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Ash's strongest Flying pokemon?

Ash's strongest Flying pokemon so far??

  • Pidgeot

    Votes: 42 31.8%
  • Noctowl

    Votes: 3 2.3%
  • Swellow

    Votes: 51 38.6%
  • Staraptor (If Staravia evolves)

    Votes: 36 27.3%

  • Total voters


Noctowl and Pideot didn't get half a cow shits worth of screentime.

So we cant really judge them to much :/


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Yeah..do you???
Pidgeot and Charizard are not the same, Charizard has is already strong and wants badly to become even stronger.
Also, he's got a trainer, Liza, and tough opponents to fight. Pidgeot doesn't have any of that, and what it does is hardly
making it any stronger. The only real threat to his bird friends was that bully
Fearow, and it probably stopped being a problem long before Ash even finished the Orange League.

So yeah, Pidgeot, whose now without a trainer, or any real work-outs, hasn't gotten any stronger.

Actually i do watch the show and im pretty sure ur wrong.
Just becuz pidgeot got rid of that fearow doesnt mean he just sits on his but all day for 10 years long and havent got any stronger.

Hes still training the piggy flock to get stronger and he did during his battle with that fearow. Im sure in 10 years pidgeot got alot stronger then before.

Just becuz hes not charizard or battling other charizard doesnt mean he doesnt get stronger. Bulbasaur keeps order at professor oak's garden just like pidgeot does with the flock.
Even though bulbasaur isnt in battle as much lately like sceptile , doesnt mean hes weak.
In fact bulbasaur gets called back for Ash's toughest battle against brandon simply becuz hes his best grass pokemon and part of his original 6.

Also even though pidgeot just evolved , it carried Ash on its back while flying faster then the speed of sound. I dont see swellow doing this any time soon.

In fighting flyer with fire , it was shown that Ash's charizard almost got beaten by a pidgeot.
This alrdy shos that pidgeot is a way stronger bird pokemon then swellow.
Swellow would get owned against Ash's charizard in a second.
Therefore its pretty obvious pidgeot still is Ash's strongest bird type pokemon.
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this question can go many ways...
pidgeot was awesome, but it only appeared in one episode :/ it was great as a pidgeotto though.
noctowl did hold it's own against morty's ghost pokemon
swellow has amazing durability, even with electric pokemon
staraptor knows moves like brave bird and close combat, but i still want to see more of it...

so yeah each has it's good points. but i can't really decide since pidgeot could've been really strong if the writers had let it stick around since it could've learned some of the newer moves and since it was one of the first pokemon ash/satoshi got, it would've been at a high level.
as for staraptor, it has impressed me, but i want to see how it holds later on in the sinnoh league so it's still a little early to judge it just yet. we just have to wait and see.
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I love flying types
Hmmmm...Swellow was way too strong for a Swellow & in those days Aerial Ace was like an incredibly powerful move

I think Staraptor is Ash's strongest flying type...with Brave Bird & Close Combat it can kill many things^^


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For me, Ash's strongest fly pokemon is Swellow.
I have to see it in the AG.
I would like to believe that Pidgeot was his strongest, even tho Ash didn't have it long I imagine that it would have been the most powerful flying Pokemon.


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Swellow was just awesome- every time it went into battle it would inevitably leave a long string of corpses behind. I would even argue that Swellow could hold its own in battle against Ash's Charizard


I suppose it would be the Staraptor. I mean, who couldn't resist a PWNsome Close Combat?


Pidgeot is the stronger I think because it had a super-power against leader Fearow.
Imagine if it was against Ritchie's Butterfree/ Charmander in the indigo league.
It could smash them. But it had not a chance so we can't know.
So from the rest, Swellow is deffenitely the strongest. Lets wait for Staraptor's next battles and see..


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For me I Think Ash's strongest flying pokemon so far is Swellow, well look a this battles and his special ability..


Right now, it's Swellow. Pidgeot's overrated because people don't take off their Kanto tinted rose glasses. Noctowl is the weakest though, just really doesn't stand out like the others. Muku.HAWK will be his strongest though.

We never really saw pidgeot in action in battles, only one little fight against a fearow. It is ash's BIGGEST bird though, so it probably might be the strongest. Noctowl is his weakest. Swellow, im not too sure cause i didn't watch any episodes in the hoenn region, but it seems pretty strong. Staraptor seems ok, not a super killer but above average.


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I'm going with Pidgeot, I mean he's had him for the longest out of them. Although not trianed from it's first form. Like Profesco said. You can't count him out because we haven't seen him in a long time and he's probably pretty awesome. He was the third pokemon that Ash got and look at his Pikachu...I'd have to say it's Pidgeot hands down. ;492;


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Staraptor will become by far Ash's strongest Flying-type Pokemon, because it knows Brave Bird, Close Combat, and Aerial Ace; It is very fast and is a heavy-hitter. And Staraptor is a 2nd Stage Pokemon like Pigeot.


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Staraptor will become by far Ash's strongest Flying-type Pokemon, because it knows Brave Bird, Close Combat, and Aerial Ace; It is very fast and is a heavy-hitter. And Staraptor is a 2nd Stage Pokemon like Pigeot.

actually if u look at speed , pidgeot can fly faster then twice the speed of sound. its Ash's fastest and biggest pokemon by far.
Since Ash's charizard almost lost to falconer's pidgeot , its pretty obvious ash's pidgeot is his strongest pokemon.

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Swellow > Staraptor > Pidgeot > Noctowl

The only real argument is whether Staraptor is better than Swellow yet, but I think it isn't there right now. There's a huge gap between Staraptor and Pidgeot too in terms of strength, with Noctowl easily being the worst.

IMO Pidgeot is easily one of the show's most overated pokemon.


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I have to go with Swellow. It was always so awesome in battles, and I loved its strong personality, although I think Staraptor could be as strong or stronger by the end of DP.