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Ash Catches a Pokémon! (003)



wat the hell no it was just talking most lily about evolving as it was watching a butterfree fly across the moon and its eyes lit up when it saw it
Yes, the Cow-terpie joke, one of the many times for random dub humor. I didn't know about the "Torchic, use mushroom!" one before.

It was a good episode, even in the game Caterpies are easy to raise. I see May went down the same path when she caught her first Pokemon too, goin' for the worm!

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
It was a nice episode and it also had Misty saying the episode title instead of Ash. Thats cause it had his name in it but I think there was another epi with Ashs name in it who said the title for that one?


Ash catches his first two Pokemon, and Ash has a PROPER Pokemon battle. I agree with Gravy 100%, this is a classic.


Team Awesome
Continuing my episode review catchup...

This is definitely one of the funnier earlier episodes. I do feel bad when Misty hurts Caterpie's feelings, but I like how she goes over the three things she hates the most, then blasts Caterpie away. :) Ash is hilarious when he gets so excited over having caught his first pokemon too. :D

It's too bad Team Rocket's role in this episode is so small, after making a big splash in their debut. At least the episodes where they play very minor roles are few (well, *I'm* glad about that ;) ). I do like the scene where Meowth gets mummified. LOL

Overall, good humor in this episode, though I do think Misty was a little too mean to caterpie. At least it evolved at the end of the episode.

Opal Pikachu13

Well-Known Member
A very good old-school episode of Pokemon, this is what started Ash on his journey. I agree Misty was mean to Caterpie, he was just so adorable, I don't know how she could be so mean to him like that, he wasn't that scary. His conversation to Pikachu about his dream of being a Butterfree was so cute!And how Caterpie showed up to Team Rocket, even though he was weakened his String shot was amazing, he wrapped Ekans, Koffing and Meowth in string! (Meowth looked like a mummy lol) All in all, this was one of the best classic episodes yet. 10/10. ;010; ;025;


Master of mositure
It's one of the best episodes from the best season. 'Nuff said. Actually no it isn't 'nuff said. I really loved Caterpie's personality and felt really sorry for him when Misty insulted him. And the bit where he beat Team Rocket was amazing. Can't reember much else of it, haven't seen it in years. Ohh and Caterpie's conversation with Pikachu, I liked Pikachu then and how his frienship with Ash developed. Anyway I digress. Not seen the anime in years and I miss it. Has anyone noticed how Caterpie and Ash are similar in a few ways. They both start out pretty weak, thye both have an ambition to be better/the best, Misty starts out hating them both and she ends up liking them both. I could rant on about this episode for ages. Anyway, a summary, great episode, love Caterpie 10/10. But that could be the nostalgia talking.

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
I really loved Caterpie's personality and felt really sorry for him when Misty insulted him
i agree...you could realy feel for Caterpie and think that was very well done


This episode was great, I like it, pretty funny and I like Caterpie's personality. It was also nice to see it beat team rocket.


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Ahh caterpie. I love this epi as it is the first step on The journey for ash's butterfree. TR getting beat by caterpie was funny. I thought it was weird how ash told caterpie to use Counter of Pidgeotto when it cant learn it but meh


little punks!
One of the best kanto episodes there is. I felt so bad for Caterpie when Misty denied the poor critter. This was probably the most eventful episode in the series, having two captures and an evolution. Both Caterpie and Pidgeotto were probably Ash's two best Kanto pokemon both brave and loyal to their trainer. Caterpie was so small and cute at the end toppling Koffing into Ekans was actually heartwarming and comical at the same time.


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This was a really nice episode. I loved Misty's three things she hates. It was so funny back then. And Ash catches a Caterpie and a Pidgeotto. And Caterpie evolves into Metapod. A really great episode and I loved Caterpie's dream to turn into a Butterfree. Definitly 10/10.