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Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!! (1227)

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If you didn't see Latias there, here ya go.



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For anyone who needs a refresher, Misty and Ash showed the same dynamic in SM, but they were surrounded by people and Brock was there to minimize any conflict, so naturally it wasn't emphasized as much because the episode focused on other characters too.

In this episode, it was just two of them, so naturally sparks will fly even more lol.

This idea that Ash and Misty are acting "out of character", when this has always been dynamic, is completely mistaken.


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...don't even remind me of what they did to my poor monkey.
The one who got beat by moltres without even landing a single hit? I mean, that does sound like a joke to me.
In Infernape's defense, it fought against a Legendary Pokemon meanwhile Corphish fought against Politoed who isnt even Misty's ace Pokemon.
the only problem with Infernape was that it magically disappeared from the battle with no explanation.


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This is what JN could have been. I said it last week. Its heavy nostalgia OG ( (just for information: When I say OG, I mean the first 82 episode of Pokemon.) pandering. Ash in his OG persona, Misty in her OG persona, their dynamic is just brilliant. Misty being a tsundere, their teasing with each other... so many memories are flowing back. We retrieved what we have lost with MPM.

Directly a callback episode for Totodile like we said last week. It was just purely fun, especially had to laugh when I saw Misty's expression, when she saw the Cilan lure. The battle overall was really good, and as I said last week, I knew that Misty would win. Corpish didn't battle in ages, while Misty is a gym leader, probably battles every day with her pokemon. Her Politoed was here since the beginning as a Poliwag, so it was nice to see how strong she got.

I liked the Magikarp U-Boat from Team Rocket. Directly reference to OG times, I had a smile on my face.

What I also liked was the fishing contest between them, I mean rods are not used anymore in our mainline pokemon games. So it was nice to see that Misty and Ash stimulated our nostalgia with rods like in Red/Blue, where fishing mattered.

and the ending, what can I say. I still see here some users, that still say that the scene with Latias last week, was left vague. No it was not. There was not 1 percent chance, that she would not follow him. Either way, it was nice to see her as well, watching Ash from above. Will give her the opportunity to see, that Ash genuinely cares and loves his Pokemon.

And yes, Misty joins Ash as his travel companion again. Acting shy, following him secretly. 90's were the best time to live in. I liked Pikachu's reaction, before even Ash asked, Pikachu directly accepted and was hugging Misty lol. First travel companion and first friend returned.

I heard that Misty congratulated Ash for becoming world champion and something about her sisters.

My last words: They found the right formula again, but sadly just before ending Ash's journey..


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Well, you can't say she won "flawlessly". Corphish and clauncher's bromance is apparently stronger than anything.

It's funny, because corphish pulled a good effort and got an uptaded moveset (aqua jet and metal claw), but, it would be worse if was with leavanny or rowlet.
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This is a direct parallel to episode 3 in literally every single way. Except Misty couldn't tell Ash exactly why she was following him. Back then she made the excuse of her bike but we all know that wasn't it.
Yeah, directly a callback when Ash caught Caterpie and Misty was totally afraid to walk in the forest all alone, because she is/was scared of bug pokemon. Misty's reaction towards Caterpie is still hilarious to this day :D