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Ash and Meloetta

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Quick clarification notice I want answered. Would Meloetta fall under Ash's temporary status like Haunter and Larvitar. Out of the trio (Ash, Cilan and Iris) I think they had the closest relationship bonding-wise. Am I wrong or correct because I want that notice to be put on Bulbapedia. Ash cared for it under his own leadership in some spots.

I've come to terms that Haunter and Larvitar weren't captured off screen. But the topic of Meloetta changes things I just want a definitive answer is all I'm asking for here if you guys could help out that'll be great. I personally think it does but I have been proven false in the past.


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I guess Meloetta is no less of an "Ash Pokemon" than Haunter and Larvitar tbh


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Larvitar belongs there because Professor Elm entrusted Ash with its egg.

Haunter belongs there because he agreed to accompany Ash to Saffron City.

Meloetta followed Ash on her own. I don't believe she was directly commanded by him.

I do think things would've been different if Ridley came like five minutes later.
Yeah, Meloette was never Ash's pokemon and it didn't took orders from hum. So no, it doesn't fall under temporarily own status.
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