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Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Reno, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Reno

    Reno so adorable...

    Question thread 4.0.

    You know the drill.

  2. You really like the Spoiler tags...

    Anyways, if you do it that way (hack parents), no I don't think they can check them. Even then though, I think the way they check them is by seeing if the game's been broken into. So you would need to hack in one game, then trade them over to the game you'll be using in order to cover it up completely (assuming that you hacked the parents legitly, of course).
  3. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    Yes i like spoil tags.

    I don't hack, but i'm getting known hacked (legitly hacked) dittos with 31 IVs in 3 stats.

    So, would that be a "hack that would be detected"?
  4. Gren Draco


    Damn you both! i wanted to be the first to post ¬_¬
    what's the best EV's for mixmence?

    @zenotwapal, i hope the end of your pm is lying ¬_¬
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
  5. ^Check Smogon. =) And yeah, I so booked it over here just to be the first reply. XD

    Well, I think the only way they can detect legit hacks is if a hack was done on a game. Because these are coming from another game, are legitly hacked, and you probably haven't hacked on the game they are being traded to, then no, they would not be detected. That is, at least, as far as I know.

    I could be wrong because I haven't hacked before, but it does make sense.
  6. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    I have an Ubers team that I'm trying to fix. It used to look like this:
    Deoxys-S (lead)
    Kyogre (Choice Specs)
    Palkia (Choice Scarf)
    Scizor (Choice Band)
    Blissey (Calm Mind Bliss/special wall)
    Giratina (Sleep Talker/physical wall)

    I have been trying to fix this team for weeks now and have made little progress. Now the team looks like this:

    Kyogre(T-wave lead)
    Kingdra(DD dancer)
    Scizor(Choice Band)
    Maybe Choice Scarf Dialga to revenge kill Rayquaza

    Any help would be appreciated. I was thinking about Wobbuffet and I need a stealth rock user.
  7. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    @Salavoir: Thanks for the help.

    @Gren Draco: What are you talking about?

    One question while i'm at it: Since i'm obsessed with charizard, i would like to raise a variety of them.
    Would a Mixed Sweeper Zard work out?
  8. Gren Draco


    i meant sig, my bad.
    and it could work in UU, but in OU it's just an inferior Ape.
  9. BlackHeart

    BlackHeart Gnarf Gnarf Gnarf

    Hey, is Lead Brave Bat Crobat any good? Or Crobat with Hypnosis and Aerial Ace?
    Right now, my team is....

    Could someone help me out to balance the team? Make any changes?
  10. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers


    If you want a Revenge killer for Raquaza, use Palkia. He would fit perfectly on your team. Also, scarf Dialga doesn't outrun Raquaza if it's Jolly, something which Palkia can. I can only think of four Stealth Rockers in Ubers; Groudon, who wouldn't fit on your team, Blissey, IMO, has better things to do then set up rocks. So that leaves two; Skarmory and Forretress. I'd recommend Forry because Skarm should set up Spikes.

    Wobbuffet should usually be used with tickle, although another set would be fine. It does have a huge move pool, which is why it's uber.
  11. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    @ExplodingMuk: Much thanks. I noticed that my team with the additions doesn't have a resistance to electric attacks. Should I do something about that? Also aren't Palkia OHKOed by +2Extremespeed from SD Rayquaza, whom I have problems with whereas Scarf Dialga can take Extremespeed?
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
  12. Sebonzakura

    Sebonzakura moved to smogon

    I think that scarfchomp is the best revenge killer for Salamence.He is also immune to electric and resists stealth rock.
  13. Lucazard

    Lucazard Spoof Man™

    In your opinion what is the best lead? I just want a new lead!
  14. Blue Ace

    Blue Ace Pokemon is Dead

    Mild: 96 Atk/ 216 SpA/ 184 Spe

    Naive: 68 Atk/ 252 SpA/ 188 Spe

    The classic Power vs. Speed Dilemena. It's up to personal preference, try both out an see which one works best for you. You can also run Max Speed on the Naive one for outspeeding or at least speed tying with other Salamence.
  15. Sebonzakura

    Sebonzakura moved to smogon

    If two pokes have the same speed ,who hit first?
  16. Gren Draco


    Thanks, i won't bother with max speed though, since the EV's are better off in other stats.

    If kangaskhan with scrappy brick breaks spiritomb is it super effective?
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
  17. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    Did you mean to say that ScarfChomp is the best revenge killer for Rayquaza?
  18. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    Scrappy only works for normal type moves, according to Serebii. So it wouldn't affect it, I guess
  19. Lucazard

    Lucazard Spoof Man™

    Hax will decide it, in other words random choice.
  20. Sebonzakura

    Sebonzakura moved to smogon

    Then I am very lucky cause I attack first most of the time.Thanks anyway.
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