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Ash & Latios (1235)


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To be fair this was never confirmed and if anybody survived it would be her. I mean they'd have been skimming henchmen bits off the lake for months, but J herself always seemed like she was put in reserve than anything else.
I just pictured a pool boy using a net to clean dead henchmen out of the lake.

Ash Ketchum!

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but I'm stumped as to why movie 5 specifically got such a direct reference. I like it, but I don't get it lol
It won a movie poll in Japan


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Okay so where do I start...

First, yes, I guess the suspicion of Latias not getting caught was right, while i do admit that i really wanted one last catch to be legendary, a part of me told me that he was going to help her and somewhere around if a Latias is involved then a Latios have to be there. And i want to freed of my chest that the ending of this episode i somewhat liked it. This is basically Hunter J with Movie 5 elements to it, it ends on a somewhat bittersweet way, sure Ash has helped the Eon Duo but apparently despite the good actions, some Pokemon just cant fully trust humans, he just swallows it and moves on.

And the other thing is i was actually surprised that Alto Mare of all places came back, i definetly was not expecting that and with it adding the cameos of Bianca and Latias in disguise, not sure if this is the first time a movie location has ever made it into the anime. In the end it was a rather oddly way to finish this series before the so called "gran finale".

At the very least it finally cleared the mystery and the long time debate of who kissed Ash 20 years ago on Movie 5. And speaking about movie Latias, she seems to finally have moved on towards Latios passing (which makes it even more unsure if she quit being a guardian of Alto Mare). Brings back good old theories about those days.
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Since Jessie, James and Meowth return to their HQ individually, do you think each of them would resign from Team Rocket? If so, then that would be great to see the true end of Team Rocket.
Unown right now, they're currently just going to HQ with intent of becoming individual Team Rocket agents rather than resigning.

(At least we have confirmation they didn't leave their Pokemon behind since Wobbuffet is with Jessie.)

I'm guessing something they didn't expect happens next episode or they're gonna do something in the new series (maybe be indvidual antagonists odd times until an Ash return appearance brings them together or something.)

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This is is, folks. The last Tomioka/Asada/Iwane episode of the Satoshi era. Heck, if these three don't work on Pocket Monsters (2023) this might just be the last episode of Pokemon they ever work together on.

God, this is nuts. It's like watching history pass by you.

Oh my god. The ultimate villain of the series has no name. What the hell.
At that point why not just bring back J?

A force of nature needs no name. The Hunter existed purely to serve a role, not to be a character.

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So, this was the conclusion of the Latias-Ash mini arc. I'd say it was a worthy and quite emotional one.

First of all, let me mention "The Hunter" (whatever his name might be): Although I detest Pokemon hunters, I kind of found it refreshing to see somebody of the bad guys actually being competent. I guess it must have been the first hunter since J posing a real threat.

Also, I really liked the dynamics of this episode. The constant back and forth made it really exciting.
First, it was Ash and Latias searching for Latios, then that intense battle in the cave where Latias was kidnapped and during the second part it was Ash teaming up with Latios to finally take down the bad guy.
What I loved most about the episode was the final showdown, Ash's determination to defeat the hunter and his clever thinking while commanding Latios. That's exactly what I want to see from a champion.

Officer Jenny's appearance "just in time" seemed a bit forced because we didn't see anybody calling her before. But well, that's negligible I'd say.

Finally, I'm happy what I said last week about TRio has turned out to be true. That episode wasn't the end of our favorite villains after all! So, I'm looking forward to seeing how their story will finally end.

Speaking of a story that comes to an end... Guys, isn't it kind of unbelievable and emotional if you know there's just ONE more episode of our beloved Anime? (The new show still has to prove its worth)
Next week it'll all be over and frankly, I have mixed feelings about all this.


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The shot of Altomare was a nice one, idk why I thought Bianca was going to get a speaking role here. I wish she had.
Bianca, or Kanon, if you will, is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa (Diantha).

Latias from movie 5 is voiced by the one and only Megumi Hayashibara who is, well, JESSIE, not to mention tons of other Pokemon roles.

Both of them are active, and available, so yeah, they could have reprised their roles.

That said, as cameo, maybe that last part with Altomare actually worked better without them saying anything, and simply as cameo for nostalgia surprise sake.


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The PENULTIMATE episode of the entire Ash anime.....
After this, just ONE more episode left

Anyway, the main problem of this episode stems from me calling it the PENULTIMATE episode. As everyone and their mother already mentioned, this episode is fine, even amazing on its own, it's a brilliantly and beautifully done episode with great animation for once and a nice plot and great scenes and depiction of Ash as a character, it just does NOT work as the penultimate episode of the anime. What was the point? It was a nice lil old storyline STRETCHED for way too long and underwhelming as the finale finale to ASH
Copium that Latios being still wary of Ash is setup for it to appear again in the final episode and be caught. Why not fall into the raboot hole :p

Ngl though the Alto Mare ending scene made me cry.....I'm not even an emotional dweeb like that but it just did, the best use of nostalgia in Pokemon EVER

Wow, so this pair of Latios and Latias were the invisible pair that appeared at the very end of the 5th movie in invisible sillouettes. That was a nice touch, and it's further proof that multiples of each exist. There's those two, the Latios that died, the Latias that transforms into Bianca, Tobias' Latios, and Nurse Joy's Latias. Also the music slapped hard in this episode.
IM SO HAPPY someone else thought this. I absolutely AGREE. In my eyes these two twins were the twins we saw at the end of movie 5, it just helps bring it full circle so perfectly you know and justifies them even more
Still looked stronger than infernape
I'm an Infernape simp and ngl I hate how true this is. Infernape the goat but he really got Hoed
It's funny how DP was so well handled in JN (Resolution to Cynthia setup, Team Galatic reappearing and getting the perfect 4 episodes that PERFECTLY captured DP's essence and recreated it, all the Sinnoh love in general) but my favourite things about DP, Infernape and Dawn, both got hoed
The Latias subplot was so boring the entire way through.
Damn, kinda true. I mean I still like it, but way too over stretched for something that is underwhelming as the CLIMAX for Ash's end
Fun fact, the hunter was played by Koji Yusa, whose only other notable role in the anime is Yuji.

Satoshi's first and last major victories were against the same man.
Okay I LOVE this. Like to think this wasn't just a coincidence and they actively tried to do it but that's probably a stretch
So I guess this makes movie 5 canon.
It always was
Nope. Just "the hunter".
LMAO they did NOT care for this as the penultimate ep of Ash
Also, I really liked how somber the overall ending was. Despite Ash saving the Lati siblings and gaining Latias trust, Latios was still combative towards Ash because of the scars the hunter left. It really showed that no matter how strong the bond is, some Pokémon really just don’t like humans. In that regard Latios felt very similar to Mewtwo.

The final shot with Ash staring off to the sky with a bit of a melancholic look felt very impactful, especially when you compare it to the first episode where he was a lot more cheerful. That was a very well done scene!
And this is why I'd like to cope we are gonna see a bit more of the Lati twins due to that sombre ending, but yeah I do agree with you it still works well as a reason in its own and can tie into Ash wanting to become better so he can connect with ALL, even mons like Latios who don't trust coz of scars

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Not an essay time:
First off, before I delve into the meat and potatoes of the episode, I will say that I wasn't expecting to see TR after the events of the last episode with the trio approaching TR HQ each not knowing the others are heading there, though how Jessie ended up with the balloon is beyond me (smile).
Moving onto the main plot, the Pokemon Hunter is basically Poundland J. Though the two do share similarities in the sense that they both fly on pseudo-legendaries and that they both have arm cannons that turn pokemon to stone, of course J had better tech (like being able to see camouflaged pokemon), hence why I called the hunter in this episode, Poundland J. If I can give him some props though, he definitely made Hydreigon look like a menacing threat, it fits the bloke's aesthetic for sure and made me disappointed that Ghetsis didn't use one in BW as that is his ace 'mon in the games. Also I liked how Hydreigon's other heads were able to restrain Latias and Latios.
When Ash commanded Latios to use Psychic, I literally facepalm'd as Ash should know Psychic moves do nothing on Dark-types, but of course it proved to be a distraction in order for the Eon pokemon to get into Poundland J's blindspot and unleash the unaliving blow on Hydreigon. I should've at least realised that, so I'll hold my hands up there.
Now, I want to address my stance of the Latias situation. From the start of MPM I was in the "Ash won't capture Latias" camp as I didn't think there would be any evidence from her initial appearance that would support this especially given that she was wary of humans and it does take time to restore any semblance of trust, hence her following Ash in stealth mode. Of course I do understand that some fans weren't happy that Ash didn't capture Latias, but honestly I'm glad that he didn't considering what transpired here especially with Latios, who was still distrustful towards humans, thus it wouldn't feel right for Ash to have captured Latias, and to be fair, MPM was more about the journey and helping people and pokemon in need than capturing 'mons.
Finally, and I'm not gonna lie when I saw the Eon duo fly through Alto Mare, I legit gasped and was like "frick off, is that Alto Mare?!". Initially I thought it was out of left field to see Alto Mare of all places in the main series, then I remembered that Latios/Latias debuted in M05, but I also learned something about the place that I didn't know, that being the fact that Latios and Latias frequently visit Alto Mare as told in the prologue to M05 that was unfortunately cut from the dub, hence why I never knew this.

One more thing, this episode reminded me of XY139 in the sense that both were penultimate episodes of their series and featured a plot revolving around a legendary pokemon and ended with the antagonist getting arrested by Jenny.

not sure if this is the first time a movie location has ever made it into the anime.
I think it is.
That being said, there have also been instances where people/items that appeared in the movies had made appearances in the main series, like the mother & daughter in SM or Dawn's Lunar Wing that she got in Alamos Town.


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Some thoughts:
  • Pros:
    • I really like a lot about this hunter
      • His design is pretty cool
      • Fairly competent as well
        • Scale Shot to knock off the Pokeballs was pretty good
        • Stalling the Swellow fight to make sure Latios does show up
        • Picking an area where it's difficult to fly around as freely, which is the Latios/Latias specialty
        • Zapping Swellow/Steelix and not just forgetting about them
      • When he first shows up, he looks beat the hell up. It's a small detail I like quite a bit - gives the implications of his persistence at this and the struggle but he still came pretty close to succeeding
    • I like the finisher - use Psychic for the illusionary bait to fly above and launch an Aura Sphere
    • Latios still not fully trusting humans despite what Ash and co. pulled off. Not everything has a super fairy tale ending - always have other factors coming into play
      • Happy that they weren't caught tbh. Never saw a point in that, especially this late into the series.
    • Alto Mare cameo was pretty nice
      • Since this series has kinda been the "greatest hits" of tropes/series aspects, I find it cool to reference this movie to represent the mainline movie series while at the same time covering the "Pokemon Hunter" trope
      • I already knew about this cameo but I forgot about it in the moment so it still worked out as a surprise lol
  • Cons:
    • I find it a bit silly that Latios goes to immediately attack the people who are with Latias, even with Latias attempting to block the shot.
    • Why does the carbonite freezing disappear when the device gets destroyed, and why did Brock know about that???
      • Brock is secretly a Pokemon Hunter
    • IMO this suffers from single-episode syndrome, just like the Team Rocket episode. Definitely could've had way more impact as a 2-parter
    • I think the pay-off overall was fine, getting Latias to see someone trustworthy for this mini-series to be able to help later on. Yet, I still feel like it could've been a bit more grandiose overall, probably related to the single-episode problem. Also have been fairly spoiled by the scale of Hunter J operations tbh.
    • Latias's farewell with Ash was a bit abrupt IMO
So overall, I think this was a fine conclusion to the Latias arc. Was never expecting any captures, and I think this episode had promise, but I really wish this was 2 episodes.

Onwards to the finale.

GMax Helios

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I'm really confused how Pikachu's Iron Tail destroying the device put all the Pokemon back to normal, especially since in DP while, yes, Pikachu was able to stop J from using it, it didn't reverse everything. Regigigas is the one who brought the Regi trio and Brandon (yes, a human got hit with it. Though to be fair, Brandon was shielding Regigigas from it) back, not the machine being destroyed. Why did it not work back then, but here it did?

One more thing, I have a complaint with Jenny's appearance. Not the appearance itself, but how out of the blue it was. There was literally no scene of anyone telling someone to call Jenny, and it's not even explained why she was even there in the 1st place. Are you trying to tell me she was just minding her own business until she conveniently flew near the area as the battle ended? Here's an idea, how about earlier in the episode Misty tells Ash and Brock that while they chase the hunter she's gonna go get her (I say Misty for 2 reasons. 1, do you really think Brock can be trusted with this task? 2, she was wholly worthless in this episode, so having her get Jenny would've at least given her some contribution).

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I can't help thinking Latios/Latias were portrayed a bit ungrateful at the end.

As for Latios, I can somehow understand if it's still a bit suspicious of humans considering what it went through. You could argue, though, that after seeing what Ash and his friends had done in order to save them, Latios could have become a bit more open-minded, at least towards Ash.

The bigger problem however is Latias: It's been stalking our heroes since the very first episode of MPM. It has been rescued and healed by Ash several times. And after all that there was a short, unemotional farewell scene where Latias was somehow acting like "Yeah, that's it. I'm off. We had a nice time but we'll never meet again."
What I'd like to say is that send-off scene could have been done much better.
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That ball fondling guy was right. They deliberately made it so that audience would rage quit.
Nah, I 'm not angry about that. Just a bit disappointed because for the penultimate episode of the "Ash Anime", well I don't know, you kind of expect something more emotional... something more spectacular. But I guess that's been the problem of MPM since the first episode.