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Ash vs. Paul

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With 3 new additons to his team, if Ash of right now faced of Paul of that 6 on 6 battle, what do you think would be the outcome? Remember, this is assuming Paul's pokemon's strength are still the same after that battle.





Gible vs. Weavile(Weavile)

Buizel vs. Weavile(Buizel)

Ursaring vs. Buizel(Ursaring)

Ursaring vs. Staraptor(Tie)

Magmortar vs. Infernape(Tie)

Honchcrow vs. Torterra(Tie)

Electabuzz vs. Pikachu(Tie)

Paul's Torterra is the standing victor.
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Wait, do you think Ash won't beat him?
I think the battle will be different than their last 6 vs 6 battle. Paul might change 1-2 pokemon, maybe Weavile.

Aggron vs Infernape (Infernape)

Ursaring vs Staraptor (Staraptor)

Torterra vs Staraptor (Torterra)

Infernape vs Torterra (Infernape)

Honchkrow vs Infernape (Honchkrow)

Pikachu vs Honchkrow (Pikachu)

Magmortar vs Pikachu (Magmortar)

Buizel vs Magmortar (Buizel)

Electivire vs Buizel (Electivire)

Electivire vs Pikachu (Electivire)

Torterra vs Electivire (Ash's Torterra)


Writer's Block
Assuming Paul's pokemon were at the same level as they were in the last 6 on 6 battle Ash could win or at least take out 2 more of Paul's Pokemon. This is of course assuming Paul doesn't change up his roster and that Paul has been sitting on his butt all day.

However we know good and well Paul has been training. Paul may think Ash's battling style is weak but Paul is no dummy. He would still train his Pokemon knowing that A.) Ash would be training too and B.) There could be some seriously tough opponents in the league.


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I could see Electabuzz wiping out Pikachu, (happens all the time with a rival owning some one from the Electabuzz family), or atleast recalled for Infernape,and Infernape would definately beat him. By the way, I think that Infernape > Paul's team, except Torterra, the silent, yet durable Buldozer. I seriously don't see why some people are asking for a Torterra v Torterra battle, all that I want is for Torterra (Ash's) to get his revenge on that dreadful raven known as Honchcrow. Infernape's challenge would be most definately be a Fire Pokemon battle, pitted against Magmortar, seeing as he (Infernape) would shred through anyone else.


Doritoes,Leaf Storm!
Wait, do you think Ash won't beat him?
I think the battle will be different than their last 6 vs 6 battle. Paul might change 1-2 pokemon, maybe Weavile.

Aggron vs Infernape (Infernape)

Ursaring vs Staraptor (Staraptor)

Torterra vs Staraptor (Torterra)

Infernape vs Torterra (Infernape)

Honchkrow vs Infernape (Honchkrow)

Pikachu vs Honchkrow (Pikachu)

Magmortar vs Pikachu (Magmortar)

Buizel vs Magmortar (Buizel)

Electivire vs Buizel (Electivire)

Electivire vs Pikachu (Electivire)

Torterra vs Electivire (Ash's Torterra)
Mate, youre kind of confusing, why have Pikachu and Buizel and Magmortar swapped sides? :D

Aggron? The guy needs a water type if he is serious, any water type would be better. He has seen Infernape, he knows the monkey would crush Aggrons skull to bits


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Infernape vs Electabuzz(possible Electivire)
Torterra vs Honckrow

These are matches that have to happen.

These two sets have a history together. Infernape feels a rivalry or something wiht Electabuzz and Honckrow has beaten Torterra as a Grotle and Turtwig.

If these matches don't happen then I'm going to be really upset.


Izit cuz I is black?
I would wish for Gliscor to return for this particular battle, so here's what I say

Buizel VS Torterra- Torterra frozen by Ice Punch and withdrawn
Buizel VS Electivire- Buizel withdrawn
Torterra VS Electivire- Electivire withdrawn
Torterra VS Honchkrow- Torterra wins
Torterra VS Magmortar- Torterra withdrawn
Buizel VS Magmortar- Buizel wins
Buizel VS Electivire- Electivire wins
Torterra VS Electivire- Electivire withdrawn
Torterra VS Torterra- Paul's Torterra unfreezes, and wins
Gliscor VS Torterra- Torterra withdrawn
Gliscor VS Weavile- Gliscor withdrawn
Pikachu VS Weavile- Pikachu wins

BREAK- Ash 4, Paul 3

Staraptor VS Electivire- Staraptor withdrawn
Pikachu VS Electivire- Electivire wins
Infernape VS Electivire- Infernape wins, but is paralysed and withdrawn
Staraptor VS Ursaring- Staraptor wins
Staraptor VS Torterra- Torterra wins

AND finally, both Infernape and Gliscor battle Torterra... I'd allow either the win and be ecstatic either way


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Infernape vs Electabuzz
Torterra or Staraptor vs Honchkrow
Pikachu vs Magmortar
I'd like to See Buizel maybe battle Weavile or Ursaring and although not likely Gliscor battle Paul's Torterra. As for Gible I cant really see it doing anything to Paul's pokemon besides being knocked out.

V Faction

I don't particularly care how they orchestrate the battle, all I know is that Ash better win.

Half the fun is watching the battle to see which way the pendulum swings. I normally don't find predicting the battle to be all that exciting.


Master Collector
Gible Vs Weavile - Weavile
Weavbile Vs Staraptor - Staraptor, Yes Again
Ursaring Vs Buizel - Buizel
Buizel Vs Hinchkrow - Honchkrow, Buizel would be wrecked because of Ursaring
Honchkrow Vs Torterra - Torterra, Much Deserved Payback
Torterra(Paul) Vs Torterra(Ash's) - Torterra (Paul's)
Torterra Vs Staraptor - Torterra
Torterra Vs Pikachu - Pikachu
Pikachu Vs Electivire - Tie
Infernape Vs Magmortar - Ultimately Infernape

There would obviously be many more mixed battles i believe that is just who will take down who
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Well if Ash had battled Paul with this teakm back then I think he would have done way better. Maybe not won but it would have been a huge improvement.

Buizel vs Torterra - Ash may not have withdrawn Buizel right away. He would have allowed it to get in a good Ice Punch first. Dealing Torterra a huge amount of damage before withdrawing it.

Gible vs Torterra - It'd still lose but I could see it pulling a few Gible-tricks to deal Torterra damage. With Dig it could make it hard for Torterra to hit Gible. I could see Paul responding with Frenzy Plant to unearth Gible and then Gible eating the Frenzy Plant. It'd land a few hits before fainting though.

Staraptor vs Torterra - While Staraptor hasn't learned any new moves, I'm sure it's speed and power have both increased. It'd dodge that first Stone Edge at least. Paul would proceed to withdraw Torterra like in the first battle.

Staraptor vs Weavile - Staraptor would win again, just much quicker than last time. Taking far less damage.

Torterra vs Electabuzz - Electabuzz sets up the Light Screen

Torterra vs Honchkrow - Torterra would be able to stand up to Honchkrow with it's increased Defense. After waiting out the Light Screen, Torterra would probably deal the finishing blow to Honchkrow. Ash would then withdraw it.

Pikachu vs Magmortar - Like Staraptor, Pikachu hasn't had any changes since that battle but I'm sure it's speed and power have increased. Pikachu would weaken Magmortar but the burn would still probably be too much.

Buizel vs Magmortar - This time Buizel would have the power to finish Magmortar off.

Buizel vs Ursaring - I could see Buizel dealing even more damage then last time with moves like Ice Aqua Jet. It'd ultimately lose again though.

Staraptor vs Ursaring - Well, between Buizel dealing it severe damage beforehand and Staraptor's new strength, it'd probably end in a draw this time.

Pikachu vs Torterra - Pikachu would deal damage before fainting

Infernape vs Torterra - The weakened Torterra would fall

Infernape vs Electabuzz - Draw. It was pretty close the first time so this time it'll be even closer.

That's assuming Paul's team hasn't gotten any better. Which, of course, wpn't happen.


Doritoes,Leaf Storm!
I normally don't find predicting the battle to be all that exciting.
Yup. Knowing them writers, Gliscors gonna return before Cybercubed goes spare, then will sweep Pauls whole team and assassinate Paul himself with a guillotine in overexcitement.


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Provided Paul does not make any substitutions and his team is the same after DP132, Ash should do way better. He might be able to beat him as well.


If Paul uses his usual team with no substitutions, I can see it being somewhat like this:

Weavile vs Buizel - Both seem to be the weakest on their teams so I can see them fighting it out. Buizel would win.

Torterra vs Buizel - Torterra is able to endure most attacks and it's Grass attacks are strong against Buizel, Torterra would win.

Torterra vs Staraptor - Staraptor's Flying attacks would work well but Torterra is full of surprised and I'm sure Torterra would win once more. Paul would substitute it.

Honchkrow vs Gible - Gible would have Draco Meteor mastered at this point so I'm pretty sure it would be able to win the battle.

Ursaring vs Gible - Ursaring is wild, Gible would be crushed but Ash would probably substitute it for Pikachu.

Ursaring vs Pikachu - Pikachu would fight a good fight and it would tie with Ursaring.

Magmortar vs Gible - Gible would be tired out from it's previous fight and it would lose despite being resistant to Fire attacks. Magmortar would win.

Magmortar vs Torterra - Torterra's new Ground type attack would win the battle (I'm assuming it learns one at one point).

Torterra vs Torterra - A tie, I don't think Paul's is any stronger than Ash's, and both are pretty slow so it would work.

Electabuzz vs Infernape - Both seemed to have something going on between them, almost like a rivalry and a friendship. Though I think it'll have evolved at this point. This is the final battle in which Infernape defeats Paul.

Make of that what you will~
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Better Than Thou
I'm hoping for Paul to actually win it. Then the writers pull something like "It dosen't matter if he's stronger than me...He dosen't enjoy it at all!" and thus stick to game physics and let the better trainer win, but let the kiddies be happy for Ash.
Well I would think Ash would win the next time they face each other (at the league most likely is when that will happen).

Pikachu will be at its strong point by that point. We have Infernape and Torterra. We know Staraptor can at least handle Weavile. It's only Buizel and Gible that I'm unsure about. Hopefully, Buizel is going to be improved enough to get at least one win. I don't think Gible will be ready to face Paul unless it evolves at the league. We'll see though.
i am one of those that believe that ash will use his reserves in the league

but in terms of the senario of ash right now vs paul of the old 6v6, id say ash would still loose, but paul would only have torterra remaining and maybe ursaring remaining


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paul may call ash weak but after seeing infernape and staraptor (and he will see torterra sooner or later) I think he respects ash as a trainer.

we know he is quite smart as he uses pokemons abilitys to his advantage.
ursarings guts and magmortars flame body.

he also uses weaviles swords dance so it shows he knows how to make his pokemon stronger.
this all means he will most likely do either of the following(or all of them):
* evolve electibuzz and lairon and use either of them at the league
* make his current team a lot stronger and use them at the league
* use powerful pokemon that we have not seen him use before (Tyranitar, metagross, garchomp, salamence, scizor, feraligator, etc.)
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