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Ash Ketchum: Doomed to failure?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Mayfan, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. thornmud

    thornmud << Happiness...

    If he manages to defeat a single league, he still can't be considered a master. He has many other tasks to complete, such as going back to other regions for the sake of having other accomplishments. I mean, beating the Unova League, if he even does that, just leaves, uhh, I dunno, maybe 4 other regions+ whatever Regions come next+ whatever else the series left open, like the his Charizard being weaker than the other Charizards in Charizard Valley, his ping-pong Ambipom, maybe a run-in with something he released like Butterfree or Lapras? And then there are other events that we don't get in games but exist in the anime, like the air master championship, Ambipom's ping-pong, etc.
    He will live on, even after anyone wants him around
  2. Swamptorizard

    Swamptorizard OU Battler

    I think Ash should be dead, I am really sick of lack of catching an winning. Most of his badges were given and not on, or a fluke like in Sinnoh (steelix vs stupid chimchar)
    and he has ridden many of the best legendaries and not caught any of them (at least throw a pokeball for pete's sake!) and what good trainer lets his pokemon go?! Butterfry is actually a good pokemon to use with compound eyes, and lapras is good too! Ash is the worst character in the series, especially since he neglects to evolve his pokemon when they should evolve. Plus a Raichu is better than a Pikachu (light ball may help though). I really hate him, thats why a friend of mine and I are making a comic of two trainers (brothers) who come from an island who doesnt have pokemon and they will journey through every region winning and capturing a ton of pokemon (including two legendaries). I cant wait to get started on this comic, It will be fun.
  3. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2011
  4. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    randomspot555 you don't have to respond to that, seriously. If he's troll, he wants that. If he's stupid, you're egging on a flamewar that really isn't needed. D: In the future, it's best to ignore it.
    This thread hasn't generated any complaints until now, so let's keep it that way, hm? Thanks all.

    Now back on topic, and remember: don't feed the trolls. :D
  5. wolvie616

    wolvie616 SoulSilver

    Personally, I do feel that eventually, 20+ years in the future, or whenever they decide to wrap up the pokemon anime, they will have an arc dedicated to battling the E4, bringing in all his pokes, friends, etc., as they cheer him on to victory.

    But that won't be for a while. And until then, I'm happy watching just hte leagues, Rival Battles, and Gym Battles.
  6. d4rk_tailed

    d4rk_tailed Doritoes,Leaf Storm!

    Being fair haha, none of those really contribute to his end goal. He just needs to win something. If they missed the chance to see Butterfree and Pidgeot during the BF, there isnt a chance in hell he can do that now.

    Im glad that hes a main protagonist who has special things like legendary links and aura, but he fails at his main and only goal.

  7. Jchannie

    Jchannie FAILED Coordinator

    Ash...is DOOMED, I hope he achieves a lot more in the Isshu region -.-"
  8. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    He is DOOMED! After Best Wishes he'll quit being a pokemon trainer and will get a job at Krispy Kreme's. He'll be sellin' donuts!
  9. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I hope he does :p
    I think the writers either need to give Ash the win in the BW series or the next series, whatever that is.
    Or he can just realise he's a failure and give up and find another hobby.
    But I know it will be impossible to catch all 649 pokemon (probably a lot more in the next season, if there is one :p)
    If you think catching the national pokedex is the way of becoming a pokemon master, forget it.
  10. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    Lol he's doomed, but we'll keep watching him fail because its fun :p
  11. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    i love how we are excited about a 10 year old boy's dream being crushed.

    i say he isnt doomed. he will win a league eventually. hes a pretty good trainor, and hes only 10. i say hes already a pokemon master:) ... and he doesnt neglect to evolve pokemon? im pretty sure pokemon evolve when ready... not when a trainor says
    "k you can evolve now" (besides the other methods of evolution)
  12. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I have a feeling he won't win a (major) league and defeat a region's Elite Four until the very end of the show, because if he does manage to win in the Unova region, where does he go from there?

    If he does win in Unova and then keeps winning in every subsequent region, it would seem really boring. But it would seem strange if he started losing again in furture regions' leagues because that makes it seem like he got worse...

    So I think he will win in the very last season. Winning then will seem more special and memorable - it'll be the big reward he gets after many years of hard work and determination.
  13. laddyda

    laddyda laddyda at ur servic

    I hope ash wins the unova league and then a new series will start with completely new trainers
  14. Emperor Empoleon

    Emperor Empoleon Honor of Kalos

    Actually, I think Unova will be the one. Looking back, I think Sinnoh was a set-up for the future.

    - Brock go to show off his brain and caretaking skills more in Sinnoh (even being connected the the Being of Knowledge). Now he's going to study being a Pokemon doctor.
    - Team Rocket had at least one episode where they went "Back to Basics" and now they've officially been promoted.
    - Dawn did well on her first try as a Stylist, and we saw some of her interest in making outfits. Now she and Buneary are going to do some more stylist work

    I think Ash should get the same benefit. He's revitalized his goal, knows how to get there(finally :S), and he was shown to be better than ever in battles with Paul, Palmer and Tobias

    So I'm pulling for this series :B
  15. Blue Cobra

    Blue Cobra Bug Trainer

    I think it's possible, that Ash could become a champion one day. But it's not neasy to know how many generations there will be, but soon i think he will win one of the leagues. But the E4 and champ, i think he beat them in the last generation, to make a good ending :)
  16. Aesir

    Aesir Breeder

    That would be good, but it's unlikely to happen, programmes like Pokemon tend to keep certain characters intact throughout the entire series just for familiarity and as their mascots, in this case it's Ash and Pikachu, whilst in lets say Transformers, it's Optimus Prime (and now Bumblebee). Star Wars has the droids and so on
  17. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Wow, that was harsh. But maybe it's best to have this closed to really stop talk like this. We know Ash doesn't win much. But it doesn't mean he's doomed forever. There is a difference.
  18. AwesomeZekrom

    AwesomeZekrom Co-Owner of pokegyms

    He's doomed if he cant even beat the sinnoh league how will he even beat the unova?
  19. Graham Aker

    Graham Aker Well-Known Member

    How is this any different from him losing leagues, over and over again for the past 13 years?
  20. Aesir

    Aesir Breeder

    Well the Sinnoh league wasn't exactly fair, I mean one of the trainers had Legendaries on his team (I'd assume that his last 4 pokemon were Legendary too)

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