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Ash & Latios (1235)


Shirona, my beloved...
I clapped when Venice music started playing and then when Bianca appeared and then when Latias appeared.

I love the Movie 5 OST.
Also that Hunter was VERY strong, with just a single Hydreigon.
No kidding.
Once more showing why the concept of poachers or hunters or whatever is extremely stupid. He could have caught Latios and Latias twice over had he just thrown a ball normally.

Is Bianca appearing such a big deal lol? The episode wasn't the greatest.
That's why it is such a big deal.
It's the only thing resembling a real "pay-off" to this pointless Latias plotline.
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Two Blue Vortex


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Wow, so this pair of Latios and Latias were the invisible pair that appeared at the very end of the 5th movie in invisible sillouettes. That was a nice touch, and it's further proof that multiples of each exist. There's those two, the Latios that died, the Latias that transforms into Bianca, Tobias' Latios, and Nurse Joy's Latias. Also the music slapped hard in this episode.
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10 episodes of Gaslighting. That's where my issue lies.

No one can tell me Ash doesn't own Solgaleo now so he at least owns a legendary Pokemon or they wouldn't have included it. Expectations and managing expectations in 11 episodes of a character's final run.

It was the only box left unchecked (A female only pokemon). But now knowing the Latios, and the Latias presumably from the end of Pokemon Heroes (M05) were the ones that Ash was helping out. It's a full circle moment in the sense that even though Ash and M05 Latias are apart they're now synonymous with one another. I got a bitter aftertaste because I really, really wanted Ash to catch Latias. But yeah that's pretty much it.
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