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Hello, This is a idea i've had for a long time, for a few books, and i will be giving you some chapters and you can rate them. (plz, no comments on spelling and grammer, not to good at them) This is a med-evil book, with magic, and knights and all that.

This is the prologue for the first book.



Adria a young girl with brown long hair and eyes and a brown tunic walked through the woods she was out hunting for deer because her family hadn't made enough money for food for the winter. She was stalking a buck, a big one too. it would give them lots of meat for the winter that they needed. So she had to get this one. So she pressed on, Hoping it would bed down soon. She walked though the valley and then, she stopped dead in her tracks, there was the whole heard bedding down. She flew to the ground and strung her bow, she fit an arrow in it and got up and aimed. she locked on her buck, she took a deep breath, and shoot! It hit him. Knocking it dead and all the other deer running. She got it! after 2 days of catching up she got him! But then, the deer got back up...

"How?!" She thought, she had hit him dead in the neck! Then all her Thought of the deer erased it self from her mind as she heard a crack in the trees behind her. It's shadow sort of looked like it had dragon wings, except, they were on the body of a man. She got up, and started running, she had no idea what he, or IT was. The only thing she could think about was getting back to her camp where her brother and friend were. she turned around to see it flying after her, then she looked back forward and almost fainted as it was standing in front of her, she stumbled to a stop, And looked up at him. He opened his snake like eyes and said in a deep scratchy voice,

"Khethar..." She fell over, not dead but in a deep sleep, the man smiled, showing fangs, and took her away.