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Ash's Personality (Kanto vs. Unova)

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I have noticed that Ash had matured a lot from Kanto to Unova. In Kanto, whenever he lost, he shed a few tears, like a normal 10 year old. In Johto, I could see he matured a tiny bit, and one of the later episodes of the Indigo League, it said that it had been a year since Ash has been in Viridian City, so that means that he is at least 11 years old by then. In Hoenn, his ambition of being a Pokemon master dwindled down a little bit, when he met May, because usually, he spent his supposed training time to mentor May for her contests. And in the Battle Frontier, his voice got lower (yes, I know the USA pokemon switched companies), but it is all derived from the Japanese Pokemon. Still, in Sinnoh, he seems MUCH for mature and he wasn't as ambitious as shown in the Kanto/Johto regions. And, now in Unova, in the first episode it says he was back to being a 10 year old, which I don't quite understand.

Personally, I really don't like the Unova Ash, as the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh Ash, but it was fun on how he evolved in maturity and Pokemon ambitions throughout the anime.

Also, it seems what traveling partners he is traveling with that affects his personality. For example, with Misty, he was getting into fights more, and he had more random outbursts. With May and Dawn, he was more of a mentor, and with Iris, he was getting into some fights.


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Uh, Ash DID mature and get stronger pokemon.

It happened in Hoenn and Sinnoh. Unova regressed him for whatever reason.

Unova didn't really regress him. we're pretty much well beyond "caught up" and beyond the period of episodes he's been "reset".

In Kanto, whenever he lost, he shed a few tears, like a normal 10 year old.

That's downplaying it. After losing in the Top 16 in Indigo, he locked himself in his room and did nothing probably for several days


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Uh i think that they wanted to start with a clean slate. for the new generation and all. He will never get older just like all cartoon characters except for a few exceptions. He seems younger in unova than sinnoh doesnt he?... or is that my imagination


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He seems younger in unova than sinnoh doesnt he?... or is that my imagination

You mean he looks younger or acts younger?

To be honest, I don't see this magical puberty that everyone's talking about when they mention Ash's Sinnoh design. He looks the same in all regions in my opinion (except for the eyes of course).


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Haha! Unova Ash seems too goofy and babyish. Hoenn Ash was handsome but you could still see the kid in his size. The eyes are good too.
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^^^Thanks for pointing this out. People are seriously overdoing Ash's "reboot". It seriously ends by like episode 6 or 7 of B/W, and even before then, such as the gym battle, he shows hints of greatness.

You must be new to the world of animated fiction.

Animated fictional series often exist in an "ageless" environment where time does in fact pass, and there is continuity,but "time" moves so slowly so no one really ages, and often specific time spans are avoided or only vaguely mentioned.

This also exists outside of animation such as many comics (both newspaper and superhero) and the James Bond movie series.

Even though this was posted in 2011 I felt the need to correct this statement. Even though that is true for most animated fictions, think about the events in this particular anime. He has participated in 5 Leagues, It makes more sense for him to have aged than to have remained 10. I think he should be at least 14-15 now. Time statements were used many times earlier in the show, at least in Seasons 1-9, not sure about 10-13 though but I think they have. I don't understand why they kept him 10 in Seasons 14-17. For one, it is totally unrealistic. I could go on for why they made a huge mistake for keeping him 10. If they were going to destroy his character in Unova, they should've started it with an entirely new character instead. Perhaps, fast forward to where Ash himself is the Kanto Champion, and his child goes to the new regions? Maybe he even gets married to Misty? At least that would keep the old seasons alive. And I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I want to see Ash's, Brock's, Misty's, May's and Dawn's dreams fulfilled.
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