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Ash Catches a Pokémon! (003)


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I don't know if its just me, but it seems like these to pokemon and someother are just the few of ash's pokemon that he actually catcches in the wild before meeting ex: bulbasaur or charmander, he met them first

CATERPIE IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!;010;


One of the episodes featuring the "crap attack in-game saving the day" running gag. And there are no Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest. But, games=/=anime still....


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I did not see this episode until a long time after I saw the first one, I bought a Pokemon video cassette and it only had the first two episodes and then the full Pokerap on it.

A few years later, I watched the third episode. I thought it was an OK one.


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It was really funny when Meowth scratches all over Jessy and James face, and then Jessy and James beat up Meowth. I just watched the again today in a rerun.

onix lord

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I've wanted to see this episode for a long time and I finally saw it again today. Must have been a good day for Ash in this episode.


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i think he should catch 2 pokemon in an episode again like this 1


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Ah...The very first episode i ever saw. I immediatley hated Misty, loved Pikachu and thought Ash was a freak of nature.

Throughout this episode i just kept thinking how awful Misty was to Caterpie and Ash.

It made me smile when Ash caught the Caterpie and started dancing around.
This was a good ep, not excellent but good. And in a way...Ledgenary (for me) because it was the beginning of me loving pokemon.


This episode was cool. I bet it was and will be the only time in pokemon history that Ash catches 2 and evolves 1 pokemon.


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This has to be one of the best episodes ever, I just love it. Back when everything wasn't so difficult and Team Rocket was still bearable. I would've loved for Caterpie to stay Caterpie.


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Very good episode, Ash catching a Caterpie and Pidgeotto in the same episode is awesome.I know why Misty is following Ash it's not because of her bike it's cause she's in love with Ash and she just doesn't want to admit it. Ah Misty and her fear of Bug Pokemon it's funny to watch her overreact to bad it caused Caterpie to get it's feeling hurt when it was only trying to be friends with her. I got the jist of what Caterpie and Pikachu were talking about on the stump but I think it would have been better if subtitles were provided, but the that probably wouldn't add to the mystery of Pokemon. The two thing i really loved in this episode were Pidgeotto eating a real worm & Caterpie's evolution method, which I believe is the only time the animators use how actual caterpillars evolve.


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After a long time I watched the episode again and I can't believe how much I loved Caterpie. It's gotta be Ash's cutest pokemon ever. Shame it evolved! Shame!
this ep was so great ash caught his first pokemon and his second (i think it shoulda been called ash catches 2 pokemon but oh well.)

9/10 still 1 of my favorites
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Oh boy. All of my early memories of Pokemon are coming back to me. This episode was the first one I ever saw. This is what got me more into the anime and, later on, the games.

I remember wondering what was going on since I never heard of Pokemon. I didn't know what Pikachu was, but I loved how cute it was. Plus, I couldn't figure out why Misty was being so mean to Caterpie and Ash.


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I wish there had been more catching episodes, I would love to actually seen Ash throwing more pokeballs to catch pokemon than them just following him.


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In RBY, there were.
I liked this ep. caterpie is kawaii!

Not sure bout Red (have it a home) but definitely in Yellow. It was my eight capture. Ahh... Yellow with the electric rat (i loved it's reaction after beating a hooked pkmn, seemed like it was eating it....)


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@ Valorous: I think the Pidgeotto were only in it in Yellow, because of the tie-in with the show, but I'm not sure!

Ah this episode was great... Whatever about obscure Japanese jokes, there's no mistaking the comic genius of Cowterpie... Well, for a nine year old. But still.

Pidgeotto always totally rocked. It was mostly a balloon popper or a smokescreen disperser, but no-one can question it's commitment...

And I'm sorry, but Caterpie is clearly a champion... Hello Ekans, hello Koffing, you're now on that slippery slope we call total failure...


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I love this episode caterpie is adorable and he was so sweet in this episoe he just wanted to be accepted by Misty. He was so powerful for a little guy. Its great that he evolved at the end.