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Ash Becomes Tiny (1026)


Well, I did enjoy watching the antics that Satoshi, Lilie, and Maamane got into while small. Amajo attacking Persian was amusing, too. I didn't expect to see Persian come back as a villain here, yet it was a nice touch.


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There voices when they are shrunk are horrible, sounds like Rotomdex. Lol Lilie sounds normal when she is small.


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Principal Oak should have never let him teach. Actually tbh, he should be in jail following his actions during the AF arc.

Lana "jealous":p:D

What the hell are the Ultra Guardians going to do lol? Literally no point. At least they didn't waste as much time on the Super Sentai montage.

This size forever! Ash and Lillie are out of their minds!

Pleasantly surprised to see the Alolan Persian get mentioned again.. I wonder whether it will have an arc where it eventually gets defeated "for good" somehow or whether it's just a recurring villain from now on like Viren. Probably the latter.

Great Tsareena episode in the episode immediately following her debut. can she step on me

when it hit Togedemaru, I predicted it would get big, as an "Ant-Man"-style twist

I don't really get what was the point of all those Dedenne showing up lol


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Good episode. FABA, you never learn. Faba is gonna be in trouble no matter what, cause Lillie WILL notify her mother about this incident!

Though, I'm glad that Ash and Lillie found it fun for once. Sophocles didn't seem to enjoy it. Tsareena kicking the crap out of Alolan Persian was wonderful. That nasty cat deserved to be beaten up and have its skin ruptured. And then the episode ends with Togedemaru being huge. There's a solution: Just have Pikachu sneeze!

@LilligantLewis Lana being jealous was probably because if she was affected by the machine and turned tiny, she would probably enjoy riding on Popplio's back. As for the Dedenne, the only purpose was for the electricity. They can communicate with other Electric Pokémon. They got Togedemaru's attention and then later Pikachu picked that up, for which Dedenne helped Pikachu and Snowy get the scent of their trainers.

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I've mentioned this before in the Dub Episode Title thread, but I unreservedly love the English title of this episode. It just works on every level.

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Definitely all up for the dub title insulting the Pokemon cartoon's very own Starlight Glimmer. Seriously, that's what Faba is, all the way down to not having learned much of anything since his "turn to good." At least Pokemon cartoon fans can realize this instead of pretending he's really changed.

It's also really satisfying seeing everyone else be justifiably upset at Faba for ****ing up this badly. Snowy's reaction to all this definitely deserves its meme status. And Lana's "Failure Director" line was great, too.

I gotta disagree with the dub's choice to use the Rotomdex filter on the shrunken kids. Instead of sounding small, they sound robotic.

Through an animation error, we get to see what a Dragonair's bare tail looks like.

Just who is that who's training/not fully supervising that repeatedly villainous Alolan Persian anyway?

Good thing that medal isn't nullifying Tsareena completely considering it's on her crown. She's grown into quite the fighter.

The meaning of Togedemaru growing is that you're a ****ing idiot, Faba.

Okay, what piece of JP music was that infecting the storm drain scene? Whatever it was, it was as unwelcome as JP music always has been since XY began. As usual, though, the dub music shined even though it was average fare on its own. Tsareena sure got a nice and majestic theme for her WTP card. And for the Dedenne scene, I wouldn't be surprised if the XY saga's Denenne's theme got recycled.

Two fun episodes in a row, both being great examples of what the SM saga is at its core.
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Egh, really? Are completely one sided beatings all Mallow is gonna get for cred this series? Battles aren't just about dishing it out you know.

I tell you if they do to Mallow what they did to Serena and start dumbing down every plot into a curb stomp battle just so she can look superficially badass I WON'T be happy.

You know, I thought of you while watching this episode because I assumed while watching Tsareena beat down Persian that you'd be happy since she was battling a legit threat, rather than TR, and doing well, and that too, a Pokémon who has been previously established as a threat, so that there's not even the excuse of "it's a POTD, we don't know its strength". And you're still disappointed. Hard for me to understand and a bit frustrating.

Also Continuity with Pikachu and Dedenne

If that's continuity, it's only Da!-style continuity, if anything.

I wan't really a big fan of Faba. He tried to force Rotom to fix his machine even though for some reason Rotom accepted. And he didn't really seem to be too satisfied even after Ash, Lillie and Sophocles returned to their normal size.

He's evil.

I live for their adorable friendship/bro(?)mance moments!:oops:)

the slang term I've heard used is womance!

I'm amazed Professor Kukui even agreed to let him be a guest teacher.

The order might have come down from his boss, Principal Oak, who wasn't as involved in the AF arc so might not realize, or even know at all, the severity, and who also cuts the check.

It was a fun episode, it kinda remind me the fun stuffs from the MCU Ant-Man movies.

Indeed especially considering it was a big surprise in Civil War when he became big instead of small, and the same happened at the end of this episode.

Nice cliffhanger, at the end for Togedemaru destroying the school rooftop. Better episode than last week for sure.

Was it at all resolved in the PokéProblem segment or whatever it's called that comes after each episode and remains undubbed?

That doesn’t make any sense.

classic SM

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Yeah, they just showed that she went back to normal pretty much immediately. Nothing particularly noteworthy about that. However, you also got...

They even distorted the music during this part to add to the "cheesy 40s B-movie" vibe.

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I think it is amazing how bugs and other tiny things manage to navigate in this world. If we consider how fast they can move relative to size and scale then bugs can move much faster then any human can without a vehicle. And just think about how big humans are, the size difference is fascinating.

Fabas invention could have been really helpful for humanity if it worked but instead it comes off more like a menace to society instead.


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Really like the episode's dub name (no joking). It is absolutely hilarious. Otherwise, not too bad for a filler.


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Yeah, they just showed that she went back to normal pretty much immediately. Nothing particularly noteworthy about that. However, you also got...

They even distorted the music during this part to add to the "cheesy 40s B-movie" vibe.
WTF, everyone knows nobody but Ash and Co. go to this school, to the point that they edited out the other kids from an episode when they originally showed up in an episode preview

Or is this why there's no more students going to the school?

Did Togedemaru kill all of them? Did parents pull their students out because the school is no longer safe?


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Gee, I wonder where we've seen this before.

The pains of a long running series.
Can you believe they keep using the same character who doesn't seem to age.


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The hijinxes that Ash, Sophocles, and Lillie were funny. Plus after all of it was over including enlarging a pokemon, Kukui really got angry at Faba. I don’t think that Kukui really likes Faba all that much.