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Ash & Latios (1235)


[Dam]n h[er] Gan[dal]f!
Episode Review: 2/10

The Good:

* Ash doing backflips and nonchalantly catching Legendary Pokemon on his back

* Hunter was quite threatening

* Movie 5 reference

The Bad:

* Pretty much the rest. Super rushed and disappointing episode...

* Swellow vs Latios, or even a proper Swellow vs Hydreigon, was the only reason I cared to watch this episode. These writers couldn't even let the current Monarch show off his mettle. All of these MPM episodes are Ash interacting with wild Pokemon and helping them out, but what about his his own Pokemon?

* Once again, this episode would have been fine (as in a 6/10) if it was a random Latios/Latias two-parter in Journeys. Ash doesn't even catch either Latios or Latias, so what was the point of having this episode as the penultimate episode?


That Latios was annoying, the villain was somehow competent, but still a hunter and it only uses one Pokemon and that overpowered weapon, it could have used more and have them battle Satoshi mons.

Flame Haze SnS

Is it safe to say that Pokemon Heroes (5th movie) is now canon?


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I like that Latios swatted Ash's hand away

It means we'll need a second MPM cour of Latios watching Ash secretly for 8 episodes and learning what Latias did


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Swellow gets clowned on one more time for the road
At least he got a new move. Just for that he got treated better than 90% of the reserves that appeared until now (the only ones that got something new were Corphish, Incineroar and Torterra, and Talonflame if you count showcasing Flame Body for the first time as a Talonflame).


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- Well this is the best use of hydreigon heads I’ve ever seen.
- Finally some battle action.
- The hunter was just some glorified COTD as expected.
- Glad to see Ash decided to sent Swellow after the hunter instead of letting it escape completely.


Too lazy to pick a pic
Ya think?

Latias departure (aka, how-pointless-was-extend-this-for-10-episodes)

- So, sharing dream is same as telepathy, so latias can show she was stalk...erm, following Ash since episode 01
- Let's a go save her bro...oh, connection failure. You can fill a complaint to the sharing dream company later
- Latias sleeping along with Ash and pikachu is the best we will have, so, enjoy while you can
- Hunter Lame, J's missing relative, spotted them! No good
- Latias bring them to the hideout. Latios reaction is understandable and he is hurted, but, good that pikachu can brush him off just like that
- Hunter Lame have a few minutes to show how evil he is. Also, hydreigon is very versatile, when you think about that
- Latias sacrifices her last screentime for her bro!
- Hunter Lame is smart enough to not fight two trainers in a closed space, but not before bait latios as much as the anime writers bait the fandom. This guy is pure evil!
- "We have to save my stalker, so, stop to beech around and let us heal you!" That's the translation I'm using and convince latios, anyway
- Swellow using air slash, I think. The poor guy is petrified soon after. Same as steelix.
- No petrifying gun now, buster! Just the good old battle! That's the best we'll have of Ash giving commands to a legendary, enjoy the show. Hunter Lame hadn't a chance
- Before latias can yeet him, Jenny arrives
- Yeah, latios won't be be all buddy with Ash because of that. Goodbye, eon siblings, you won't be missed
- Altomare. That's all.

And done. Glad this "arc" was finally concluded, good or bad. Kidding. It was bad. Hunter Lame is pretty much a one note villain.

Pretty sure that isn't what everyone was expecting from latias all this time and, quite honestly, it would make more sense have Ash battling the hunter along with latias instead latios.

But, considering latias just flies off with her bro with no much fuss? Good riddance.

We finally had a good moment of character with Ash noticing that not every pokemon will trust on humans that easily in the end. Or latios in general are ungrateful jerks, dunno.

Also, the Altomare part is...pointless. Really.
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That was some masterful trolling. 'They're not the Latias and Latios from Pokemon Heroes... but those characters are in the episode.'

Not sure what the conclusion to this arc was supposed to be? Nobody developed here. Might as well have had Hunter J return and be the villain if we're doing pointless plots.


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Why couldn’t Misty battle? Also RIP to those who thought Ash was going to catch either Latias or Latios.


Too lazy to pick a pic
Not sure what the conclusion to this arc was supposed to be? Nobody developed here. Might as well have had Hunter J return and be the villain if we're doing pointless plots.
Dunno, latios refuses to be Ash’s friend in the end and that made Ash thoughtful. That could be just a cliffhanger to the last episode.