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Ash's new rival

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What about the guy with the Mega Blaziken?

I'd be surprised if they weren't a member of Team Flare.

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I don't want Ash to get a main rival this series. I don't think the mega Blaziken trainer will be a rival, a villian or antihero is more likely, or he's probably some random trainer here to just promote the mega evolutions.


To be honest, the fact that we didn't get a Paul or Trip-like character within the first couple of episodes makes me think that Ash simply won't have a rival in this saga. And no, I don't think the mysterious Blaziken man counts; I'm sure he'll have a role later but not as a rival. I'd be fine with Ash not having a rival if it means less drama anyway.


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I got mine from the same people who says serena is dawn 2.0 because they debuted in pajamas.

What would be good was if cameron returned as the rival only this time he remembers a full battle is 6 on 6. But the twist is that it turns out he didn't need a 6th to beat ash again.

I wouldn't like to see Cameron return his whole character was kind of annoying in my opinion at least.. they should just give Ash a new original rival.


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if he does get a rival i hope it will be someone we wouldnt expect or someone completely new. heck i wouldnt be surprised if alexa somehow appeared in the pokemon league as an unexpected rival. her pokemon are good enough. noivern, gogoat and helioptile( who could evolve to heliolisk)


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I'll say. How dare Mask of Blaziken (What I'm calling the trainer, until he gets a actual name) have his Mega Blaziken save trainers from falling to their deaths. That man is a menace to the Kalos region and must be stopped, lol.

LOL I should've worded it more carefully, I meant a menace as a trainer rivaling Ash in skill.

I'm sure his actions are not as clear as they seem, which is quite sketchy to me, he'll play a big role in his journey I'll say.


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What about the guy with the Mega Blaziken? I think he would be an interesting rival, although his role will almost be like a guardian. The storyline could be interesting with Ash being unable to defeat Mega Blaziken until he learns how to Mega-evolve his Pokemon and he gets Charizard back as Mega Charizard to fight the Mega Blaziken in the end.

that actually might be interesting...

why are people saying there should be no rival in this gen?
Without a rival the pokemon league will be really bland and boring. With a rival that is like gary or paul we might actually see ash's better battling skill as well considering this gen he's not a complete noob as he was in BW.
Also without a rival we will have another AG league/ Kanto League conclusion where a last minute "rival" will come and beat ash lol.
But to me this gen feels completely new as if they fired all the old writers and replaced them with new people or something so i can expect great things whether we get a rival or not.


I wanted Serena to be the Rival.

A region that valued art, food, and fashion seemed like a perfect place to introduce a serious female rival. " Serious " in the sense that she wasn't a complete joke like the female Pokemon Trainers before her. Also a region that has a slant towards cute Pokemon over tough looking ones, so yeah.

Initially I imagined Serena as a girly-girl who wanted to prove that she was strong to impress Ash. Eventually she comes to realize that Ash cares more about his Pokemon than he does about the possibility of a relationship so her training style shifts. Ash still beats her in the end but she puts up a good fight. Their arch ends with her renewing her journey so she can form a strong bond with her Pokemon ... and with the hope that in a few years Ash might finally notice her.

I also imagined Eevee and Slyveon being one of the Pokemon she absolutely mus have. The general idea being that Serena wanted Eevee to evolve into Slyveon but initially did not have a strong bond with any of her Pokemon. She wasn't cruel to them but she didn't see them as much more as a means to gain attention (similar to May's problem with Bulbasaur). After her revelation she starts over with Eevee and eventually gains its trust enough for it to evolve. So a symbolic thing similar to how Silver's Golbat only evolved from happiness after he had a change of heart in the games.

This is actually a really good post, especially the second paragraph, about what direction they could take Serena and what type of goal/development she receives in this series.

It won't be like Best Wishes with only new pokes so if Ash get a rival I want some of the previous ones to come back (Richie,Cameron,Harrisson?,Trip,Morrison),But if it is someone new that it's in the game then the male characters of the games (XY,BW,B2W2,DPP,GSC...) ,or even rivals that appeared in the previous games but not in the anime (B2W2 one in mind).
A new rival or even not at all are to be predicted but I would like a mix of Ash's previous rivals.

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I'd be fine if he had no rival if it meant he'd job less until the tournament.

Would like it if he had a female main rival, for a change.


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Whoever it is, I just want the rival to be really experienced like Paul, but not too cruel like he was at the start.

I really hated how Ash kept losing to a rookie in Unova, it was just awful to watch.


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I honestly wouldn't mind at all if Ash wasn't getting an "official" rival. Seeing how bad Trip was (I liked the character, but the personality, how it came and went too quickly and how poorly his team was shown, it was overall a waste), I think small recurring rivals (Bianca, Stephan, Barry, stuff like that) would be enough.
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I hope that the Mega Blaziken trainer isn't going to be a rival. Blaziken has already had its time to shine. Twice, and once as a rival's main.

Anyway, I doubt I'm even halfway through X, but I'm disappointed in the rivals so far. Serena obviously can't be one, but the other three are boring. They aren't great battlers and they even admit that. They would have fit in perfectly in BW.

If there is a rival, I could see them maining Sylveon or Hawlucha.


Ash not having a rival is boring because it means less battles to give to Ash.

No it doesn't. Ash can battle anyone he wants, there's nothing stopping him from battling another trainer he meets instead. And Ash having a rival is getting boring in my opinion anyway because he (almost) always has one.

at this point right now i currently want the trainer who abandoned Froakie/Keromatsu as the new rival for Ash.
It will be like a new paul-esque rival which was imo the best rival ash ever had.

i would honestly hate that. i don't watch to see copies of other characters. plus the trainer had every right to release froakie
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To be honest I think his rival is the guy with the Pangaro in the opening.


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Korrina might be an interesting choice for a rival, as we've not seen a gym leader in that role before and she's tied into Mega Evolution.
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