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Ash's weakest Pokemon in Alola

Ash's weakest pokemon in Alola?

  • Rowlet

  • Lycanroc

  • Incineroar

  • Melmetal

  • Naganadel

Results are only viewable after voting.

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Counterpart to the other thread. Discuss!


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Easily Rowlet. Doesn't even have to do with the fact he didn't evolve


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There is not really a weak Pokémon in Ash's team in Alola. Even Rowlet, he has more impressed by his victories. So if it's to vote for Rowlet just because it does not evolve... That's the strength of Rowlet, he proved he was very strong, even refusing to evolve.

I would be tempted to vote Melmetal, but even he did a great fight, so...


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Rowlet. Decidueye is outlier /BS. I mean Rowlet beat Braviary who battled DL and lost to Venusaur. So, Decidueye battle is BS unless Decidueye is really really weak Pokemon.

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Rowlet. He's not actually weak, just the weakest link.

Red and Blue

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I guess Rowlet by default? Even then he is pretty tough on it's own with a good win streak and beat its evolved forms.

Really all five of Ash's Alolan Pokemon are very strong from what was shown


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I think Melmetal.Mostly because is only uses 2 moves and we havent seen it battle a whole lot yet.Plus Rowlet beat a Decidueye and thts the only time in the anime that i can recall where a pokemon has beaten its final evolution as a unevolved pokemon


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I love how even rowlet a basic one stage evolution is still debated to not be considered weak and has been shown as strong . The only reason he is is coz he's unevolved.


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Naganadel, but it kind of depends on his showing against Tapu Koko next week.