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Ash Versus the Champion (713)

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somehow Trip has more badges then Ash (worst rivalry ever)
Was Gary and Ash's rivalry the worst too then? Considering Gary had more badges.

Ash used Screenhogachu once again instead of one of his reserves
Seems natural to have Ash's main Pokemon go up against the champion in a 1v1.

the entire "Trip meeting Alder" plot was wasted, and it was just plain boring.
Not really, it was used to show how disappointed, annoyed and ashamed Trip was of his idol.

Also, Alder was a complete jackhole, acting like a jerk to Trip, and FALLING ASLEEP DURING A BATTLE. I feel sorry that Afrobull has to put up with such a fool.
That was the whole point of his personality and character, to seem incredibly different to some serious strong trainer.

I'm with Dman on this one, the anime is really going downhill.
Or maybe, people just can't accept the anime for what it is, instead of complaining about every god damn thing.


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Once again nowhere on the internet, so I looked at the photos. It looks disappointing, to be honest. The battle had no winner, and Trip was pretty pointless. I thought Serperior or Unfezant would premiere, but I guess not.
Eh, if you install Keyhole you can watch it at 11am GMT, but it's kinda pixelly and sometimes lags, and also airs at a time where I'm usually at work.
....Food poisoning can come in handy sometimes.

Also, I know that the whole "It's a kids show" excuse has been done too many times, but complaining just because Trip didn't debut a new Pokemon and that the anime is truly going downhill sounds like a load of bollocks. Don't we watch this show to be entertained, to see what's going on with Dento and co. (fock Ash) every week and maybe have a few sh!ts n' giggles?
I wonder if there's a necessity for a thread entitled "What's your idealistic version of the anime?" sometimes, because all I see is people being jelly over how their high expectations haven't been reached.


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So, who won and how?

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So, who won and how?
Nobody won alder got himself knocked out by head charge after he fell asleep that is and gave it an apple and then they all when to grab some lunch. Yeah it went down like that.
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Boy, it was mostly Trip fighting the guy, how disapointing. Darn you writers! Messing me up with the episode title like that.


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It seemed like a waste of episode to me, the only pokemon of Ash's we see happens to be the one seen in the last 712 episodes, you know because we are only intrested in him and not any of ash's ogther pokemon. would it hurt too much to have a few seconds at least, of a shafted reserve?

Why, writers waste another opportunity to show one of the new 8 pokemon you made ash catch and have done nothing with? BORING


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Why does it say on Bulbapedia that Ash lost when clearly Bouffalant stopped the battle midway to have a temper tantrum?


Oh wait, it got edited. Good to see that there's someone intelligent over there.


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Was Gary and Ash's rivalry the worst too then? Considering Gary had more badges.
Yeah, he even extended the 8 badge limit by winning 10 badges


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No he doesn't.

Nice Spoilers there.

Well I got a chance to watch finally, and let me just say that it was "Alright". It was cool and all but I just think that I got trolled because it was mentioned that Trip battles Alder, I guess it was said that Trip wants to battle Alder. @___@ Even worse is that we see none of Ash's Pokemon except the temper tantrum Pikachu. No Pokemon at all from Shooter as well.:/ I did enjoy the Shooter & Santuro stuff and it makes me curious as to what it will be in the Dub. Seeing that random Gigalith reminding me of the Metagross/Magnezone Episode minus the Magnezone. No memorable BGM's... I am getting a bit ticked hearing the evolution theme all the time. They should have used Alder's battle music since..... you know, Ash battled Alder.

All I am glad for is that we see them passing the damn bridge.... FINALLY!:D And also I am applauding for a 14 day waiting period..... Awesome.




I don't understand why Trip's badges look different (Insect, Bolt and Quake badges). Does anybody know why?
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Does anyone have a link to the new ending? I heard they changed it to the second part of the old ending.


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I don't understand why Trip's badges look different (Insect, Bolt and Quake badges). Does anybody know why?
Because the 3 badges that Trip has that look different aren't the Insect, Bolt, or Quake Badges, they are Anime-only badges. I should have expected the writers to pull it off this saga since they always seem to showcase different badges aside from the usual 8 from the games.

Does anyone have a link to the new ending? I heard they changed it to the second part of the old ending.
New opening? Oh new ending.... ~____~ No I haven't seen any place that has it.


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This episode was very funny, but I didn't like it much. It was cool to see Gigaiath for the 1st time. Baffuron was very funny in this episode. It was getting very frustrated with Alder when he wouldn't call out orders since he was sleeping instead. Baffuron's reactions were priceless! I couldn't stop laughing at the Gang's and Baffuron's reactions to Alder sleeping and then the Gang's reaction to Baffuron knocking out Alder with Head Charge. Alder was hilarious when he got in trouble with Jenny, and then fell when he tried to jump off when Jenny threatened with handcuffs. Alder definitely didn't act like a champion in the battle against Ash... The battle had to be the worst ever. It was very Brock-like for Alder to be flirting with Joy, and considering his age, it was creepy... Alder lifted Gigaiath up after Gigaiath knocked him out like Baffuron did earlier, to find the problem which ended up being a nail of some sort. Trip became so dissappointed at what Alder had become, and left. It was funny when Alder kept saying his name wrong. Alder gave Baffuron an apple, and ironically became hungry himself right after.



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Ugh you guys always complaining... I just saw the last half of the episode, from where Shooti (or should I say Shutaro, or what was it that Alder called him :'D) dashes off. But what I've read from here, the beginning sounds like pretty goddamn good too! I liked that the battle didn't have a winner, since now they can battle again and the tables are clear. Though I feel kinda bad for Shutaro :/ His dream-champion wasn't the one after all. Well, for him at least.

And I gotta say, Alder truly is the best champion so far. I already liked his design very much and now with the personality the gave him. I'm gonna start fangirling him just like Shutaro used to did! I love how he's not that serious, and his flirting habits and just about everything! Hope he'll appear again, I'll be highly disappointed if doesn't. And did he call Ash 'Santaro?'

Gosh I love that man. And I think it was a great episode (at least the bits I saw), I don't know what you're talking about when you're saying that the anime is going downhills? These last few episodes have been entertaining as what! And so has been the whole season too!


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I don't understand why Trip's badges look different (Insect, Bolt and Quake badges). Does anybody know why?
It's an anime thing. I personally have no problem because it shows that there are other gyms out there besides the 8 in the games. Plus, it's always fun to guess what the pokemon types the gyms specialize in based on the badges' shapes & colors. For example, Trip's fifth badge is shaped kind of like an arm smashing something, so I bet it's probably from a Fighting type gym & is called the Pummel Badge

As for the other 2:
* My guess for the third badge is either a Ghost type gym because of the lavender color & it's shape kind of looks like a stereotypical ghost-similar to the Fog Badge, or it could be from a Steel type gym because it also looks like a sword, representing either medieval or military arms and armory
* Since the dominant color for the fourth badge is magenta, my initial guess would be psychic. However, after looking at the shape, I think that badge came from a Poison type gym since it looks like a gush of venom shooting out, similar to when a pokemon uses Toxic. So, I bet it's called either the Venom Badge or the Acid Badge
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That was needed. Do you know what a Rivalry is, well if Trip didn't have the upper hand from the start, it wouldn't of been a very good one. The rival should always be better because it's more of a challenge.
That's not a rivalry, that's the complaint of Ash in reverse. By definition, rivals should be close to equals in terms of strength. When rivals battle, they should bring out the best in one another. The writers haven't written a compelling rivalry since the start of the series to the point that I question if they even know the difinition of the word. A rivalry should never be as one sided as they've done it with one side constantly having the upper hand. Just look at any other series with rivals and you'll see how it's supposed to be.


-Ash is finally on his way towards Driftveil, when Iris stops him to...point out a festival!
-...a festival where there's Whack-A-Sandile using real Sandile. That seems kind of cruel.
-Oh, it's not just a festival; it's Performer Street.
-...they're selling ice cream shaped like Vanillite(complete with face!). That's kind of creepy.
-Oh, Shooti's there too. And he doesn't give a damn about Ash, as usual.
-And of course, when Ash goes to brag about his new badge, Shooti shows off that he has five badges...but to be fair, if he managed to get out of Nimbasa before the TR plot struck, he would have had a head start on Ash simply because Ash had to wait for the drawbridge. (then again, all of Shooti's badges past the second one are 100% anime-only...)
-Shooti doesn't want to fight Ash(as usual), but this time he has a really good reason for it! Alder is here!
-As a random aside, I think it's a nice touch that you can see the Driftveil Drawbridge in the distance while Shooti's blathering on about Alder.
-Then we get a flashback to Alder promising to battle Shooti someday(and we all know that there's no way he made that promise to every single little kid who wanted to be a trainer that he's met!)
-Speaking of Alder...he's just up the hill! Sitting in Officer Jenny's motorcycle and chilling out with her Herdier. Jenny...isn't really pleased about this. Her Herdier seems to like Alder just fine, though.
-Jenny boots Alder out of her bike and drives off, and Trip rushes up to Alder. Alder does a good show of prtending to remember who he is(even though it's been years and there must have been hundreds of kids who were all I'M GOING TO BATTLE YOU SOMEDAY to him), but...he gets Shooti's name wrong, and calls him Shuutaro. Well, to be fair, it has been years since they met one(1) time.
-Ash, having no sense of propriety, rushes up to Alder and asks for a battle. Shooti is understandably kind of annoyed at this, and the end result is a little shoving match.
-I think Alder just offered to fight them both at once, but I'm not really sure.
-When they insist on fighting individually...Shooti volunteers Ash to go first? And he's acting all smug about it; I'm guessing he thinks Ash doesn't stand a chance?
-...Alder just called Ash Santaro! I guess calling people (first syllable or two of their name)-taro is going to be Alder's "thing"?
-Alder leads with Buffafro Bouffalant. Ash uses Pikachu, because WHY NOT.
-Ash makes the first move by ordering a Thunderbolt, and Alder...is just standing calmly with his eyes closed. Welp.
-Bouffalant shakes the attack off easily, and Alder still doesn't do anything. Is this supposed to be some way of showing Ash that Alder's clearly stronger even without attacking?
-Alder keeps up the no-commands act even through a Quick Attack and an Iron Tail. Everyone immediately starts speculating about what the hell he's doing.
-Pikachu starts charging up an Electro Ball, and...Bouffalant's starting to get annoyed at Alder's silent treatment!
-Bouffalant pretty much yells at Alder after the attack hits, and...wait...Alder's...asleep. That's amazing.
-Ash's reaction is...about what you'd expect from someone whose opponent(much less the CHAMPION OF THE UNOVA REGION) fell asleep right at the start of their battle.
-Alder orders an Afro Break(**** you, I know it's Head Smash Charge(see? it's so non-memorable that I couldn't remember its name) in English, but Afro Break sounds so much cooler), and Bouffalant is kind of testy towards him...so Alder slaps it on the ass to get it to charge forward! Okay, this is officially better than Cynthia's "spend hours choosing between ice cream flavors" gimmick.
-Bouffalant charges towards Pikachu...gets right in front of it...then turns around...and hits Alder!
-It's a one hit KO! Bouffalant wins! Looks like Alder's trainer is going to have to work on his defenses some more.
-Alder gets back up quickly enough, and Bouffalant has already distracted itself by eating some bushes.
-Shooti asks if he can battle now, but Alder doesn't want to...and starts talking about Jenny instead. Dento and Iris' reactions are...about what you'd expect.
-Then Shooti breaks out a speech about getting stronger and blah blah blah generic speech blah
-I have to say, the anime's doing a much better job of capturing the whole "Alder doesn't really care about battles anymore" thing than the games did.
-Shooty ends up walking away in a huff. I can't really blame him.
-Alder makes up with Bouffalant by giving it an apple...and then his stomach growls. Well, champions gotta eat too.
-At the Pokemon Center...Alder's hitting on Joy. It's like he's an entertaining version of Brock or something.
-Lunch gets awkward, what with all the trainers staring in awe at Alder. But they go away quickly enough once Alder asks.
-And it's time for our biannual "have all the main characters reaffirm what their goals are" scene.
-But now I think Alder's asking them what they'll do after they reach their goals? Dammit, they're kids! Don't send them into their midlife crisis early just because you're going through one!
-Or maybe he's asking them why they have their goals? I dunno. All I know is that they all answer with something to do with strength and THAT WON'T FLY.
-Joy pops up in a panic, and...did Alder just call her "honey"?
-Oh, by the way, a Gigalith is tearing up the street.
-Alder apparently gets his apples from the same place Iris kept getting them from in the Cottonee episode.
-Having a Gigalith slam you into a light pole has got to hurt.
-Jenny starts to fight back against the Gigalith, but Bouffalant blocks Herdier's Shadow Ball!
-Let me take a moment to say that Gigalith sounds really, really cool.
-It was rampaging because of a nail in its foot. And...bahahhaa, everyone but Alder is cringing when they see how long it is.
-And then Alder offers the Gigalith a...mineral thing. Because they don't eat apples, obviously!
-Jenny starts telling Alder off for some reason, but is interrupted when the light pole from earlier starts to fall towards her. That ain't good.
-But Gigalith saves her, so it turns out okay!
-And then Alder gives a nice warm-fuzzies speech about friendship and Pokemon and blah blah blah generic speech blah.
-They say their goodbyes in front of the drawbridge. Ash gets a head rub, and Iris and Dento just kind of edge away to the side a bit. Thus ends the episode.
-...the ending changed to a new verse. No more GIARU GIGIGIARU GIGIGIARU for us. :(

This episode was...different. I'll reiterate what I said about the anime actually showing Alder going through his "doesn't care much about being a trainer anymore" phase(as opposed to the games, where it's told and not shown). In that light, it worked pretty well. And if anyone had any doubts about Trip taking Cheren's place before, it's obvious now - between Trip talking about getting stronger, and then everyone else talking about their dreams and getting stronger to reach them(and Alder being disappointed at that), Cheren would just be redundant at this point.
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Juputoru is talking about the ending where Meowth is pretending to be a dj, and some guy is singing all the pokemon's names. The "GIARU GIGIGIARU GIGIGIARU" is him singing the names of the Klink line.