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Ash Versus the Champion (713)


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Alder flurting with girls, falling asleep, getting ash and trip's names wrong ... and people call him the champion.

Poision and steel? wow! 2 of the 3 types that unova does not have a specail trainer of.

anime only badges, those are from three gym leaders besides the 8 in the games. But what towns did trip get them from? and what could be the names for the gym leaders for those gyms?
Did trip or any one specifically mention that two of his different gym badges are from a Poison or Steel-type gym? If not, then which one do you think is from a Steel-type gym (I can't tell because none of them look grey).


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When I first watched the episode, I was kinda disappointed that Alder wasn't quite the same as in the games. I can understand why some people really don't like him. But, the more I reflect on it, the more I like Alder. I think it's interesting how he's so different from what you'd expect from a champion. He's so casual about it, doesn't boast, and knows that enjoying life is more important than maintaining your power. That's cool. And I do think he has an interesting lesson up his sleeve: it's not smart to think that, once you accomplish your goals, life will just be "And I lived happily ever after." You really do have to consider what you're going to do once you achieve your goals, what you'll strive for then, and how you'll try to enjoy the journey.

Wow, kinda a tangent. Back to the episode. My main beef with it was the fact that Bouffalant wouldn't do ANYTHING unless commanded, not even dodge. I mean, come on, can't that at least be a given? Also, I know complaining about realism in a show like this is a little... odd... but Alder was able to flip a 573.2 lb Pokemon? Really? I think it would've been more realistic if Bouffalant did the flipping: and that would've given Bouffalant and Alder a chance to show how they work well together. Not to mention I thought the whole Gigalith-was-only-attacking-because-it-was-hurt thing was predictable. But these aren't huge complaints by any means.

Also, someone commented that Trip seems like the Cheren of the anime: I agree completely. And someone said something about him acting Brock-ish. Yeah, my first thought was, "Is he Brock's long lost grandfather?" :)

Anyway, it was an enjoyable episode.


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Alder looks like such a pedo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he is the worst champion so far, i think he sucks.
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just saying because ash and alder's match was forfitted doesn't that make ash champ of unova untill he loses


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A champion falling asleep during a battle.... Oh how I love cynthia so much better


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Well...Alder's....a joke. But OH WELL. He's not stereotypical, so I'm okay with it! There's your change Pokefans Qwaa ;195;


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I don't like Trip, but this was one of his better episodes, as we get a glimpse into his past. I liked champion Alder, though, he was one of the more interesting VIPs like Cynthia or Bruno. I especially LOL'd at the part where he actually nodded off during his battle and his bouffalant got ticked off.



When Alder asked Ash what he will do after he reaches his goal he replies I never thought about it, which is appropriate since he'll never reach it. Also it;s a shame Ash didn't capture the gigalith, I know I would have at least tried it if that happened ingame.


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I loved this episode. The scenes with Alder flirting with the girls were my favorite. I loved the Gigalith part as well.


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Alder was the best part of this episode for me, I thought he was awesome! I liked many of the things he did in the episode - especially flirting with the Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, falling asleep during battle, and getting attacked by Bouffalant and Gigalith. Also loved how he seemed so forgetful, like how he couldn't remember Ash and Trip's names and kept calling them Ashton and Tristan instead. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.


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After seeing the episode in which Bianca confronted Elesa I've been watching the series as the new episodes are aired here (these episodes are new here). This episode came today and I had expected that they would go to the Driftveil Drawbridge so I was positively surprised when they stayed for a while to follow the entertainers and met Alder. Alder is probably one of the most eccentric characters I've seen in Pokémon anime :D But he was rather awesome - only champion can be like that! I haven't seen Trip before (well, I've seen only 4 episodes so far so...) and I was kinda disappointed that he didn't battle with Alder because I would have liked to see what kind of Pokémon and battling style he had. But oh well, I'll probably see him again anyway if I keep watching the series from now on. Even though this episode was somewhat filler material it included many good scenes and awesome character of Alder so I have to say that I liked the episode.


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I liked this episode. It's funny when he was mispronouncing Ash and Trip's name.
Ash and Alder's battle was hilariouse, He got knocked out by his own Bouffalant at the end of the battle. xD
His filrting with Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy reminded me of Brock.
Also, It's cool how he stopped the rampaging Gigalith and clamed it down by pulling out the nail off of it's feet.
I guess Brock was giving Alder pointers in the Nurse Joy department.
I think I know why Alder is the way he is. Getting attacked that much would mess anyone up in the head.
Well, Alder was different from other champions. I like it. It's too bad Trip didn't stay for the entire episode. It's like the writers don't want him to have any development which is what he needs.