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Ash & Dawn! Tag Battle! (615)


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I missed like the first 10 mins, just in time for the big tag battle. I thought it was a great episode still, especially the battle. I couldn't believe Totodile just evolved, perhaps I would have expected it with the whole 'Believing in your Pokemon in battle'. But still, even so, I thought that was amazing.

Still, I'm sad to see Lyra and Khoury leave already, theyre such awesome characters. I'm even gonna miss Lyra calling Dawn, Dane. Who knows if we'll see them again, though I bet that'll be super cool. x3 I also thought Brock given a Pokegear was pretty sweet! yays for Brock, I guess :p

Great episode overall, gonna miss Lyra and Khoury, but now here comes HGSS soon! ^^

Looking forward to next week's episode.


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I LOVED the Matrix-style Mach Punch by Monferno XD

Why the hell do they fly around in Blimps? That must take forever, get a damn plane XD


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It was a great episode. We have a tag battle between Ash and Dawn and Lyra and Correy (I perfer this name over Khoury). It was a great tag battle, and Monferno and Cyndaquil win in the end. Lyra and Correy go home at the end, I hope we see them again someday.


It's the epic tag battle between starter pokemons. It would've been funny if the sound clip of Captain Falcon saying "Falcon Punch" was used for Monferno's Mach Punch on Croconaw Matrix-style. That would fit perfectly. I'm gonna miss Lyra and her pearlshipping hints.


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I thought this was one of the better episodes in a long time. The battle was really well done, much better than they've been lately. It actually seemed like how a real battle would be, rather than one team attacking the other getting hit and vice versa.
It was an overall decent episode. the animation superb during the tag battle; the fight sequence for Monferno going Matrix style was unbelievably awesome. I really enjoyed having those two during the five weeks and hopefully we'll at least see them again in a future episode like them watching Ash's Sinnoh League battle. The background music was crystal clear to me and I recognized most of the tunes. Anyone else catch them?


It was a great episode. We have a tag battle between Ash and Dawn and Lyra and Correy (I perfer this name over Khoury). It was a great tag battle, and Monferno and Cyndaquil win in the end. Lyra and Correy go home at the end, I hope we see them again someday.

Wow, so do I. I don't like how his name is spelled in the anime, I prefer the basic form :S

I think it was a good episode to showcase the final moments of Lyra and Corey, but I have mixed feelings about their departure. On the one hand, we'll finally start hearing Dawn and not "Dane" and we also get to move on with the story a bit. But both Lyra and Corey were a breath of fresh air and I don't think we'll meet characters like them very often from now one. It's difficult to describe my feelings for this episode :(


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It was a cool episode. Team Rocket was kind of annoying, but I doubt the tag battle could have gone on an entire episode, so I guess its okay that TR interupted the twerps before they could begin. Cyndaquil and Monferno made a cool team, but Chikorita and Croconaw did a good job as well. Lyra and Khoury are really cool, so maybe they'll come back someday. Now lets see how Brock uses his new Pokegear. It'll probably replace that Sinnoh travel guide book he uses, but lets see if he uses it for anything else.


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Unfortunately, this is bye bye for both characters, they were great while they joined the cast, Lyra the most, but Khoury had good interaction with both Ash and Dawn as well, earning respect too because he is smart, Lyra feels something for him :p. She wants Khoury for something more than a travel companion, however silly Ash shouts out something related to friendship when he hears it.

I wish we get at least one cameo from Lyra in the future, perhaps of her performance at the league?

That poor Chikorita of hers got beaten in both of her battles though lol. Lyra had at least some kind of strategy, when i first saw it i just thought she was crazy. Too bad it didn't work out because Ash and Dawn are broken, well at lest it was a great tag battle (unlike some others in the show).

I hope they call DANE someday with that pokegear lol. I wish Dawn called Lyra "Laura" or something once just as a come back!
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Hooray, Lyra and Khoury are leaving. I applaud the animator of this episode for that wonderful Mach Punch Monferno delivered to Croc at the end of the battle. I kept yelling out "I'm going to beat you with angles!" at my sister and brother while we were watching playing cards. Oh, and the Flame Wheel/Flamethrower combo was nice too.


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A pretty decent episode!

While it is true that the TR chase demonstrated that the writers obviously didn't have too much ideas for this episode when they wrote the screenplay, this first part of the episode wasn't that bad either, but in fact pretty entertaining. It wasn't just the old pattern (TR steals the twerps' Pokemon - they get away - Ash and Co find them after a few minutes with ease - Ash destroys their mecha- TR blasts off again), but this time it was extraordinarily hard for our heroes to locate and finally defeat the Rocket trio. Really, I was OK with the first part!

As for the tag battle: On the one hand it was certainly an impressive and interesting battle with regard to strategic battling (I analyzed it closely), but on the other hand it also had its illogical moments:
Cindaquill (a newly-hatched!! Pokemon) taking so much damage just wasn't acceptable. After being hit by Croconaw's Hydropump it should have been KO at the very latest.
Having barely trained Pokemon appear so strong just to showcase them is not right and betrayal of the audience if you ask me.:dodgy:

But nevertheless, I agree with you that Monferno's Matrix-like Mach Punch scene was the unquestionable highlight of today's episode! Brilliant animation! Keep it up!

Heh. 4piece.
So yeah, getting away from music for a bit; that Mach Punch Monferno fed Croconaw. Definately beats out that staircase scene from the Unown ruins, huh? I don't think anything on the show has ever looked that good.
Just wait for the third episode of the Galactic finale. The scene in which Cyrus is apathetically walking towards that new dimension and the subsequent explosion is the best and most impressive thing I've ever seen on the Pokemon Anime (of course, after the appearance of Her Majesty, the unsurpassable Cynthia herself :unworthy:) and it's even better than Monferno's Mach Punch- scene

All in all, a decent entertaining episode. Goodbye Lyra and Khoury! Time with you sure was fun!

6.5/ 7 out of 10 points

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This episode was good. All I have to say is that the battle was very intense.


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it was actually a good episode and not one of the episodes that have no meaning and are made just to buy time (for me at least) -.-

Anyways, that monferno mach punch has to be a favorite out of the episode, it was so strong and powerfull and 3-D and with momentum which is really nice.

totodile evolving is nice too, its good to see pokemon evolve really XD
the airport scene was great for me, the violin music, the workers walking by, the ballons, far range camera view, all very, very good.

seeing the future plans of the team, remembering whitney and morty, seeing khoury get stronger, the departure and everything was great.


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Decent episode. I just watched this. Seeing Whitney and Morty were cool, and the battle in the second half of the episode was good. Featuring all starters, three from Johto and one from Sinnoh. It was weird for a bit that Cyndaquil could still battle after taking heavy water damage from Totodile/Croconaw and grass damage from Chikorita.
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I watched this episode, great background music.

I also loved Moferno's Much Punch in the end, one of the best moments in the battle.


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I watched it earlier, and I have to say, I honestly thought Khoury and Lyra were going to start kissing at the end right before they took that plane/blimp thing.

The tag battle was good, but Lyra/Khoury should have won. For Cyndaquils first battle, it was already ready to fight, even though I thought all Cyndaquils have trouble getting their fire going early on, or maybe that's just Ash's Cyndaquil. Totodile evolving was ok, but it felt like the show is ramming HGSS down our throats now. That's the first time I've ever seen Brock, or any of the main cast, remember a gym leader they've already met, but someone is going to battle.

Its really annoying how Lyra keeps calling her Dane, come on, someone correct her!


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I was kinda hoping that Kotone/Khoury would take a train back to Johto, so they could reference the Magnet Train, and cram some more HGSS down our throats, but if they took a train, it would be difficult to explain how it got there, and it may link Johto/Sinnoh by land somehow, causing more confusion, and more people saying "ZOMG Sinnoh iz liek n3xt t0 j0ht0, GF w1ll m@k3 a g@m3 wid @LL teh regionz OMG OMG OMG!!!!!"

Not fun. At all.