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Ash in future regionals

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Dont forget theres also the champions league for people who win the proper league, so Ash if Ash DOES win the league he'll probs do that and fail, and have that to aim for.


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What's so wrong with Top 16? That makes him the sixteenth best trainer to travel the Isshu region that saga. That's a pretty great accomplishment in and of itself. I myself would feel honored to make Top 16 even if I had made the Top 4 just a year earlier.

Its the fact that he's been doing better and better, and then suddenly doing worse.


Ash reached higher in Sinnoh because it was a culmination of his previous experiences in Hoenn (especially from Frontier) and Johto. As all of you said, Ash is starting off with a clean slate in Isshu without any of the old pokemon except Pika.
You have to take the "good" with the "bad"; you're getting Dento, Ash with all starters, nostalgia, and a girl who is not taking the spotlight. So accept his repetitiveness and the high possibility he will make it 16th place as in the Indigo League, otherwise a position less than he got in Sinnoh.


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id like to see him go back to the kanto after he travels to all the respected regions and compete in the indigo league again and win.


It's a reboot, so Top 8?

Making him earn a Top 16 would be far too radical, so yeah. Just my thoughts.


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It's not a reboot.

They're just doing similar events like giving him three starters again and all that, but it's just a new season and he still has all of his experience from his other journeys. It'd be plain stupid to actually make him end up worse.


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Jesus, people take things like "reboot" and "retread" too damn literally. Oh no, he doesn't have anyone to boss around like May or have a hardass like Paul so he's a retard now. Yeah...no.

Yes, I'll think he'll do either the same as in Sinnoh or better, these Pokemon and Ash himself are no different than how he was in Hoenn and Sinnoh.
I'd be pissed if they only had Ash make it to the top 16, but I doubt that would happen.
I'm going to say that he'll at least make it to top 4 :)

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i don't think there should be a 6 gen. i think they should just go back to first legue and just go through the cycle again. but then again they might go up to 7 gens to have all 7 continents.


The next region is probably going to be the similar to another US region, ie. Miami or the West Coast.


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Ash can constantly keep getting top 4 or top 2, or maybe even worse.


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He'll likely end up in the Top 4. The writers have shown his growth during each league and have made him get better as they go along. So Top 4 would work perfectly. Not too good to raise questions and not too bad to raise many complaints.


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I could see ash getting top 4 like people have said, but you shouldn't be that all surprised if he did worse. I mean this is a new generation with new characters and different trainers? I know this isn't real life but In real life if you do well in one competition and go somewhere else for the same thing there is a possibility of doing worse.

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Well, all this "starting fresh" stuff is good for handicapping him against Gym Leaders, but come Tournament time, Ash will have learned enough of the "way we do things in the Colonies" to be able to muster his previous levels in the Tournament.

Actually, this would be the best way of showing his overall progress; that he's able to do the same with a whole new system as with his old teams and methods. i.e. he could adapt.

In fact, some say that the reason why Ash didn't progress in Hoenn was because he stuck with his Hoenn team for that tourney. Similar situation will apply here.

If he doesn't make the Quarters, the writers will have to be very convincing as to why. Conversely, him getting into the Finals would be seen as "too easy" this time around.

Of course, since most Leagues are single-elim tournies, a mis-matched seeding may be a valid justification. Heck, Ash might be due for that sort of Diabolus ex Machina. Just don't overuse it. Some guy getting a "lucky shot" is also realistic, but less plausible. Then again, there's the Diabolus of Pikachu getting an injury.

The sum of it is that often times the "best" person doesn't win long drawn-out single elims, just the person with the best "draw". (Can I get an amen from veterans of PS2's Challenge Cup?) Heck, Ash, and even Ritchie, might have had a "soft draw" in Kanto, whereas Gary might have just hit a wall in Round 4. Also, not everyone plays 100% 100% of the time.

Just don't give us another guy who uses Legendaries! By Arceus, you make it so that Legendaries are revered as gods, then you give us a trainer that has at LEAST two!
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