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Ash's pokemon return?

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Does anyone think that any of Ash's pokemon will make a return, like pigeot or primape. I thought primape would return at the fighting frontier battle or any time in the frontier since they were back in konto. Or maybe a pokemon at oaks lab will help ash in a battle. Those are my thoughts now I want to here yours.
Give your opinion.


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Well, whether it belongs to Satoshi or not, a Pidgeot appears in one of the Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai trailers.


I hope Primape returns someday! Ash didn't have him for many episodes, & I want to know how he's doing, has he become a pokemon fighting champion? what?!

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I don't really think so but I am hoping that pidgeon and buterfree come back because they where 2 of his fav pokemon so they had a close bond with Ash:(....
primape has gone for long but butterfree has been gone the longest, so i'd say primape might make an appearance in late sinnoh and pidgeot probably the last episode of sinnoh


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Probably Pokémon from Oak's lab wil make a comeback. I saw somewhere that Butterfree died so he not. Primeape can maybe make a comeback and Pidgeot too.


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^Butterfree isn't dead, that comes from a mistranslation. I do think they'll all show up again, even Larvitar and Lapras.


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Of course Butterfree is dead.
Pidgeot ate him. That's why Ash never came back for Pidgeot.

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I couldn't give two hoots about Butterfree or Primeape returning, now, though I DID cry when Butterfree left initially, but I do want to see Pidgeot...it has always been my favourite pokémon and Ash's deserved more than one episode and one opening's worth of screentime.


From the Bulbapedia:

It is a common misconception that Butterfree die after mating. However, this comes from a mistranslation and there is nothing to stop Butterfree returning in the future.
I am really mad that pigeot hasnt made a return yet because i missed the episode where it evolved so i never got to see it as a pigeot. however the butterfree episode I did see and i really think taht it should make a return because it was the very first wild pokemon ash ever caught and it sucks that it left the team so soon.


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Movie 10 trailers seem to disagree. Ash is riding a Pidgeot in one of them.


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Movie 10 trailers seem to disagree. Ash is riding a Pidgeot in one of them.

That doesn't really mean anything. Remember the timeline of this movie is around the 2nd and 3rd sinnoh gyms and we haven't seen a pigeot in upcoming episdoes.


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I was responding to the guy right above me.
He said they would "not return."
Ash riding a Pidgeot in the movie implies that Pidgeot is in the movie.
That means it came back.
Whether it's in the series or not is an entirely different matter.

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Just because he's riding A Pidgeot doesn't mean it's HIS Pidgeot. He rode a Flygon in Jirachi Wish Maker, doesn't mean it's Drew's.