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Ash, Iris & Trip's Final Battle (753)


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Ash, Iris & Trip's Final Battle

The semifinals of the Junior Cup are in place and Trip, having already beaten Cilan, has made it to the finals. The semi-final between Ash & Iris is now in play. With Iris using her Dragonite, Ash has chosen his Krokorok. The battle is fierce and Krokorok continues to be hit by all of Dragonite's attacks. Will Krokorok prevail and who will win the tournament? Will Trip manage to get through to battle Alder?

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Love the new elite 4 soundtrack. They tweeked it a bit.

Dragonite is listening to Iris...for now!


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The episode started off with a small recap and Iris and Ash's Pokemon coming out.

Krokorok and Dragonite fight and Dragonite obeys Iris...for now.

Krokorok got attacked by an Ice Beam then a flamethrower.

Now Krokorok evolves into a Krookodile!

Dawn Pokedex's Krookodile.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Now time to kick some Grass.

Dragon Claw?

Dare Da? Serperior.


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Starting with a Bite, Ash?
Ok he uses Stone Edge, that's gonna be his go to attack.
Wow how the heck will Ash beat this wily beast?!
OWIE! Fire straight in the face.
Krokorok biting Dragonite on the tail.
Yikes Krokorok frozen and burned!! That's got to hurt!
EVOLUTION!!! Red badass in the building! Ok how did those shades get bigger?!
He's got Dragon Claw baby!!


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Krookodile lands a powerful Dragon Claw on Dragonite.

Dragonite's going crazy! Dayum!

Iris is getting angry.

Krookodile used Bite and Stone Edge to finish Dragonite off.

Burgundy and Georgia mocked Iris after her loss and then Cynthia has a talk to the group and Dragonite.
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Dang Dragonite, why are you so dang angry?!
You're just asking to be defeated man.
Yup I was right Stone Edge finished him.