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Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!! (1227)


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Can’t believe we forgot what Ash’s dream is kek

Oh right, being a "Pokemon master". I don't think that's a question that needs an answer. I've never thought of it as that. It also doesn't require any "buildup" anyway. If the show chooses to answer it, it's a one-episode deal.


Call me Robert guys
Ah well, at least Corphish got two new moves, although I think they might be teasing an evolution in a feature episode with sith the training they were doing. And Latias following them.

Anyways, Misty is still best girl and they should have bought her back ages ago <3!!!!


Water starter fan
Huge improvement on last week. Banter between Ash and Misty was a welcome sight (nice to see this side of Ash's personality after what seemed like eternity) - I particularly liked the bit where he taunted Misty over Cilan's lure lol. TRio were more tolerable this week. Really loved hearing "To Be Continued... " at the end too. Even the battle was pretty decent.

Only lamentable thing was Totodile not getting to do anything - really wish this show could've treated him (and the other Johto mons) better but hey ho.

Blood Red

It was a remake of the similar scene from episode 3 of OS, there were a couple such remakes last week too. Felt pretty out of character for both of them really.
They're pandering to OS nostalgia by having them act like they did in Kanto. I'd complain that neither of 'em are acting how they should, but Ash's character has already been mangled so badly that he's like 11 different people now.


Too lazy to pick a pic
Not even rating this one. It doesn't deserve it. Has Ash actually won anything in MPM so far?
It's only the second episode.

Not a fan, but if Misty was working on that clauncher for some time, it's fair it goes to her. Funny that the thing bonded more Ash's corphish than with her.

An ok episode. I didn't see latias, tho. C'mon, will they let Ash's last slot free until latias decides to stop the tsundere act?