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Ash's Squirtle's fate

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Charizard-Fan, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Charizard-Fan

    Charizard-Fan Star Wars fan

    We haven't seen Ash's Squirtle since Ash vs Brandon episodes. And while it's confirmed that Charizard will return in N saga, there hasn't been any merchandise or anything else that would imply that we'll see Squirtle again.

    So do you think we'll see Ash's Squirtle again someday, or do you think he appeared for the last time in Ash vs Brandon episodes?
  2. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    Tbh that can be said for anything that hasn't appeared for a long time. A lot of pokemon hasn't made appearances ever since they left. Examples: Kingler and Muk lol.

    Also, I believe this belongs to the spoilers section (?)
  3. Charizard-Fan

    Charizard-Fan Star Wars fan

    Muk just appeared in last's week's episode. Sure, he hasn't had battles for a long time but he still had a small role in one DP episode and in last week's episode.

    And Squirtle is not in Oak's lab like Kingler and Muk are. That's why I think that Muk, Kingler and other neglected Pokemon at Oak's lab will appear again sooner lor later, while Squirtle is not as certain case because he's in Squirtle Squad.

    And I'm not sure where this thread belongs, but because I remember there was once a similar thread about Charizard in here, I though that this is a good place for my thread.
  4. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Squirtle was the lamest of the original Starters and was equally lame in the anime (an Evolution could've helped you know!)

    Not to mention 4Kids had the bright idea of giving it this "baby face mobster" type voice.

    Technically, Squirtle's write off episode was worse than Charizard's. All they could think of was sending it back w/ the "Squirtle Squad?"
  5. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Mikoto Uchiha

    It'll probably return for a few episodes eventually.
  6. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Why is this thread titled "Ash's Squirtle's fate"? As if there is some ambiguity as to what Squirtle is currently doing?

    We know exactly what he's doing. He's serving with the Squirtle Squad.
  7. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    He will put out fires. I never knew why Ash needed squirtle for brandon when he had a perfectly good kingler waiting at home.
  8. Interference

    Interference Banned

    He died of cancer.
  9. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Well that happened.

    He went back to the Squirtle Squad, who were now a bunch of Wartortles as they were training to be... firefighters, I think? I can't exactly remember what was going on, except they were training. I don't exactly remember when this happened, it had to be sometime before Johto, I believe, I swear Tracey was involved in the episode when Squirtle left.

    Eh, whatever. I didn't mind Squirtle, but I don't exactly miss him, either. He was okay for who he was, even though these days, Squirtle is associated with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann jokes.
  10. RealRaymon

    RealRaymon Good series at last!

    He'll appear, sooner or later. But later is more likely.
    Well, writers don't satisfy me last years, the only exceptions were when I saw that Dawn returns, and when I saw that Ash's strongest Pokemon returns.

    STICKTOPIA Well-Known Member

    Isn't squirtle shown in the Japan intro along with ash's other pokemon? I don't think they'd show it there if it wasn't gonna appear. Well regardless of that of course it'll be shown again. I don't see why Squirtle wouldn't come back.
  12. Interference

    Interference Banned

    Because Ash can't use KIngler because he's an evolved water type.
  13. J Ken

    J Ken RAVE

    That's his same excuse for not using Palpitoad.
  14. MattySadler

    MattySadler Well-Known Member

    Presumably he and his Squirtle Squad are now the greatest firefighters in the land. I seem to recall them beating Captain Aiden's Wartortle Squad in some kind of fire fighting grand prix.
  15. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    Because Kingler isn't a Kanto starter.
  16. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    Poor Squirtle, it had the worst treatment out of the Kanto trio in appearances after it left. Bulbasaur has done well for itself, appearing pokemon specials, it appeared in AG and then appeared again in BF, it even made a cameo in DP, hopefully we'll see it again for a cameo in BW. And then Charizard, it came back many times after leaving and its definitely not the last time we'll be seeing it ;). But then there's Squirtle, it didn't appear until the last few episodes of AG and that was the last we saw of it. Heck its also the only one who didn't make an appearance in Movie 3. I hope we'll see it again though. I miss the friendship it had with Bulbasaur.
  17. moneylesswario

    moneylesswario Shudo's Powerhouses

    Of course we'll see Squirtle again, I don't think they'd just write him off, especially considering he's a Kanto starter. :)
  18. !jirachi!

    !jirachi! 3/4 dead...

    I don't think we'll see squirtle again. he's now part of the pokemon police with officer Jenny...
  19. Blessed

    Blessed Well-Known Member

    In case you don't know, Squirtle is at the Squirtle Squad. Putting out fires, saving lives, being a great leader to his fellow Squirtles and all that other heroic suff. Officer Jenny needs him more than ever, so I can't see it coming back anymore. It has a responsibility now, its not relaxing at Oaks lab like Ashs other Pokemon. That is Squirtles fate and its happy doing its job.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
  20. fitzy909

    fitzy909 Just another guy

    out of the original kanto starters two sort of have jobs. Squirtle is part of the squirtle squad and bulbasaur helps prof oak. Charizard is just training, so it's likely for him to return. Squirtle on the other hand most likely won't return as ash has many more pokemon to rely on now. it's sad how pokemon like kingler, squirtle, totodile etc. get forgotten.
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