out the simple, yet effective, strategy and frankly, given the state of battle, he quite literally had nothing to do. Across from him however, was a strong mind running through as many permutations of strategy as possible. His blue eyes widened as he began to comprehend what his opponent was planning. He needed counter measures, and fast.

Meganium's neck petals started glowing, their pink colour turned into a bright green as they began to produce wafts of cleansing perfume. Just as the last remnant's of poison left Meganium's body it disintegrated into a mass of red data as it was returned to it's Pokeball. Sandslash used the opportunity to burst from the ground releasing an orb of small rocks that quickly dispersed into the many small passages between the buildings.

It landed in as fearsome a fighting stance as an overgrown ground rodent could as red light materialised fifteen feet in front of Sandslash, taking the form of a metallic plated bird. Before it could react, hidden stones launched themselves at the Skarmory dealing damage before dropping to the ground, now harmless.

Sandslash stared at Skarmory with intent. Both he and his trainer knew Skarmory could do little to hurt himself and this, backwards as it may seem, scared them both. Something was about to happen, and they had no idea what. So they would do the most logical of actions, take the offensive. Sandslash rolled into an orange and brown ball, speeding towards the form that was Skarmory.


But not before Skarmory lowered itself, using it's iron plating to create a ramp, shooting Sandslash into the sky. The metal bird strained it's wings as it turned and followed, eventually catching up and overtaking. At the very height of Sandslash's ascent Skarmory turned itself into a nosedive. With force only hard steel could hope to resist, it smashed its solid metal beak into Sandslash, sending it plummeting towards the ground via one of the buildings leaving a giant hole of destruction through the middle.

Skarmory quickly followed, starting to glow red with the power if it's Sky Attack move. There was a moment of silence bar the sound of wind being sliced by Skarmory's angular form for but a second. The woosh of wind cut short by a metallic groan as building the Pokemon were in grew before exploding from the inside out. The shockwave caused by the pure power of the move sent glistening shards or glass out at all angles causing both trainers to seek cover as fragments clawed at the surrounding structures.

When the site finally became visible, all that was left was a small crater. With Skarmory standing, staring warily at Sandslash's prostate form underneath it.

“Well aren't you clever, … Jay” spat Sandslash's trainer as he returned his fainted Pokemon to it's ball, “But prepare to lose, the light's about to go out.”

A glow of red data materialised next to the trainer revealing a barely visible Gengar. Within seconds the last shreds of light disappeared and with it, Gengar.