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Ash Catches a Pokémon! (003)

Mrs. Oreo

Yeah, it was pretty awesome to see Team Rocket's Pokémon battling so well. I also think it was impressive how Caterpie was able to hold its own like that. :)

I had just forgotten that early Team rocket was good at keeping up with Ash's pokemon at first and I kind of miss times like these when they didn't just lose to Pikachu in five seconds and actually held their own. :D


site of lies
It kind of sucked that Pidgeotto was the fall guy for Caterpie here. I wish he had defeated the TRio instead of a weak little insect doing that.

But the point was to show that Caterpie wasn't what he seemed and portray him as a useful Pokemon rather than a weak little insect....


Good episode, but man, poor Kasumi. She had to endure a forest filled with insects. When Satoshi succeeded in catching Caterpie, I thought he was done catching Pokemon for the time being, but then he captured Pigeon. The Rocket-dan being sillier here was enjoyable, too.
Pokemon Episode 3: "Ash Catches a Pokemon"
Wow, the title was fulfilled 10 seconds in! That must be some kinda record
He caught it! Now it's enslaved for the end of time! Some hero.
** Pikachu fainting from watching them.
Nice use of dripping purple backgrounds. Very avant-garde.
* Misty's facial expressions
Caterpie doesn't seem to have a mouth. That's kinda strange. Or maybe it's perpetually open.
** Ash's facial expression was also funny.
Pikachu comforting Caterpie was pretty cute.
Wow, such a deep, meaningful conversation. If only I knew what they were saying.
Like the artistic, hand-painted backgrounds.
Wow, Ash's gonna catch TWO Pokemon! The title lied.
* More great facial expressions with Ash.
Yay, I got it right!
Woot, the classic "replay the last 5 seconds before the commercial break".
** Great battle scene, the first of it's kind!
Yay, Ash enslaved a second helpless animal!
* Pikachu's random screamed "PIKA-CHUUU!"
* The gang beating up Meowth
Why doesn't Caterpie say it's name? All the others do.
Classic anime split-screen.
Wow, they just used the same animation they used 15 minutes ago.
** Another great battle scene.
* "We're gonna get a Pokemon"
Another classic anime technique, repeating the same scene over and over!
Wow, Caterpie evolves into Metapod. It's pretty ugly.
Closing Thoughts:
A great episode!
The story was great. Ash catches two Pokemon, a Caterpie and a Pidgeotto, and battles Team Rocket who try to catch his Pikachu (A major first!). Misty doesn't like Caterpie, though. Fast-moving, exciting, and lacking filler.
The action was top-notch, both scenes were great.
The humor was excellent, funny facial expressions and cutaway gags aplenty.
Overall, the best one i've seen! 8.5/10.


I got the jist of what Caterpie and Pikachu were talking about at night, but I think it would have been better if subtitles were provided, but that probably wouldn't add to the mystery of Pokemon. The two things I really loved in this episode were Pidgeotto eating a real worm and Caterpie's evolution. :)


Call of Fate
Good episode. I liked how Ash caught two Pokemon of different species in one episode. I also liked the fact Pikachu had to weaken Pidgeotto before Ash could catch him. Misty was rude to Caterpie, but at least he evolved. Too bad both Pikachu and Pidgeotto lost to Team Rocket's Pokemon.

Pokegirl Fan~

Misty freaking out over bug types is always hilarious. I also liked the bickering that went on in this episode as well as Ash catching 2 Pokémon and then having 1 of them evolve all in the same episode.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
I loved how we saw Ash catch Caterpie and its scene at night with Pikachu was cute even if we didn't understand what was being said, though I assume that Caterpie wanted to evolve.

The night scene was pretty much one of the most adorable things in the anime. You don't even need to understand what they're saying. Caterpie clearly has dreams of flying one day and the Moon also seems rather important to it. Pikachu is fully supportive of Caterpie as well.


Too bad both Pikachu and Pidgeotto lost to Team Rocket's Pokemon.

That was only done in order to make Caterpie the episode's hero, although I didn't mind because at least in the case of Satoshi's newly-acquired Pigeon, it made sense that he'd be weak given that he had been damaged by Pikachu before facing the Rocket-dan.
Caterpie was cute. Awesome to see Ash catch his first two Pokemon. Misty was out of line with how she treated Ash's Caterpie in this episode, it was so harmless afterall.


Misty was out of line with how she treated Ash's Caterpie in this episode, it was so harmless afterall.

Kasumi was harsh sure, yet she did warn Satoshi that she despised Bug-type Pokemon, so him capturing Caterpie in spite of knowing Kasumi's phobia was a recipe for disaster.


Well-Known Member
This was a pretty decent episode. Ash catches a Pokemon just like the title says and it evolves and he catches another Pokemon.

Stray observations:

Is carrots being super unpopular with Japanese children a thing? I only ask because Misty hates carrots, Usagi and Chibi Usa hates carrots in Sailor Moon (but I think that's more irony) and Boi in Zyuranger hates carrots.

We get to see a real life animal when Pidgeotto eats a worm

It's too bad string shot isn't nearly as useful in the games as it is here when it immobilizes Team Rocket's Pokemon

I already established that Team Rocket is stupid for thinking Ash's Pikachu is more special than it actually is but it amuses me when Meowth claims Pikachu's power exceeds its evolutionary level which we find later isn't close to true

Poor Pidgetto gets shafted quite a bit it gets its butt kicked just to make Caterpie look good and then gets sort of shoved to the side when it comes time to get the Kanto starters.

Funny how in this episode Ash chastises Team Rocket for double battling when the games will eventually make that a thing and Firered/Leafegreen will even retcon that into being acceptable in the Kanto region.