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Ash's Best Rival!

Best Rival for Ash

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Well I made two polls about Ash's best Male and Female Companions so I decided to make one about Ash' best Rival. So here are the Choices:

Gary Oak

Sorry I couldn't think of a good rival from Hoenn.

My favorite is Barry because of his funny and crazy pesonality. He also has the best voice from the sinnoh league in my opinion (yeah I know trip has the same voice actor). And who could forget his catch phrase, "I'M GIVING YOU A FINE!"

So whether it be that your favorite rival is funny, a good battler, or what pick a favorite and tell me why.
You should really post these topics in the Anime Polls forum.

Anyway, I'm voting for Trip, but you didn't include all the rivals.


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I'm a Gary Oak, Bary and Shooti fan. But, I've to vote Paul here. He is the best rival Ash could ever ask for. Poor Gary suffered from poor writing. He should have made more frequent appearances in Kanto/Johto.


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Wrong section, already-existing thread. Tsk, tsk ;P
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