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Ash's Death (pokeshippy)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MKPokemonMaster, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. MKPokemonMaster

    MKPokemonMaster ikari ftw

    Ash’s Death (pokeshippy) PG or PG-13

    It was a pretty normal day. The bird Pokémon were flying and the fire type Pokémon were getting a tan. Although it didn’t seem like anything important was going on something was. Millions of Team Rocket agents led by Giovanni were running through forests. They were split up into groups and were setting traps and things like that all over the place.

    “Mew Mew Mew” they heard. They hid in the bushes so their target wouldn’t see. Mew got caught in an electrical Pokémon trap and was knocked out.

    “Finally my everlasting goal is complete. Now we can take over the world” Giovanni said. They used Mew to try and capture all the legendary Pokémon. They made all the legends angry. It was actually all part of my plan. Giovanni used Mew’s hypnotic waves to cause all the legends to be hypnotized and his minions. The world was officially in chaos.

    Ash and Pikachu were walking back home when they were attacked by a Kyogre. The got caught in a powerful wave and drowned. At least that’s what seemed to happen until Misty showed up with her Starmie and saved Ash. She brought Ash to shore and wrapped him up in a blanket. Ash finally woke up and was surprised to see Misty above him. “Why was that Kyogre so angry” Ash asked. “Giovanni captured Mew and used it to hypnotize all the legendary Pokémon” Misty said. “That’s terrible we have to do something” Ash said. “Pi Pika” Pikachu said. “You two need your rest first. Dawn, May, Drew, Brock, and Paul are coming to stop the chaos” Misty said.

    “What about Richie, Kenny, Zoey, and Gary” Ash asked. “They’re doing things by themselves. Zoey, Kenny, and Richie haven’t been seen since all this started. Gary needs to do some research on this and help protect his grandfather” Misty said. “Ok…..” Ash said as he fell asleep on Misty’s shoulder. Misty laid him and Pikachu on the ground under a blanket. She may have seemed fine but she was worried about Ash.
    The next morning ash woke up early. Their friends arrived. “Are you ready Ash” May asked. “Yeah” ash said back. “Then let’s go” Dawn said. They flew on Paul’s Honchkrow to get to their heading. They found themselves surrounded by the three legendary birds. They sent out their Pokémon to battle. “Pikachu use thunderbolt on Articuno” Ash yelled.

    “Torterra Frenzy Plant” Paul yelled. “Starmie use hydro pump” Misty yelled. The legends flew away. “ Battling the Pokémon isn’t going to save the world. We need to figure out a way to bring peace” Brock said. “You’re right” the group agreed.
    The legends started to become furious again. The group fled to Hoenn to see if they could find answers there. While riding on his Honchkrow Paul was attacked by a Groudon. He fell of Honchkrow and banged his head on a rock leaving him unconscious. “Paul” Dawn said as she jumped off May’s Beautifly and headed for Paul.

    “Paul wake up, wake up, please wake up!” Dawn said as she shook him rapidly. Groudon was about to attack them. “Piplup use Whirlpool” Dawn commanded. Groudon was actually badly damaged from the attack since Piplup had the advantage. Groudon fled. Dawn was still trying to get Paul to wake up. “Dawn we don’t have any time. Bring Paul onto one of our Pokémon.

    " WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE” the group called. Dawn got on Paul’s Honchkrow and the left. She wouldn’t stop trying to get him to wake up. Tears filled her eyes after shaking him for about an hour. “Dawn we’re going to rest somewhere. We can treat Paul there” Brock said. The group hid in a Forest. Dawn laid Paul on the ground. He seemed fine. Dawn wrapped him up in her blanket and fell asleep. The next morning Paul awoke with Dawn’s arm wrapped around him. “Maybe she actually does like me” he told himself. “Paul you’re ok” Dawn said as she woke up and hugged him. “Good morning love birds” May said as she woke up. “WE’RE NOT LOVE BIRDS” Dawn yelled. “Paul you should have seen how much Dawn cried when you were hurt. You should have seen how worried she was” Ash said. “Come on guys a more important matter is our mission” Misty said. “Right” the group said. They got onto their flying Pokémon and flew around Hoenn. The saw some destroyed buildings, people running for their lives, and Deoxys and Rayquaza fighting! Just like before Rayquaza and Deoxys were fighting.

    “CUT IT OUT” Drew yelled. The legends responded by attacking. “Drew” May said worriedly. “I’m fine” Drew said as he stood up. When Deoxys hit its head something fell from it. “It’s a security camera made by Team Rocket or Team Galactic” Paul said. “How do you know this” Misty asked. “Um no reason” Paul said quickly. “Why would Deoxys have this” Ash said. “Giovanni’s probably using it to track Deoxys” Brock said. “Wait maybe we could track down Giovanni’s location with it” Misty suggested.

    “You’re right” the group said. The used a scanner to look at the camera. The found some D.N.A on it. The only weird thing was that it wasn’t regular D.N.A. The D.N.A belonged something transparent and holographic. “How would this kind of D.N.A be on a Team Rocket security camera” Drew asked.

    “Maybe it’s a clue. Maybe Giovanni isn’t Giovanni anymore” May said. “How is that possible” Paul said.

    “Maybe Giovanni’s using Mew’s powers for something” Brock said. “You guys may be right look at this’ Misty said as she watched a video online. It was a holographic person destroying a town and using his powers to make the legends angrier. “That must be Giovanni. He must have used Mew’s powers to turn him into this powerful person named Tabuu” Misty said.

    “Tabuu????” the group asked. “There’s a legend saying that Mew’s powers are able to make a powerful being called Tabuu. Giovanni must have somehow given those powers to himself” Misty said. “Also in the video it shows Tabuu vanishing into a black hole. What does that mean” Brock said. “It must be some different dimension. If we can figure out how to get there we could save the world” Misty said. “How are we going to figure out how to get there” Ash asked. “I don’t know” Misty snapped back.

    So now the group was puzzled. How could they make it to that dimension? Would they die trying? When they started themselves these questions a sudden earthquake occurred. The bad thing was that they were up on a mountain and the earthquake caused the mountain to collapse. Grab each others hands” May yelled. They tried but they couldn’t hold on. They fell into the ocean. They managed to realize that the earthquake was caused by Groudon and Kyogre fighting. They thought that they were save but then a Tsunami occurred causing the group to separate. Ash awoke nearby Misty. “Where’s everyone else” Ash asked. “We must have all gotten separated” Misty said.

    “Hey guys” someone yelled. “Brock you’re safe” Ash said. “How did you get here” Misty asked. “Well when I was caught in the Tsunami this beautiful Jenny saved me” Brock said with hearts in his eyes. “Your other friends must have gone farther down the ocean. You should follow the currents” Officer Jenny said. “Come on out Buizel” Ash said. “I’m coming too go Starmie” Misty said before Ash stopped her. “You can’t come it’s not safe. You should both stay here in case the rest of the group shows up or more hints to get to that dimension show up” Ash said as he went on Buizel’s back and left. “He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into” Misty said to herself.

    Meanwhile down the ocean another two people awoke on an island. “May wake up, May please wake up” Drew yelled. “I’m awake I’m awake, where are we” May said. “I’m not exactly sure. All I know is that the rest of the group is somewhere else” Drew said. “Well what are we supposed to do” May asked. “I’m not sure” Drew said. “I’m guessing that Ash and the rest of the group will be looking for us so we should just stay put” May said. “Just in case we should ride on our water or flying Pokémon so we could find Ash” Drew said. “You’re right” May said. May sent out her Wartortle and Drew sent out his Masquerain. They went up the ocean to find Ash. After riding up the ocean for along time they found Misty and Brock. “Where’s Ash” May and drew asked. “He went down the ocean looking for you guys. He told us to stay here. Where are Dawn and Paul?” Misty asked. “We don’t know” Drew and May said.

    Way further down the ocean tow people were still caught in the Tsunami. Dawn was unconscious and Paul was holding tightly onto her hand. They finally made it to the shore. “Come on Dawn wake up, wake up Dawn, WAKE UP” Paul yelled. “Where are we” Dawn asked as she started to wake up. “I have no idea. All I know is that Ash is probably looking for us” Paul said. “Then we should go find everyone else” Dawn said. “You’re right but you need to be careful, I don’t want anything to happen to you” Paul said. “I’ll be fine” Dawn said as she sent out her Piplup. Paul sent out his Honchkrow and the couple went down the ocean. They found Drew, May, Misty, and Brock and realized that Ash was probably far from here. The whole entire group was worried about Ash.
    Ash had been traveling for days trying to find the rest of the group. He figured out where they had been but thought that they were in danger. His search was ended when Ash was surrounded by Ho-oh, Lugia, Jirachi, Darkrai, and Mewtwo. “Pikachu use Thunderbolt” Ash yelled. Ash managed to escape by using Pikachu’s Thunderbolt to distract them. Sadly it wasn’t enough. Ash got caught in a Hurricane and Tidal Wave and he and his Pokémon were unconscious floating down the ocean.

    Ash awoke on the island where the rest of group was waiting. “Ash we have some news” Misty whispered. “We figured where we can find Tabuu A.K.A Giovanni. It’s a place called the Subspace. The girls are going to come but the boys will fight Tabuu first. If any of you get hurt a girl will fill in for you” Misty said. “Let’s go then” Ash said. “Wait just in case if I never see you again I want to tell you something. I love you” Misty said. “I love you too” Ash said. The two kissed. The same thing happened with Drew and May and Paul and Dawn. The kisses could have lasted forever until Brock shouted “stop kissing. We’ve got to get moving”. The group entered the portal to the subspace and approached Tabuu. “You’re trying to defeat me. I will crush you” Tabuu said as he pointed to Mew lying on the floor. Misty approached it and picked it up. It looked like it was barely alive. “YOU MONSTER” Ash yelled as he punched Tabuu. Tabuu surrounded himself with a shield and said “You know when I was your age I met a beautiful woman. We got married but when I became leader of Team Rocket she left me. I wanted revenge on her so I captured her. I believe her name is Delia Ketchum”. “YOU GIVE ME BACK MY MOTHER” Ash yelled. “No way if you try to defeat me she will die” Tabuu said. “Ash save the world and defeat him” Delia cried. “I will” Ash responded. The group fought Tabuu but Ash thought the hardest. Ash ended the battle by using his Aura powers which caused Tabuu to fall to the ground and turn back into Giovanni. Ash found the source of Mew’s powers and gave them back to Mew. Mew was able to restore peace. When everyone thought everything was alright a gunshot was heard and Ash fell to the floor.

    “ASH PLEASE WAKE UP ASH PLEASE YOU CAN’T DIE” Misty yelled. Ash’s eyes began to open and with the last minutes of his life he said “Misty (gasp) don’t forget me (gasp) I (gasp) love (gasp) you” and he closed his eyes. “ASH NO YOU CAN’T LEAVE US YOU DON’T DESERVE IT” Misty yelled. No matter what she said nothing could help. Ash was dead.

    The funeral was the week after the world had been restored. Everyone came to say goodbye to Ash. Even Paul, the person that hated Ash came. Each of Ash’s friends approached his coffin to say goodbye. Even Jessie, James, and Meowth went up crying. “Twerp you weren’t a twerp you were a wonderful trainer. We’re sorry for all we’ve done to you” Meowth and James said. “CAN WE KEEP YOUR PIKACHU” Jessie said. “I wouldn’t give Pikachu to anyone yet” Gary said. “Ash ever since I met you I loved you. I thought you would be my knight but I realized that someone else likes me and that you love Misty. I’m so happy I got to travel with you” Dawn said. “Ash you and I were best friends and when we started or journeys we started to tear apart. I’m glad I was your rival and your friend” Gary said. “I am thankful that I got to keep your Pokémon in my lab” Professor Oak said. “I’m really happy I’ve been able to travel with you all these years. You got rid of my hard shell and made me nicer” Brock said. “Ash you will always be my role model. I will remember you when I start my journey” Max said. “Ash I will always miss you. Don’t worry I won’t turn your room into something else” Delia said tearfully. “Ash the reason why I was such a jerk to you was because my father is Cyrus. I wish I could have been your friend instead of your rival” Paul said. Everyone was shocked from what Paul said. Not only about the reason why Paul was a jerk but also by how he wished he could have been Ash’s friend. Misty was the final one up. She immediately started crying. “Ash, all though for most of your journey I was mean to you and constantly reminded you about my bike I still always loved you. Why you have to leave us I don’t know. All I know is that you don’t deserve it” after Misty said this she ran off crying. “It’s obvious that Ash’s death is hard for her” Brock said.

    Misty had been crying for hours. “Misty you need to get to sleep. Crying all night won’t make Ash come back” Daisy said. “You’re right” Misty said as she began to close her eyes. “ Misty it’s me Ash” Ash’s voice said. “Ash you’re alive” Misty said. “Sadly no I just want to tell you some things. I’m sorry that I have to leave but it’s for the best. Giovanni, the biggest threat to the world is now dead. Although you can’t see me my spirit will live with you. I will watch over you and you’ll hopefully be able to talk with me sometimes. I’m entrusting you in deciding what to do with my stuff. Tell Pikachu that I miss him. I want you to take care of Pikachu. I’ll be watching over you. Farewell.” Ash said. “ASH I’LL MISS YOU TOO” Misty yelled to the sky. Misty went to go get Pikachu and told Ash’s mother what Ash had said. “Pikachu Ash misses you a lot but he’s hoping that you’ll be able to hear him talk to you” Misty said. “Ash’s heart will go on so our love will live forever” Misty said as she fell asleep.

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2008
  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I hate to say this but it has a lot of errors in the fic. Sorry.

    Well very tragic in the crazy sence but I've spot some errors. A new line or paragraph is needed when a new person is talking and sometimes you forgot to do that, espicially on the art with Ash's funeral.

    Puntuation is also a big issue. You forgot the commas, periods and question marks. In the speech quotes there was no puntuation.

    I was ike woah after Paul's comment at his funeral. A but of OOCness there but I guess I can forgive that.

    Now I've pointed out the bad things, I'll go with some good. Team rocket's comments were retty funny as was Gary's reaction. Also I've always been interested in shipping fics that kill off one of the characters so you're title made me quickly interested. I didn't notice any spelling mistakes either.

    As soon as the puntuation, format and grammar is fixed up, the fic will look even more better.
    Here, I think this link will help you http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=19

    I hope my review helps and your youtube videos are great.
  3. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    Wow. I always wanted Ash to die but not like this! lol. I didn't see much pokeshippy moments in this story but it's okay.

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