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Ash Fan-Idea Pokemon Team.


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I've making a fan idea of Ash's Pokemon team.
With changing Ash's Pokemon Team for this Series


Pikachu (Type: Electric) Move used: Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, Agility, Quick Attack, Thunder, Double-Edge, Tackle, Leer, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle and Electro Ball.

Pidgey(Type: Normal/Flying)Move used: Gust, Sand Attack, Wing Attack and Fly

Rattata/Raticate (Type: Normal) Move used: Tackle, Hyper Fang, Super Fang and Mud Slap

Spearow/Fearow (Type: Normal/Flying) Move used: Peck, Fury Attack, Razor Wind, Double Team and Drill Peck

Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree (Type: Bug/Flying) Move used: String Shot, Tackle, Harden, Sleep Powder, Whirlwind and Stun Spore

Pidgeot/Pidgeot/Mega Pidgeot (Type: Normal/Flying) Move used: Gust, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Double-Edge Aerial Ace and Air Slash

Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill/Mega Beedrill (Type: Bug/Poison) Move used: Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden, Twineedle, Solar-Beam, Knock Off, Fell Stinger and Fury Attack

Clefairy/Clefable (Type: Fairy) Move used: Metronome, Pound, Mega Kick, Rage, Moonlight, Meteor Mash and Hyper Beam

Zubat/Gobat/Crobat (Type: Poison/Flying) Move used: Supersonic, Wing Attack, Bite, Bide, Toxic, Haze, Swift, Air Cutter, Sludge Bomb, Aerial Ace and Cross Poison

Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume (Type: Grass/Poison) Move used: Absorb, Take Down, Petal Dance, Solar-Beam, Toxic, Giga Drain and Petal Blizzard

Bulbasaur (Type: Grass/Poison) Move used: Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Solar Beam, Sleep Powder, Take Down and Dig.

Charmander/Charmelon/Charizard/Mega Charizard Y (Type: Fire/Flying) Move used: Flamethrower, Leer, Rage, Skull Bash, Ember, Fire Spin, Submission, Seismic Toss, Mega Punch, Dragon Rage, Take Down, Tackle, DragonBreath, Overheat, Steel Wing, Wing Attack, Slash, Dragon Tail and Power-Up Punch

Squirtle/Wartorle/Blastoise/Mega Blastoise (Type: Water) Move used: Water Gun, Skull Bash, Tackle, Withdraw, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, Bubble, Rapid Spin and Dragon Pulse

Krabby/Kingler (Type: Water) Move used: Harden, ViceGrip, Leer, Stomp, Water Gun, Bubble, Crabhammer, Hyper Beam and Metal Claw.

Magikarp/Gyarados-Mega Gyarados (Type: Water/Flying) Move used: Splash, Tackle, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Twister, Ice Fang and Flamethrower

Tentacool/Tentacruel (Type: Water/Poison) Move used: Water Gun, Acid, Wrap, Screech, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump and Ice Beam

Gastly/Haunter/Gengar/Mega Gengar (Type: Ghost/Poison) Move used: Lick, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch and Hex

Mankey/Primeape (Type: Fighting) Move used: Thrash, Scratch, Mega Kick and Seismic Toss

Hitmonchan(Type: Fighting) Move used: Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Thunder Punch and Focus Punch

Hitmonlee(Type: Fighting) Move used: Mega Kick, High Jump Kick, Rolling Kick and Brick Break

Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone (Type: Electric/Steel) Move used: Thunderbolt, Take Down, Swift, Teleport, Zap Cannon, Lock-On and Magnet Bomb

Grimer(Type: Poison) Move used: Poison Gas, Bide and Sludge

Muk (Type: Poison) Move used: Body Slam, Poison Gas, Sludge Bomb, Gunk Shot, Hyper Beam and Venom Drench.

Diglett/Dugtrio (Type: Ground) Move used: Dig, Sand Attack, Earthquake, Tri Attack and Mud Bomb

Voltrob/Electrode (Type: Electric) Move used: Self-Destruct, Tackle, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Light Screen, Rollout and Gyro Ball

Ponyta/Rapidash (Type: Fire) Move used: Stomp, Ember, Fury Attack, Overheat, Take Down, Flamethrower and Flare Blitz

Rhyhorn/Rhydon/Rhyperior (Type: Rock/Ground) Move used: Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Stomp, Fury Attack, Fire Blast, Megahorn and Rock Wreaker (Kept in Safari Ball)

Nidoran♂/Nidorino/Nidoking (Type: Poison/Ground) Move used: Tackle, Horn Attack, Poison Sting, Double Kick, Rage, Skull Bash, Water Gun and Dynamic Punch (Kept in Safari Ball)

Nidoran ♀/Nidorina/Nidoqueen(Type: Poison/Ground) Move used: Tackle, Scratch, Poison Sting, Double Kick, Fury Swipes, Sludge Bomb, Rock Smash, Toxic Spikes and Sludge Wave(Kept in Safari Ball)

Tauros (x30) (Type: Normal) Move used: Fissure, Take Down, Horn Attack and Double Team. (Kept in Safari Ball)

Exeggcute/Exeggutor Type: (Grass/Psychic) Move used: Hypnosis, Egg Bomb, Mega Drain, Secret Power, Mimic and Barrage (Kept in Safari Ball)

Kangaskhan-Mega Kangaskhan(Type: Normal) Move used: Dizzy Punch, Mega Punch, Comet Punch, Rock Smash and Focus Blast (Kept in Safari Ball)

Venomoth (Type: Bug/Poison) Move used: Tackle, Stun Spore, Psybeam, Leech Life, Gust, Double Team and Sliver Wind (Kept in Safari Ball)

Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite(Type: Dragon/Flying) Move used: Dragon Rage, Slam, Ice Beam, Skull Bash, Dragon-Breath, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam and Draco Meteor(Kept in Safari Ball)

Ditto (Type: Normal) Move used: Transform

Porygon/Porygon2/Porygon Z (Type: Normal) Move used: Sharpen, Tackle, Conversion, Conversion 2, Headbutt, Psybeam, Tri Attack and Hyper Beam

Eevee/Jolteon (Type: Electric) Move used: Tackle, Bite, Quick Attack, Hidden Power, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Pin Missile and Shadow Ball

Eevee/Vaporeon (Type: Water) Move used: Tackle, Bite, Quick Attack, Hidden Power, Water Gun, Acid Armour, Muddy Water and Hydro Pump

Eevee/Flareon (Type: Fire) Move used: Tackle, Bite, Quick Attack, Hidden Power, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam and Fire Blast

Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam/Mega Alakazam (Type: Psychic) Move used: Psywave, Teleport, Psychic, Mega Punch Psybeam and Psycho Cut

Paras/Parasect(Type: Bug/Grass) Move used: Spore, Stun Spore, Slash, Giga Drain, Cross Poison and Struggle Bug

Omanyte/Omastar (Type Rock/Water) Move used: Water Gun, Blizzard, Horn Attack, Icy Wind, Whirlpool, Spike Cannon and Hydro Pump

Kabuto/Kabutops (Type: Water/Rock) Move used: Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, Slash, Hydro Pump, Take Down, Rock Slide, Aqua Jet, Water Pulse and Night Slash

Aerodactyl/Mega Aerodactyl (Type: Rock/Flying) Move used: Sky Attack, Hyper Beam, Dragon Breath, Wing Attack, Ancient-Power and Aerial Ace

Mr. Mime (Type: Psychic/Fairy) Move used: Barrier, Light Screen, Psychic, Skull Bash and Mimic

Shellder/Cloyster (Type: Water/Ice) Move used: Water Gun, Clamp, Blizzard, Double Edge, Icicle Spear and Aurora Beam

Jynx: (Type: Ice/Psychic) Move used: Lovely Kiss, Ice Punch, Psychic, Psywave and Avalanche

Scyther/Scizor/Mega Scisor (Type: Bug/Steel) Move used: Slash, Sword Dance, Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Double Team, X-Scissor and Bullet Punch

Slowpoke/Slowbro/Mega Slowbro (Type: Water/Psychic) Move used: Water Gun, Confusion, Amnesia, Mega Punch, Return, Psyshock, Water Pulse and Hyper Beam

Tangela/Tangrowth (Type: Grass) Move used: Constrict, Vine Whip, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Bullet Seed, Sunny Day, Ancient Power and Solar-Beam

Orange Island

Lapras (Type: Water/Ice) Move used: Ice Beam and Water Gun

Snorlax (Type: Normal) Move used: Body Slam, Headbutt, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Tackle, Harden and Rest.


Heracross (Type: Bug/Fighting) Move used: Tackle, Horn Attack, Endure, Leer, Take Down, Fury Attack, Megahorn, Sleep Talk, Focus Punch and Hyper Beam.

Chikorita/Bayleef (Type: Grass) Move used: Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Tackle, Sweet Scent, Body Slam and Headbutt.

Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion (Type: Fire) Move used: Flamethrower, Tackle, Agility, Smokescreen, Quick Attack, Swift, Flame Wheel, Eruption, Aerial Ace and Blast Burn.

Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr (Type: Water) Move used: Scratch, Bite, Water Gun, Headbutt, Scary Face, Slash, Ice Fang and Hydro Cannon. (Kept in Lure Ball)

Noctowl (Shiny) (Type: Normal/Flying) Move used: Peck Hypnosis, Foresight, Gust, Tackle, Confusion, Sky Attack, Air Slash and Extrasensory.

Houndour/Houndoom/Mega Houndoom: (Type: Dark/Fire) Move used: Flamethrower, Smog, Swift, Bite, Fire Fang, Hyper Beam and Dark Pulse

Pinsir/Mega Pinsir (Type: Bug) (Kept in Park/Sport Ball) Move used: Vice Grip, Seismic Toss, Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, Hyper Beam and Struggle Bug

Seaking (Type: Water) Move used: Horn Attack, Waterfall, Icy Wind, Supersonic, Megahorn and Signal Beam

Shuckle (Type: Bug/Rock) Move used: Constrict, Bide, Earthquake, Façade, Sludge Bomb and Bug Bite

Murkrow/Honchkrow (Type: Dark/Flying) Move used: Peck, Mean Look, Mud Slap, Double Team, Aerial Ace, Dark Pulse and Night Slash

Remoraid/Octillery (Type: Water) Move used: Water Gun, Psybeam, Toxic, Lock-on, Water Pulse, Octazooka, Ice Beam and Hydro Pump

Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire (Type: Electric) Move used: Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch, Zap Cannon, Psychic, Protect and Charge Beam

Egg/Phanpy/Donphan (Type: Ground) Move used: Tackle, Rollout, Take Down, Defense Curl, Earthquake, Hidden Power and Hyper Beam

Tyrogue/Hitmontop (Type: Fighting) Move used: Tackle, Detect, Triple Kick, Rapid Spin, Protect, Quick Attack, Rolling Kick and Low Sweep

Magby/Magmar/Magmortar Move used: Smog, Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Fire Punch, Smokescreen, Laver Plume and Giga Impact

Egg/ Larvitar-Pupitar-Tyranitar-Mega Tyraniter (Type: Rock/Dark) Move used: Screech, Hidden Power, Harden, Bite and Dig

Sneasel/Weavile (Type: Dark/Ice) Move used: Shadow Ball, Slash, Feint Attack and Surf (Kept in Fast Ball)


Taillow/Swellow (Type: Normal/Flying) Move used: Peck Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace and Double Team.

Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile (Type: Grass) Move used: Pound, Quick Attack, Bullet Seed, Leaf Blade, Solar Beam, Agility and Leaf Storm

Zigzagoon/Linoone (Type: Normal) Move used: Tackle, Headbutt, Sand Attack, Pin Missile, Slash and Rock Smash

Poochyena/Mightyena (Type: Dark) Move used: Tackle, Sand Attack, Bite, Take Down, Shadow Ball, Howl, Dark Pulse and Assurance

Aron/Lairon/Aggron (Type: Steel/Rock) Move used: Metal Claw, Take Down, Tackle, Protect, Hyper Beam, Focus Punch, Rock Slide and Ice Beam

Corphish/Crawdaunt (Type: Water/Dark) Move used: Crabhammer, Bubble Beam, Vice Grip, Harden, Night Slash and Scald

Carvanha/Sharpedo/Mega Sharpedo (Type: Dark/Water) Move used: Bite, Hydro Pump, Surf, Crunch, Leer, Skull Bash and Hyper Beam

Sableye/Mega Sableye (Type: Dark/Ghost) Move used: Lick, Fury Swipes, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Power Gem and Payback

Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shiftry (Type: Grass/Dark) Move used: Bide, Harden, Sunny Day, Nature Power, Extrasensory and Solar-Beam.

Nincada/Ninjask (Type: Bug/Flying) Move used: Fury Swipes, Sand Attack, Double Team, Leech Life, Fury Cutter, Agility and X-Scissor

Shedinja (Type: Bug/Ghost) Move used: Solar-Beam, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray and Shadow Sneak

Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence/Mega Salamence (Type: Dragon/Flying) Move used: Ember, Headbutt, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Double Team, Thunder Fang and Outrage

Numel/Camerupt/Mega Camerupt (Type: Fire/Ground) Move used: Ember, Tackle, Overheat, Flamethrower, Body Slam, Iron Head and Eruption

Torkoal (Type: Fire) Move used: Flamethrower, Overheat, Iron Defence, Body Slam and Heat Wave

Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon (Type: Ground/Dragon) Move used: Bite, Sand Attack, Sand Tomb, Screech, Dragon Claw, Twister, Dig and Dragon Tail

Baltoy/Claydol (Type: Ground/Psychic) Move used: Rapid Spin, Harden, Psybeam, Confusion, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Psychic and Gyro Ball

Spoink/Grumpig (Type: Psychic) Move used: Psychic, Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Magic Coat and Hyper Beam

Shuppet/Banette/Mega Banette (Type: Ghost) Move used: Psychic, Will-O-Wisp, Night Shade, Screech, Shadow Ball, Hex and Phantom Force

Breloom (Type: Grass/Fighting) Move used: Mach Punch, Solar Beam, Stun Powder, Seismic Toss, Grass Knot and Dynamic Punch

Castform (Type: Normal) Move used: Weather Ball, Rain Dance, Hail and Hidden Power

Anorith/Armaldo (Type: Rock/Bug) Move used: Water Gun, Rock Blast, Slash, Strength and Rock Slide

Absol/Mega Absol (Type: Dark) Move used: Hyper Beam, Bite, Razor Wind, Psycho Cut and Snarl

Snorunt/Glalie (Type: Ice) Move used: Icy Wind, Double Team, Headbutt, Ice Beam, Leer, Freeze-Dry and Frost Breath

Ralts/Kirlia/Gallade/Mega Gallade (Type: Psychic/Fighting) Move used: Confusion, Teleport, Future Sight, Psychic, Magical Leaf, Signal Beam, Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball

Beldum/Metang/Metagross/Mega Metagross (Type: Steel/Psychic) Move used: Take Down, Confusion, Meteor Mash, Metal Claw, Magnet Rise and Psychic.

Battle Frontier

Aipom(Type: Normal) Move used: Scratch, Swift, Focus Punch and Double Team (Later got Trade For Buizel)


Starly/Staravia/Staraptor (Type: Normal/Flying) Move used: Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Whirlwind, Aerial Ace, Gust, Brave Bird and Close Combat

Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra (Type: Grass/Ground) Move used: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Bite, Synthesis, Energy Ball, Rock Climb and Leaf Storm

Shinx/Luxio/Luxray (Type: Electric) Move used: Tackle, Leer, Spark, Thunder Fang, Roar, Shock Wave, Discharge and Hyper Beam

Cranidos/Rampardos (Type: Rock) Move used: Headbutt, Ice Beam, Zen Headbutt, Screech, Head Smash and Chip Away

Shieldon/Bastiodon (Type: Rock/Steel) Move used: Iron Defence, Take Down, Metal Sound, Iron Head, Stone Edge and Metal Burst

Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape (Type: Fire/Fighting) Move used: Ember, Flame Wheel, Scratch, Dig, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Mach Punch and Flare Blitz

Buizel (Type: Water) Move used: Water Gun, Aqua Jet, Sonic Boom, Water Pulse and Ice Punch

Spiritomb (Type: Ghost/Dark) Move used: Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse and Giga Impact

Gligar/Gliscor (Type: Ground/Flying Type) Move used: X-Scissor, Sand Attack, Steel Wing, Screech, Fire Fang, Giga Impact and Stone Edge

Hippopotas/Hippowdon (Type: Ground) Move used: Yawn, Sand Attack, Sand Tomb, Sandstorm, Dig, Hyper Beam and Stealth Rock

Skorupi/Drapion (Type: Poison/Dark) Move used: Cross Poison, Pin Missile, Flash, Poison Fang and Venoshock (Kept in Safari Ball)

Bibarel (Type: Normal/Water) Move used: Water Gun, Hyper Fang, Focus Punch and Substitute (Kept in Safari Ball)

Budew/Roselia/Roserade (Type: Grass/Poison) Move used: Stun Spore, Bullet Seed, Mega Drain, Petal Dance, Toxic, Solar-Beam and Weather Ball

Mantyke/Mantine (Type: Water/Flying) Move used: Bubble, Wing Attack, Haze, Tackle, Bubble-Beam, Psybeam and Hydro Pump

Bonzor/Bronzong (Type: Steel/Psychic) Move used: Tackle, Gyro Ball, Flash Cannon, Hypnosis, Psychic and Heavy Slam

Riolu/Lucario/Mega Lucario (Type: Fighting/Steel) Move used: Quick Attack, Copycat, Endure, Aura Sphere, Drain Punch, Force Palm and Bone Rush

Snover/Abomasnow/Mega Abomasnow (Type: Grass/Ice) Move used: Powder Snow, Grass Knot, Ingrain, Grass Whistle, Wood Hammer, Ice Shard and Ice Punch

Gible/Gabite/Garchomp/Mega Garchomp (Type: Dragon/Ground) Move used: Dig, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Rock Smash and Dragon Rush


Deerling/Sawsbuck (Type: Normal/Grass) Move used: Tackle, Double Kick, Aromatherapy, Horn Leech and Energy Ball

Pidove/Tranquill/Unfezant: (Type: Normal/Flying) Move used: Gust, Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Wing Attack and Aerial Ace.

Oshawott (Type: Water) Move used: Water Gun, Tackle, Razor Shell, Aqua Jet and Hydro Pump

Tepig/Pignite (Type: Fire/Fighting) Move used: Ember, Tackle, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Fire Pledge and Brick Break.

Snivy (Type: Grass) Move used: Attract, Vine Whip, Leaf Storm and Leaf Blade.

Egg/Scraggy/Scrafty (Type: Dark/Fighting) Move used: Leer, Headbutt, Hi Jump Kick, Focus Blast, Thunder Punch and Crunch

Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny (Type: Bug/Grass) Move used: String Shot, Razor Leaf, Tackle Bug Bite, Energy Ball and X-Scissor

Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede (Type: Bug/Poison) Move used: Screech, Sludge Bomb, Iron Defence, Steamroller and Poison Tail

Cottonee/Whimsicott: (Type Grass/Fairy) Move used: Cotton Spore, Stun Spore, Razor Leaf, Energy Ball, Cotton Guard and Moonblast

Palpitoad (Type: Water/Ground) Move used: Mud Shot, Hydro Pump, Supersonic and Sludge Wave

Roggenrola/Boldore/Gigalith (Type: Rock) Move used: Sandstorm, Stone Edge, Flash Cannon, Rock Blast, Rock Smash and Power Gem

Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon (Type: Dark/Dragon) Move used: Tackle, Bite, Work Up, Dragon-Breath, Double Hit, Tri-Attack, Dragon Rush and Draco Meteor

Joltik/Galvantula (Type: Bug/Electric) Move used: Thunder Wave, Electroweb, Charge Beam and Bug Buzz

Sigilyph (Type: Psychic/Flying) Move used: Psybeam, Mirror Move and Hypnosis

Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile (Type: Ground/Dark) Move used: Dig, Bite, Stone Edge, Crunch, Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace

Onix/Steelix/Mega Steelix (Type: Ground/Steel) Move used: Rock Throw, Dig, Stone Edge, Autotomize, Iron Head and Dragon Tail

Cubone/Marowak (Type: Ground) Move used: Boomerang, Bone Club, Echoed Voice and Rest

Tynamo/Eelekreik (Type: Electric) Move used: Spark, Tackle, Zap Cannon and Wild Charge (Kept in Great Ball)

Klang (Type: Steel) Move used: Mirror Shot, Lock-on, Gear Grind and Hyper Beam (Kept in Ultra Ball)

Teddiursa (Type: Normal) Move used: Slash, Fire Punch, Hidden Power and Feint Attack (Kept in Premier Ball)

Solrock (Type: Rock/Psychic) Move used Psychic, Rock Throw, Reflect and Solar-Beam (Kept in Repeat Ball)

Lunatone (Type: Rock/Psychic) Move used: Psychic, Rock Tomb, Light Screen and Ice Beam (Kept in Timer Ball)

Tropius (Type: Grass/Flying) Move used: Magical Leaf, Leaf Tornado, Aerial Ace and Grass Knot (Kept in Nest Ball)

Spinarak/Ariados(Type: Bug/Poison) Move used: Spider Web, Signal Beam, Cross Poison and Struggle Bug (Kept in Net Ball)

Seadra/Kingdra (Type: Water/Dragon) Move used: Dragon Pulse, Scald and Hydro Pump (Kept in Dive Ball)

Sandshrew (Type: Ground) Move used Swift, Rapid Spin, Shadow Claw and Slash (Kept in Luxury Ball)

Solosis/Duosion/Reuniclus (Type: Psychic) Move used: Psychock, Recover, Psywave and Dizzy Punch (Kept in Heal Ball)

Growlieth/Arcanine (Type: Fire) Move used: Flame Wheel, Flame Burst, Extreme Speed and Iron Head (Kept in Quick Ball)

Duskull/Dusclops/Dusknoir (Type: Ghost) Move used: Hex, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Night Shade (Kept in Dusk Ball)

Moltres (Type: Fire/Flying) Move used: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Wing Attack and Overheat. (Kept in Master Ball)

Dunsparce (Type: Normal) Move used: Screech, Drill Run and Ancient Power


Froakie/Frogadier (Type: Water) Move used: Water Pulse, Bubble, Pound, Double Team, Cut, and Aerial Ace.

Fletchling/Fletchinder (Type: Fire/Flying) Move used: Double Team, Peck, Razor Wind, Steel Wing, and Flame Charge.

Scutterbug/Spewpa/Viviillon (Type: Bug/Flying) Move used: Tackle, Protect, String Shot, Safeguard and Stun Spore

Tyrunt/Tyrantrum (Type: Rock/Dragon) Move used: Tackle, Stealth Rock, Rock Smash, Ancient Power and Head Smash

Skerlp/Dragalge (Type: Poison/Dragon) Move used: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Poison Tail, Aqua Tail and Hydro Pump

Hawlucha (Type: Fighting/Flying) Move used: Flying Press, Karate Chop, High Jump Kick and X-Scissor.

Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra (Type: Dragon) Move used: Rain Dance, Bide, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse and Ice Beam

Noibat/Noivern (Type: Flying/Dragon) Move used: Supersonic, Tackle, Dragon Pulse, Boomburst and Giga Impact

Honedge/Doublade/Aegislash (Type: Ghost/Steel) Move used: Slash, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, King Shield and Giga Impact (Kept in Dusk Ball)
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