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Ash is not serious with Sinnoh League

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by JasonChu, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. poizonsting

    poizonsting Pokemon master

    You cannot drink water from a mirage in the first place. On topic, if Entei's (illusion) attack hit you physically, how's that a psychological phenomena? It's a futile attempt to compare the anime with our physical world, because in most cases it won't make sense.

    Even if the movies aren't cannon, the fact remains that Ash and Co. are still starring in the movies, and the Pokemon belong to them. OR are you saying they are all illusions?
  2. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    But you can believe you did.

    The same way mirages seem to help anyone that's lost in the desert to persevere a little longer, despite it not being able to physically affect them at all in the first place. Charizard was essentially fighting a moving storybook created by the Unown.

    I acknowledge that as true.

    Who knows. Them being illusions would make more sense than suddenly jumping from battling Nando to facing off against a madman with a Zoroark.
  3. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    I don't see why Charizard vs Entei is even being bought up. Charizard was literally almost killed in that battle. It's flying helped it to avoid attacks longer than Pikachu, Totodile, and Cyndaquil but it still didn't manage to land any significant blows or anything.
  4. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    Charizard isn't even as godly as he's made out to be. I'm not denying the fact he's a major powerhouse, but it's not as if Ash can't win a major battle without him.
  5. dragonpsychicrules

    dragonpsychicrules DragonType GymLeader

    Taken the words right off my mouth...:D

    He's capable of winning major battles with his other strong pokemon and using a little strategy...

    That's the whole point of the anime!!
  6. poizonsting

    poizonsting Pokemon master

    Then, sir, please tell me why haven't Ash won a single league yet? (Don't mention Orangle Archipelago because it's not considered as an official league)
  7. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    He used Charizard in the Johto League but still lost. How does that prove anything about Charizard?

    If anything it proves Charizard's a freakin *****. After two regions under it's belt and training at the Charicific Valley Ash still manages to do just as well in the Hoenn League, where he was using pokemon he's only had for one region.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2010
  8. dragonpsychicrules

    dragonpsychicrules DragonType GymLeader

    Because, as I had mentioned earlier, he needs strategy as well to do so, which the writers sometime prefer not to bestow upon him...

    I'm not even taking into account Kanto for obvious reasons...

    In Ash v Harrison, Ash chooses charizard to battle blaziken because he was just plain intimidated by blaziken, a brand new pokemon...he let fear control him and thus overruled his better jugdement to use a water type(not saying toto or squitle would have surely won, just proving my point)...Charizard was definitely strong but if you observe the battle closely you'll see that he counters brute force with strength without using his head(whereas blaziken quickly saves its *** by aiming FT at the ground)...

    Lets move on to Hoenn...Ash was SIMPLY OVERPOWERED by Tyson's strategy of using Meowth's thunderbolt to defend against pikachu...Again Ash's lack of strategy comes to play in his loss(the battle before this, did you notice how brilliantly glalie, turning a disadvantage to his advantage won?)...

    BATTLE FRONTIER...its not a LEAGUE, but I believe and so should you, that each FB is a million times stronger and each of their pokemon is of extremely high level compared to Harrison, Tyson, Paul, Ritchie etc. etc....
    How do you then suppose Ash won the BF with using charizard only once(not counting Ash v Brandon, coz. it lost due to Ash's lack of poke-knowledge...)???

    Have I proven my point or do you still need more???
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2010
  9. SoulSilverMstr411

    SoulSilverMstr411 Hikikomori

    Ash is saving Charizard 'till last. ;)
  10. NES

    NES Flip me to the side!

    It's denial to say Charizard is not in the best 6 pokemon Ash can get together for a major battle, much as Sceptile. It would be good if those two get used for the battle against Darkrai.
  11. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    I'm with the other guy that said he'd much rather see Heracross pummel Darkrai than the overrated dragon.
  12. NES

    NES Flip me to the side!

    Just in the particular case of who defeats Darkrai, i'm good with any pokemon as long as Ash defeats that Darkrai, it would be kind of cheap if that thing 6-0 Ash... but to be honest, i think they will make Pikachu defeat that thing lol, Pikachu haven't won any big match in a long time...
  13. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    If Heracross suddenly goes from a pokemon that couldn't even defeat one of Spenser's lesser pokemon to nearly defeating (or actually defeating) Darkrai, I don't think there needs to be any more conversations about which pokemon is Ash's strongest. If that happens it'll prove that any of Ash's pokemon can be strong enough to defeat legendaries and other powerful opponents and Charizard's nothing special for doing it.

    Then again, we've had plenty of proof in the past, it's all denied or twisted in some way. I don't expect this to be any different.

    "Hey, Heracross only won because it had Sleep Talk! It wouldn't have won otherwise! And even though Sleep Talk is an official move, the win no longer counts!"

    Or some foolishness like that.
  14. Umbilical Noose

    Umbilical Noose Bonzo Nut

    Heracross already proved many times before that it was a strong Pokemon by beating that Nerd's Scizor and Gary's Magmar against all odds. And it has gotten more powerful since then as it took down Nando's main battler and now maybe will take out Darkrai.
    People will only change their views if Pokemon like Totodile defeat the Darkrai and not for comic relief.
  15. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    Despite Ash's pokemon being weaker or not, you would think after 4 regions Ash would have learned enough to get to the finals >.>
  16. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    Yes you would think that someone like Charizard or Pikachu or anyone else in his Kanto team that have been with him for many years could defeat some one like the champion. And plus Ash has defeated many legendary pokemon over the years.
  17. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness Eternal Evil

    Yet somehow the Elite 4's are invinsable.
  18. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    Yep, they always have some way to defeat Ash no matter how strong he is. Except when Ash finally might have had a chance to win they put Darkrai in there just to get people mad.
  19. WarriorX

    WarriorX Active Member

    Ash shouldn't have to count on Charizard to win every battle.
  20. hunt

    hunt Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with this.

    Only recently have the writers started to take the approach that all of Ash's Pokemon are more or less equal. This league has gone a long way in showing that, more so than any other story arc before. However I believe there is a division of power and that Ash's best are all equally as tough and his more regular ones are all equally as tough.

    In other words, Charizard, Snorlax, Sceptile, and more recently, Heracross are all pretty much equal in terms of power with one another... but Totodile is not equal with them and is more on a level with the likes Noctowl and Quilava and Bayleef. No Pokemon is a weakling or the weakest, but I think there is definitely a 'higher tier' with about 6 or 7 from all his travels that are his best.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2010
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