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Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Reno, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. JRCxyz

    JRCxyz Hi

    Yeah, thanks about that.

    Common sense tells me Whrilpool won't hit multiple times in a same turn because is not a multi-attacking move like Icicle Spear or Fury Swipes. Nevertheless, I could be wrong since it's just a guess after all.
  2. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    Hey what do you guys think of a UU/NU Team Making guide?

    UU/NU are my specialties :D
  3. Monochrome

    Monochrome Well-Known Member

    Oh dear

    Kujoshan, I think we'd be better off without that. I believe there is already one anyways
  4. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    Besides, it would suck.
  5. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    Anyone have good Evs for Hariyama? I'm looking for some decent ones.
  6. Awesome A

    Awesome A The Gameshark

    Did we ever make a really new player guide? I sorta wrote one but sorta didn't...

    Someone pm'd asking for help, and I wrote a massive many-page response explaining everything competitive. It would need cleaning to become a guide, but it's so big I feel like it should be somewhere... I also doubt this is the right place but we're on the topic of guides, and there's no unanswered questions on the front page that I see...

    EDIT: On hariyama, I always just went for max defense, a sorta low lefties number, and some Atk... I have them somewhere on the original version of my sig team...
  7. espeon13x

    espeon13x Espeon Trainer

    what is a really good counter to a vaporeon? it is a wish/protect one, any help?
  8. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    Suicune with HP Electric might work. Every time he Protects use Calm Mind.
  9. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    Electivire can take any hit from a vap. And then 2HKO with thunderpunch even with wish in play...
  10. Awesome A

    Awesome A The Gameshark

    Suicune walls it all day and sets up on it. Along the same lines, Empoleon does a good job. Vaporeon counters itself, and whichever one has Toxic wins. Basically, Bulky Waters w/ strong grass moves or crippler moves. Zapdos can come in with prediction (Try to come in on a HP: Electric/Grass) and scare it out. Latias is a kickin' counter. Blissey/Snorlax are classics too.
  11. espeon13x

    espeon13x Espeon Trainer

    i did latias!, oh wait, i forgot to add thunderbolt....but what should i get rid of...

    Dragon Pulse

    which to rid of? and recover helps, ALOT, that is how i beat his skarmory.
  12. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    Get rid of Psychic. It has poor offensive coverage.
  13. espeon13x

    espeon13x Espeon Trainer

    hmm, but i used it to knock out a genger, which is a terror to my team...

    nevermind, i have a weavile that can OHKO, k, thank you.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
  14. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    Its gonna get KOed by Dragon Pulse anyways.
  15. spareux

    spareux maldición

    But it covers essentially nothing else worthwhile, and gives the likes of Tyranitar and Metagross another free switch-in to Latias.
  16. espeon13x

    espeon13x Espeon Trainer

    nevermind, i just remmebered that i finished a weavile that can take out gengars for me, so thunderbolt for psychic, thanks.
  17. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    Um bro, you dont need to cover every single pokemon because it is impossible, Latias can take out gengar with ease without psychic anyways.

    My question. When cloud 9 is in-play ( golduck), does the ability start from turn one even when its not in play ( like groudon etc etc) or does it have to wait until it gets in play. Also does it only work for Golduck?
  18. goinGreen

    goinGreen <-I herd u Liek me?

    I've heard of many successful Baton Pass teams. So here's a question for Baton Passers. Say there's a Nijask which uses Protect 1st turn and Swords Dance the Second. On that second turn, if I use Screech, and then it Baton Passes away, would the pokemon coming in have -2 defense, +2 attack, and +2 Speed?

    Ninjask was the easiest pokemon I could think of for the example. I've always wondered how that worked.
  19. Xhizors

    Xhizors Banned

    ^Yes 10char
  20. I'm a little confused by the way you have worded that but I assume you mean the turn when the pokemon is sent out is turn one?

    It is to my understanding that it does as Serebii says: "All weather effects are negated while the Pokemon is on the field" and Golduck is most certainly on the field.
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