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Ash Ketchum/Satoshi fanclub

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Kuroshi, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    Welcome everyone! To the Ash Ketchum/Satoshi fanclub!

    This club is for all fans of Ash the amazing Ketchum/Satoshi!
    I this club discussion of Ash's character, his Pokemon, his adventures is all welcome! As are screens, fanart, and banners!

    You do not need to ask to become a member, all Ash fans are welcome!


    1. Of course, all forum rules apply.
    2. Keep on topic.
    3. Always be civil, and respectful during discussions.
    4. No Spaming, or double-posting.
    5. Always credit the artist when posting a fanart, or using a banner made by someone in this club.
    6. No shipping talk.
    7. No debates, bashing, complaining over Ash/Satoshi's voice.
    8. To post images use [*img]pic url here[/img] leave out the *

    Members on probation:
    None currently

    Banned list:
    None currently

    That's it for rules, so have fun everyone! ^_^

    And now, to start things off, a funny image of Satoshi from one of the latest Japanese episodes.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2008
  2. Beautifly2012

    Beautifly2012 Hikari <3

    I want to join! I love Ash! He's a great trainer, I love his pikachu, he and one day he will be a pokemon master!
  3. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    I'll join too!
    Even though he isn't the sharpest trainner you just gotta respect his battle skills.
    Plus he is funny.
    If I can I'll start a topic.
    Which of Ash's Pokemon are most like him?
    Pikachu hands down.
    It spent so much time with him he turned into the pokemon version of ASH!
  4. Beautifly2012

    Beautifly2012 Hikari <3

    Which of Ash's Pokemon are most like him?
    Well I think Pikachu was the most like Ash but Charizard was alot Ash to! Both Pikachu and Charizard are stubborn just like Ash!
  5. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    But now that I think about it some more all of his pokemon act like him somehow!
    Never giving up
    Eatting like a SNORELAX!
  6. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    Which of Ash's Pokemon are most like him?

    I agree that It's Pikachu without a doubt. Ash and Pikachu are brothers. I also agree that all of Ash's other Pokemon share traits with him.

  7. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    *snaps fingers* Darn! XDD;

    @Kuroshi: What in the heck is Ash screaming at in that picture?? Definitely not one of his better shots =\

    Which of Ash's Pokemon is most like him?
    I have to agree with the majority and say Pikachu. He's Ash's bestest friend ever!! XDD;

    But if I had to pick anything besides Pikachu, I think I'd have to pick Chimchar. Except for the fear of Paul, they're pretty similar (to me) :)


    I bring a picture from one of the more recent Japanese episodes. God it makes me laugh XDD Snaggified from this thread


    Comments and concerns? I'd love to hear 'em! =)
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
  8. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    Poor Ash, he gets stuck on a Spoink while everyone else gets to ride something comfortable and cool!

    @Kuroshi: What in the heck is Ash screaming at in that picture?? Definitely not one of his better shots =\

    That is from the first summer school episode, I think it was during his battle with Aoi. He was super into that battle, so I guess that's why they had him screaming like that.
  9. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Hee, never in a million years would I peg Onix as "comfortable to sit on."

    Wow, he must've been really into it to get all worked up like that <<
  10. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    Yepwell at least he didn't have to ride Pikachu!
    Thought It would have funny!
    Anyway it seems no been on for a while.
    Heres a topic.
    Will Ash be the Sinnoh Camp?
    Hopefully yes it's been long over due.
    Please don't let him befriend a new character that beats him and then gets beaten again!
  11. PikaHeart

    PikaHeart When They c r y.....

    Hi can i join! Ash is my fave. male character! He is cool too! (Finnaly a club with ash) Also........i like him as he is the main character!
  12. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    EW, REPHRASE PLZ!!!!! XD Although... *thinks* Nah, I don't think Pikachu would be able to carry him.

    Will Ash be the Sinnoh Camp?

    You mean "Champ", right?

    Spelling aside, I really hope so. It's time for him to finally win a major league! Heck, he was in the Top 16 in Kanto, and Top 8 in Johto and Hoenn.

    AND even though he was the winner of both the Orange League and Battle Frontier challenges, they're not major competitions =\

    Heh, happened with Ritchie in Kanto, Harrison in Johto and Tyson* in Hoenn, who's to say it won't happen again? =P Them writers never change their patterns.

    *Thanks Kuroshi for pointing out my mistake XD
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2008
  13. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    You mean Tyson, don't you? I thought Ash beat Morrison in the Hoenn League.

    << I think an Onix would be comfortable if you sat on it right, at least, more than hopping around on a Spoink. =D
  14. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    You bet I did. *smacks forehead* I musta been half asleep when I posted that.

    I see your point. And I guess it's easier to ride an Onix than to appear like you're grabbing your crotch when seated on a Spoink =D
  15. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    Thought Pikachu could proably Shock Ash to the finnishline!
    He has to win the Sinnoh League!
    Or else ...?
    New Topic:If Ash was in the next Pokemon Game (Gen 5) as a trainner you could battle would you buy it just to battle him?
    alot of people proably would!
    Though i wonder which pokemon he would use?
  16. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    Well all that struggle paid off because he won the competition in the end.

    If Ash was in the next Pokemon Game (Gen 5) as a trainer you could battle, would you buy it just to battle him?

    I always buy the games regardless. But if there was a game where you could battle Ash, I'd buy it.
  17. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    You're lucky I saw the pics BEFORE I came back here XD; Kidding. There wasn't much doubt he'd win anyway. (Did you also see that Aoi chick blushing? *dies in a corner* Noooo~)

    If Ash was in the next Pokemon Game (Gen 5) as a trainer you could battle, would you buy it just to battle him?

    You bet I would XD; Hey, he was a "boss battle" in GSC. (Or, at least a counterpart of his was, anyway.) Of course he'd have Pikachu as the strongest Pokemon in his team.

    And I buy all the games anyway =) The only 2 I don't own are Blue and Gold. (Only because I was too young to buy them myself back in the day and they don't make them anymore :'( )
  18. MasterCharizard15

    MasterCharizard15 Manly Eybrows!

    I would!!
    If Ash left the show would you be upset?!?!
  19. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    If Ash left the show would you be upset

    If you'd define an intergalatic explosion (by me) as upset, then yes :3

    He's my favorite character, one half of my favorite ship EVAR, and the main character since 1998.

    I'd be very sad to see him go :'(
  20. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    I did consider putting the news in spoiler tags, but I figured that most everyone had already guessed that he won. I would tag any huge Ash spoilers. :p

    Ash sure is getting popular with girls on the show lately. First it was Anabel, now it's Aoi.

    If Ash left the show, would you be upset?

    I would be very upset! Ash is a great character, the show wouldn't be the same without him and his friends and rivals.
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