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Ash Catches a Pokémon! (003)


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This epiosde is very good. The bit when Pikachu was talking to Caterpie was weird. The battle with Team Rocket was good and they lost to a Caterpie



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Nurse Joy has stuff to do. Great episode, not filler at all. Season one was the best in my opnion, after thatmost of the episodes became repitative and dumb.

This is completely the truth. First season FTW rest of the seasons epic phailz.


<= Sabrina!
This episode was great! I loved it, caterpie was cute yet strong


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No one here can say that this episode isn't a classic.

He catches the Caterpie, there's lots of discussion and character development, Caterpie battles (some good ones, too), Ash catches Pidgeotto, and Caterpie evolves!

2 catches and an evolution in one episode! Woah! I don't think that's ever happened since.

Great episode. Definitely a classic! ^^

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I felt really sorry for Caterpie, because all it tried to do was be friends with Misty and she started freaking out.

When it evolved into Butterfree, she didn't even flinch.


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Yay!Ashy boy's first Pokemon!A Caterpie!


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I think the old pokemon season were better, now ash sound like he been through pubity and got ALOT smarter, and I think ash was better with his other voice and i want him back to his normal self again. I remember this one, ( remember the old memories of pokemon) when ash first caught caterpie he was very pleased with himself lol. caterpie was sooooooooooo cute when he was talking to pikachu and the way he looked into the sky with those big shiny eyes was soooooooo adorable!


I'm back!
Yeah, this episode is great. My favorite episode of all times. It was not only the best but also two thumbs up.


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Caterpie was so cute. It's dream of evolving was cool. And the fight against Team Rocket. It makes sense that there would be pidgeotto in the woods. One of the pidgeys could have evolved.


Wish. Hope. Believe.
*Sigh* My first episode of Pokemon...I can still remember my brother insisting that it was a great show and that I should watch it, and at the moment this particular episode happened to be on. I fell in love with Pokemon instantly, and I was no more than three or four years old. Wow...eight years of Pokemon...

Anyway, this episode was pretty good. Reality strikes every time I watch this; Misty's my favorite character and I don't like to think of her as such a hothead. But, she really is, and I just have to accept that (Although, I do think she's gotten better over the years). Poor Caterpie...It looks so adorable. How could Misty hate it?!

I also love how inexperienced Ash is in this episode. I love the original episodes in Kanto just because of the naive and silly mistakes Ash makes. I think it's more entertaining than his current mature, somewhat serious self.


burning it down
I liked this episode, Caterpie was cute and Mist was really funny back then!


extra toasty
^ Yeah, she was. I miss those episodes. I'm surprised I remember the whole part where Caterpie evolved and did that veil thingy with String Shot. Wow, I'm a dork.


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Truly a wonderful episode. Caterpie was so awesome. And so was Pidgeotto. One of the best episodes ever. And the Pikachu talking to Caterpie scene was so adorable.
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Caterpie totaly got my respect when it favored Misty :p, now thats what I call a smart pokemon XD
I also thought pidgeotto was cool as well. It was awesome how he took on both team rocket's pokemon at once.


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I find it cool that Ash caught BOTH Caterpie and Pidgeotto in this episode and release BOTH of them while they were in their final form.

I miss these episodes....


Caterpie happens to be one of the cutest pokemon!

The scene with caterpie and pikachu on a log with the moonlight...I dunno why but it put a smile on my face and cheered me up =)


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This episode is funny
Cute then Caterpie and Pikachu are talking to eachother <3
And Misty is funny in this episode too ^^