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Ash is not serious with Sinnoh League

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Lol I have a reply! First-time too!

When HAS Satoshi been serious? He does a lot of eating too! He's like a Munchlax... Out of topic.

Ash never has been serious is the series here. He's much softer on his Pokemon, loses battles to Paul a lot(What a jerk I'll be pleased when Ash beats him) I guess the writers wanted to put Satoshi as a more carefree person, he gets serious when he loses battles or if he sometimes is in a short rage.

Of course, that may be just my opinion.
Charizard I kinda miss him. Oh well I'm sure Satoshi will bring him back. If you see the new theme we see a lot of Ash's old Pokemon, including my fave, Bayleaf. They just might come back!

Say, when WILL the old Pokemon return?


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It is in Johto, but if they wanted to bring him back they can do it, without further explanation.

I would like it in fact, if Ash was all serious against the Darkrai trainer and he called his best pokemon from all regions for it (even better if they battle in the final), this would be great, it would include Charizard of course and Sceptile!


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Say, when WILL the old Pokemon return?
Probably never. >_<.

Ash is way to carefree. He wont get serious until some one like Paul or Gary comes along then he gets overlydramatic, cries tries to battle them, then loses. Point is that Ash will never really get serious. He's such a child, sigh.


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As much as I like the Kanto starters, it's refreshing not to see them being used.

I'd much rather see Quilava get a real battle than see Charizard. Charizard battles have become rather boring anyway, seismic toss always ends up as the finisher.

I would also like to see some of Bayleef and Totodile. Specifically Totodile, it should evolve- Ash's water types are always getting shafted.

Hoenn pokemon would be cool too but there's not much time for them. I'd be happy with seeing just Glalie.


Anything is possible. I personally hope they bring the Primape to battle Darkrai, beats that pokemon.


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Charizard? Heck with that, Its been used so much.
Give other none over exposed Pokemon a shot to shine well yah?
Jhoto was like it never happened till now.
At least those two strong guys got there shots when they needed it.
Ask for Ash, I like his character the way he is so I'm fine.
Ask for Ash, I like his character the way he is so I'm fine.
A lot of people have problems with him. I really luved Satoshi from the start. He's the MAIN Reason we've seen these Pokemon. If they get rid of him that'll be the end of Pokemon.


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Darn you writers dun show the old Pokemon if you won't bring them back
Yeah I really would like the Jhoto pokemon back but they have had only a few episodes in Sinnoh. Plus we all know Ash doesn't really want to win the Sinnoh league, if he did he would have acually brought some of his other pokemon.


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Ah, well, I think that Charizard, Sceptile, Staraptor, Pikachu, Snorlax, and Heracross should be used in the LT battle. But since we've already gotten our, "Let's fly in at the last minute to save the day Pokemon" (Gliscor), I don't see Charizard coming back.


Seriosly stop acting Too Mature Ash.
Go back been goofy,But heck with need misty or a trainer with much more experiences
to do that.New trainers from Ishu,probaly another girl with attitude,all nice and treat Ash as a teacher, or something.
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