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Ash Ketchum: Doomed to failure?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Mayfan, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Brumrha

    Brumrha Banned

    Spoilers much?

    That aside, I really don't think that Ash is destined to be a failure, as if you look at his bio in the main site, you'll see that he's inching ever closer to his dream, even if it is slow progress.

    & in the League, Ash did one thing that nobody else has managed to do: get past Takuto's Darkrai "&" Latios. & TBH, if I saw a trainer with both of these, I'd be like, "Where the %$#* does he get his Pokémon?!!"
  2. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    Well, he will slowly get to his goal of course but on the show I don't think hey'll ever win till it ends. The owners of Pokemon feel it'd ruine the show if he did for some reason, maybe cuz they think kiddies won't be able to relate??? Just an idea.
  3. joxxmarie

    joxxmarie Eeveelution Obsessor

    I think Ash would be so much more interesting if they changed him back to the way he was in Kanto and allowed him to actually mature and age. I don't think he'll ever become a "Pokemon Master" so long as the series is still bringing in viewers. He'll just continue going off to different regions and learning the same lessons over and over again.
  4. deathseer

    deathseer Oh, u mad bro?

    Ash won't ever become a Pokemon Master. The writers will just continually have him lose each region. He will then be sent to the next region with pretty much no knowledge of what he had just accomplished. Which is why he looks like a complete noob in the start of every series.

    Its a fact that people have to accept. Pokemon is just a perpetual commercial that essentially won't care if you want to see Ash become a Pokemon Master. They will recycle until they get canceled or something.
  5. comos

    comos Member

    Oh yes there is one thing that can stop Ash from being a pokemon master...and that is...the writers...

  6. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    He will become one day, in the day games will stop coming out. Like, in the 7th generation, and then we'll see a final saga with him beating the E4 and a champion of a region. But I can't see the creators stoping creating games so its impossible now.
  7. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

    He will when Nintendo becomes sued after accidentally using a Pokemon sprite similar to another company and they send out a farewell game and a farewell episode
  8. Cerex

    Cerex Well-Known Member

    Probably when the series is ready to close or is canceled will the writers leave Ash with a cliff hanger, but I don't any time during the actual run of the series will Ash become a Master for a couple of reasons. The most obvious one is a plot driven, everyone loves the underdog and as long as Ash is striving for something and meeting up against adversity people will be drawn to that. If he reaches the top, there really isn't anywhere else to go but down.

    The writers have also been clever enough to never actually define or tell reviewers exactly what a Pokemon Master is, and as long as it remain ambiguous there is always some undefined goal on the horizon.

    The same thing goes for why he always comes up short on league battles. Being the underdog and still striving to be better is a sign perseverance, which viewers want to see in their heroes.

    I wouldn't mind if when the series does end if they do a flash-forward and show Ash as an adult trainer/Pokemon Master to give the series a proper closure though.
  9. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    He will be a pokemon master when the show ends (whenever that is. Probably after we are all dead).
  10. BlackCharizard12

    BlackCharizard12 New Member

    Ash will become a master when....

    He decides to incorporate a fully-evolved water type. I'm talking beast water type, like Blastoise or Feraligatr instead of Squirtle or Totodile.

    Maybe he'll become a master at the end of Best Wishes since he has the water starter (although i did just read that he caught the fire starter recently).

    I agree with everyone else - he the games stop selling and pokemon finally goes out of style, at the very end of the show, we'll probably see him become a master in a flash forward, future montage type thing.
  11. Shedinja705

    Shedinja705 An outcast...

    I don't really care, but if he IS going to be the pokemon master, he'll have to fight Arceus. :eek: I wonder what THAT would look like.
    Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu!
    Arceus: ROAR!!!!
    Pikachu: pikachu?
    *BOOM* ownage
  12. MudkipFan

    MudkipFan <3 Games Section

    He'll catch all 561 of them and then suddenly the next gen comes out. SO yes, he is doomed to fail.
  13. Darkxninga

    Darkxninga Well-Known Member

    lol. Ash isnt doomed to failure. He's just doomed to be in new sagas with restarts, having new companions to travel with, and dumping his old used pokes at Oaks daycare service every new region. Poor pokemon master boy won't be living the dream anytime soon...whatever that truly means.
  14. GetOutOfBox

    GetOutOfBox Original Series Fan

    From what the anime's implied, the road to becoming a pokemon master takes a lifetime to complete, I'm sure the anime won't end with him being the master, we'll probably be left at a cliffhanger so our imaginations can give us the ending. I'd love an ending like that vs a "and he lived happily ever after." ending.

    I don't know how many regions there are supposed to be, but again, from what the anime's implied there are dozens, if not hundreds.
  15. GengarsRevenge

    GengarsRevenge Well-Known Member

    Wait, he won the Orange League didn't he?
    You know what, I think they're just using the show to promote the games, so it will probably go on until it's cancelled...
  16. MagnificentMudkip

    MagnificentMudkip Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I agree. It will happen, just not anytime soon.
    I also agree, Ash has tow in, just make him leave already!
    I don't think they define "pokemon master" that way.
    Yeah, a latios. Darkrai was okay, or just Latios. But both?! No way, the creators/writers don't even want him to win anymore, obviously. Or they want a whole load of angry fan mail...

  17. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    They will once the fans threaten to boycott the show :p

    The reason why the Sinnoh Leauge ended with such fanhate wasn't because Ash lost.No.
    It was because of how frickin cheap the battle was!One legendary being an ace in the gun is fine,but TWO?!That's just plain unfair to use two ubers.

    How I would have done it was that after
    Darkrai was beat after beating a couple of mons
    ,Takuto sends out non-ubers,Pokemon he used to capture
    in the first place.Here's my idea of a team
    Ash ends up losing,yes,but takes down at least 4 of Takuto's Pokemon

    They better have a rematch just so Ash can pwn those gamebreakers.
  18. benknightprime

    benknightprime Master Trainer

    Ash will someday, just not any time soon.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
  19. DarthVader

    DarthVader Well-Known Member

    I don't think this will ever happen; the anime will continue unless it starts running at a financial loss or they stop making the games. But in that case it will probably not reach the end of an "era" when each "saga" lasts 4 years or so. Instead it will end abruptly midway through a region without any conclusion being given.

    If Ash defeats the Champion of a region, thus becoming a "Pokemon Master," then it won't happen until the anime officially ends.

    If Ash "captures them all," it won't happen on screen; instead we'll get a few flashbacks and one of the characters announcing that Ash completed his Pokedex.
  20. CliveKoopa

    CliveKoopa Well-Known Member

    Ash will never "catch them all", that concept died out years ago. As for the Pokedex, you don't have to catch pokemon in the anime to fill the pokedex as the pokedex is already filled. Data can be pulled up at any time on a certain pokemon whether you have seen it or not.

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