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Ash's dad

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Isn't the previous threads that involves Ash's Dad all locked with a Q&A at the end...

So this thread served nothing at all.

Blood Red



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If it’s those rumors of team Rockets boss being his dad turn out to be true I’ll LOL.

Nikita Dracovish

Who the hell even cares who ash’s dad is? It’s been 25 years and has absolutely zero relevance to the story.

There’s no point to even address it when it would do absolutely nothing good for the story.

Why would it be good development for someone Ash never even seems to care about or is non-existent for 25 years.
man there sure are a lot of posts caring about how no one cares

asking about ash's dad is like driving with hitler btw OP


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Actually, Satoshi visited his father at least two times in JN.

As I started watching SM since the League, I genuinely believed Kukui was the biological father and his affair with Hanako ended in a bad way.

Truth is, Kukui is the closest thing Satoshi has to an actual father.
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