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Ash Catches a Pokémon! (003)


6 different pokemon
this episode is cool... except the voies of team rocket (in my country) are really anoying


Your Big Buff Bro
I was happy that Ash caught his first Pokemon, but It was even funny when Misty was totally scared of him. And she only wanted to be friends with Pikachu. :)

But hey, It was cool Ash caught another Pokemon in the same episode, and he already has an evolved Pokemon.


Your Big Buff Bro
Yeah, and it lastes like 3 minutes. But I thought when I saw this episode, I imagined that Misty was going to wake up and tell them to go to sleep. Especially at Caterpie.

But I thought it was amazing when Caterpie wanted to be a Butterfree, and he turns into one short in the first few episodes.
I have always wonderred how the plot would have changed later on if Ash had successfully caught that Weedle he tried to catch shortly after getting Caterpie. This was one of the best episodes ever in terms of changes to the protagonists' parties; with two captures and one evolution all in one.


It still shocks me to look back & see Pikachu that chubby ^_^ Lol. But, IMO, I wish Ash would've caught that Weedle instead of Caterpie. I think he would've looked cooler with Beedrill instead of a girly Butterfree :/ I'm glad that Caterpie evolved fast though, but Metapod is kind of pointless.

I give this episode a:
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Great episode.

It was funny to see how Misty scared from insects pokemon.

And Butterfree was so beautiful.



Wow! one of the greatest episodes ever! :D

Ash catching Caterpie & Pidgeotto
Misty fear for bugs
Team Rocket VS Ash
Caterpie-Pikachu scene
Mummy Meowth
Caterpie evolving
Ash acting like a worm with his sleep bag after Misty hurt Caterpie's feelings has to be one of my favorite parts of the series! XD

1000/10 :worship:


Let's go to the beach, each.
Traveling through the Viridian Forest. It brings back fond memories.

Misty's fear of Bug types was expected. Girls hate bugs. I loved how Team Rocket openly approached Ash and Misty. They didn't even think about being sneaky.

Glad Ash caught Caterpie and then Pidgeotto (out of sheer luck). 10/10


Well-Known Member
The scene where caterpie talk to pikachu is one of the cutest scene ever.

It was a little too long for me, but definitely a moment to remember! It's very sad because I thought that caterpie would go all the way and stay with Ash.


Man of Mystery
I remember seeing this episode and thinking Caterpie was going to be with Ash forever. How wrong I was...


Well-Known Member
back when the anime was good..... ive lost so much hope in the later seasons. this was one of my favorites, god i loved that little caterpie


Master Collector
Brilliant....Ash catches his first 2 pokemon - Cterpie>>>Metapod and Pidgeotto
Also his first pokemon evolves the aforementioned Caterpie into Metapod

Strange how his first 2 captured pokemon are now released :p

The evolution of caterpie was pretty cool how it was done with the stringshot

We also see how a pokemon is properly captured if i'm correct ?


Catching up on XY
I'm re-watching the first season on DVD now, and so far, out of the first six episodes, this is my favorite. It had a great plot, great humor, and really advanced the story.


Shiny Flygon
Well this is my review and some things I wonder about:

1)Why Caterpie wanted to be near Misty al the time? it's a proof that it's a male.
2)Ekans just flew against Pidgeotto. Because it wasn't a jump.
3)When Ash tried to hurt James, it was funny that James stopped him with a finger.
4)I think Pedgeotto used once Whirlwind spin attack, but i'm not sure.
it was such a great episode for one and only reason. He CAUGHT Caterpie. Very rarely does Ash ever CATCH his pokemon. Most of his pokemon were befriended.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Another good episode and I liked how Caterpie and Pikachu talked in that one scene. I wish we could have known what they were talking about though. I know it's about the moon, the night and stuff but I would like to know exactly what they were saying.

Good he caught Pidgeotto too, and it showed how inexperienced Ash was back then (Ironically Dawn and May made similar mistakes in their debut episode like Ash did too). Poor Misty hating bug types, can't blame her even thought I don't mind bug types (I just hate bugs in real life).

It seems alot of bug Pokemon like Misty though which we seen before too.


Well-Known Member
Watching this episode made be sad, because there is such an importance of Caterpie/Metapod in Ash's history. It was his first capture and evolution. The fact that it eventually leaves and is never heard of or mentioned again is pretty sad. It really is one of Ash's most important captures and Pokemon.