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Ash & Dawn! Tag Battle! (615)


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Excellent episode. One of the best episode that was properly made.

The colosseum scenery was a great place for a last get together location and a battle.

In a long time, TR have finally made a carefully thought out plan to almost getting away with snagging some Pokemon. The decoy mech was something that I never though TR would have done in years. Finally an exploding mech that was actually put into good use. I give TR props for this round.

The double battle between Dawn/Ash and Khoury/Lyra was well done. There was a lot of strategic/synchronizing activity going on in this double battle. Such as Lightscreen being used other than solo battles, Monferno helping out Cyndaquils Smokescreen for cover up, Totodile charging while Chikorita powers up with Solarbeam, Monferno Digging and taking Cyndaquil with him, and powering up Cydaquils Flamewheel with Flamthower. Double battles like this always make things very interesting.

I have to agree with most people here, Cyndaquil being overpowered when it was newly hatched. Hydropump should had took him down.

Tododile evolving into Croconaw was a nice touch for an awesome battle. Still, evolving wasn't enough to win the battle.

And lets not forget that awesome matrix panning camera view with Monfernos Machpunch. Epic.

I guess being the last episode of the Johto arc, they went full out details on this one.

At the airport, I was hoping for a plane, not a blimp. =/
Blimps are the slowest flying vehicles. Will take days to reach their destination in that antique.

Great to see Khoury gifting Brock a Pokegear. I just hope we will be able to see Khoury and Lyra somewhere along their adventures. I'm going to miss those two.

Overall, Excellent episode. 8/10.

Time for HG and SS
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This is quite a good episode and the tag battle was great. The only thing what I disagree about this episode is that Brock refers to Dialga and Palkia as Sinnoh Pokemon. They are supposed to represent time and space so are therefore universal pokemon, not Sinnoh Pokemon.


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aww that was a great episode. Loved the battle and Totadile evolving. And the little Lyra/Kjory scene although Ash friendship yeah right hes so dense lol
That scene at the end was quite cute though it made me tear up a bit. Hope we see Lyra again sometime in a cameo maybe she was a good character


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If I wouldn't have watched the Japanese episode and looked through the pictures then I would've thought that Ash and Dawn were going to lose. Lyra and Khoury were kicking some butt. It was nice to see cyndaquil in a battle with monferno. They worked well together. Overall a really good episode and Brock got a pokegear! I wonder if Khoury will ever call Brock like he said he would?


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I would probably go so far as to call this episode by favorite Pokemon episode to date that has aired in the US(tied with DP146 actually). Dawn's Cyndaquil probably should gotten knocked out by Khoury's Croconaw's Hydro Pump. I could most likely guarantee, though. that Croconaw's Aqua Tail would have knocked out Cyndaquil. I would still call this episode a favorite though.


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This is probably my favorite episode of this season (so far). TR finally had a good plan for once, and the decoy was pretty surprising. I enjoyed the battle very much, especially when the Johto music was playing at the beginning.

I can honestly say the animation has improved A LOT. There were some sweet camera angles during the battle.


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Wow! What a great episode. The Double Battle was incredible and Monferno's Mach Punch on Croconaw was EPIC! I loved this episode, easily one of my favorites.


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TR were in good form after the contest glory. Decoy mech was a great idea and finally made use of an exploding mech. Only the water pokemon gave them away in the end. Poor TR...
Onto the a wonderfully animated battle. Water and Fire moves looked pristine and the was only one cheap moment. Cyndaquil taking that Hydro Pump. The way I see it it should have gone like this:

Cynda dodged the Hydro Pump but Monferno took it.
Cynda used Flame Wheel but was KOed by the Croc's Hydro Pump. The Embers of the Flame Wheel then superpowered Monferno's Flamethrower for the KO on Chikorita.
Monferno dodges an Aqua Tail with Dig and, after coming out, proceeds to matrix Falcon PAWNCH Croconaw.

Khoury got an amazing amount of development in the five episodes. A capture, a passion and an evo for his starter. Lyra's shipping hints were enough for her.
And then they leave, dang. The group seems empty without them but the end of the saga must come. Bye Lyra and Khoury, you began a series of quality episodes and it was enyoyable while it lasted.

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That was a nice battle.... fire type team victory


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Awesome episode, Team Rocket were on top form with their Drapion decoy robot thingy. Ace Detective Khoury was cool x-).

Tag battle was really fun, nice to see some cool strategies being devised right before our eyes. Lyra using Light Screen was pretty neat. Nice to see Cyndaquil in its first proper battle - and it did well for itself. Monferno's epic punch on Croconaw (all Matrix-y or whatever) was amazing. Animation was great in this episode.

Sad to see Lyra and Khoury leaving, I loved them both. Nice to see that Brock got himself a Pokégear - a forever reminder of his Johto friends.


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Cory's Totodile evolve into Croconaw. It was cool to see Cyndaquil be able to take a Hydro Pump and Aqua Tail and still go on with the battle. The Flame Wheel+Flamethrower combo was great! It was great to see that Ash and Dawn won the Double Battle, too bad Lyra and Cory left to go to Johto afterwards.



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This episode like all the other Johto themed episodes was good.It was odd that Dawn chose Cyndaquil to battle since it just hatched,but I guess it was to test out its strengh. Really cool to see Totodile evolving. I think at the end Monferno's Mach punch was so epic. I didn't want Cory and Lyra too leave. Hopefully we will see them in the future.


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Love the episode, tag battles are alwayse awesome! Croconaw is my favorite water second line starter, glad to see him too! Monferno is also really awesome =3


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Okay, why was the dub name of this episode never put on?

Anyway, this episode was a good conclusion to the Lyra/Korey arc. At least Korey's totodile evolved before they headed back for Johto. The episode isn't too special, but I did like Team Rocket fooling the twerps with a decoy robot tunneling under the ground, and LOL'd at all the pokemon jumping in the air in surprise as it passed underneath them.



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Five episodes, and it seemed like Brock was not there. Maybe it's because he didn't battle too. I'm going to miss these two.

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I hate how obviously neglected Brock is in this episode. Usually it's pretty tactful, but this time around it's just "Let's split up! Dawn and only Dawn, follow me!" Poor Brock, left with the CODs. Khoury also barely spoke to Brock for someone who claimed to be mentoring under him.

Also, I marvel that four four episodes straight Dawn was Dane and perfectly fine with it.
I guess the Pokemon world hasn't heard of airplanes (like, full-size planes). It seems all that's used for air travel are blimps.


I liked the Morty & Whitney cameo even though we should've seen them in their HGSS clothes. I'm glad Ash & Dawn won. 7/10