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Ash & Dawn! Tag Battle! (615)


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I loved this episode I love that Ash and Dawn showed why they are the best tag team between him and the other female companions

Mrs. Oreo

I liked the coliseum setting here and seeing the three Johto starters battle was cool. Totodile evolving into Croconaw made me miss Ash's own Totodile, tho I was sad when Lyra and Khoury left. :[


The Jouto mini-arc that essentially existed to boost HeartGold and SoulSilver sales came to an end here, and I couldn't have been happier because: a) Kazunari's Waninoko evolved and, b) Kazunari and Kotone left the DP group, and that was a relief. I was getting annoyed by Kotone's bubbly nature, so good riddance to her.
As a huge Johto fan, seeing Lyra and the Johto Pokemon she owned leave made me feel a bit sad. I liked the tag battle at the end though. :)
While it's true that the TR chase scene demonstrated that the writers obviously didn't have too much ideas for this episode when they wrote the screenplay, this first part of the episode wasn't that bad either, but in fact pretty entertaining.


The TR parts wasn't anything too special, other than the awesome motto. The Lyra/Khoury bits was cute and the Pokemon world really relies too much on blimps. All in all this was a decent farewell ep for two good characters.

Mrs. Oreo

b) Kazunari and Kotone left the DP group, and that was a relief. I was getting annoyed by Kotone's bubbly nature, so good riddance to her.

I kind of felt that Lyra at least added more personality to the Dp cast, which was lacking for the most part in my opinion. Khoury wasn't much help tho, so his departure here didn't leave as big of an impression on me. ^^;
One thing that I found annoying from this episode was how we saw Whitney and Morty with their G/S/C style designs when Lyra was talking about them. Like, why didn't we see heir HG/SS designs like we saw Clair's in the Johto festival episode? :/


In hindsight, I wonder why Kazunari's Waninoko evolved here at the end of the HG/SS mini-arc since it didn't get much time to shine as an Alligates. The evolution shouldn't have been delayed this long.


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This episode ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be. Even though I did kinda know who would win the match, we got some awesome scenes especially Monferno's Mach Punch finish.


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Kind of sad to see Lyra and her boy friend leave after they spent a few weeks traveling with Ash and co. I thought that them wanting to have one last battle with Ash and Dawn was just an excuse to show Khourey's Croconaw so more.