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Ash's AG Team

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Contaminated KFC
It sure is~

I do actually have a different AG Team picture in the works, and its much closer to the animé style than this. I'll try and post it within a day or so, if I can actually be bothered to finish it~


Perverted Ash fan
Donphan made me scream with laughter all of a sudden o.o

All of the Pokémon are very well done, and once again you managed to catch the right personality for each of them. Or at least, the personalities they should have had. XP

That style makes me think of Hanna Barbera cartoons as well, and quite frankly... It looks good ;P
meh it reminds me of neopets
but i really like how you drew the swellow or is it tailow?
awsome job :)


Well-Known Member
Funny. Nice lineart. They all have funny and different expressions XD

Flame Haze SnS

I like how you did with Swellow. He looks really cool! Kudos to ya!

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
These are sweet and I love Grovyles expression. Donphan also made me laugh. Man, where did you pick up this style because it's sweet.


Orange Champion
Why do all the good artists never get many comments?
That's amazing. It's a unique style and the pokemon personalities really shine. I love it when you post artwork.

The Corphish is awesome by the way. So cute and weird at the same time. ^0^


Yes I use MS paint
very good
but....where is pikachu??!!
oh well
My favorites are the Donphan and the Torkoal (i love the crying)

Evanji Axu

*laughs* They're all full of such wonderfully cartoony personality!


Contaminated KFC
Chatsy said:
That style makes me think of Hanna Barbera cartoons as well, and quite frankly... It looks good ;P
I dunno...I don't see it myself, but then again I shouldn't be surprised. I was a HUGE fan of Hanna-Barbera for well over 15 years, so there are probably a few elements of their style I've picked up ^^;

Heh, I'm glad you found the Donphan amusing. The initial response I expected from members was 'Oh its good, but its REALLY creepy' >_>

Wyndigo said:
Why do all the good artists never get many comments?
'Coz people are too busy bothering with crap like this? :p


Thunder Trainer
*is speechless*

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I love your style...I love the expressions, I love just about everything about this piece...marvelous work...


Wow, I like your style a lot. ^_^ My favs are Swellow and Torkoal, but I also find the Donphan very amusing as well. Keep up the great work!


<== Wanna Hug Him?
I've seen this pic on DA. Reminds me of how a certain artist would draw them. :D The expressions on their faces are a nice touch because it's better than just simply give them boring emotionless ones.


Well-Known Member
Heh, gotta love Donphan. XD

I love the way you captured their personalities. Awesome job, and keep it up. ^^
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