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Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Reno, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. I've noticed in CRMT that many people use examples of damage through percents and base power, etc. I'm wondering how you calculate these values, as I can benefit from learning it, and use it to plan new teams. An explanation or a link or whatever is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Gren Draco


    http://libelldra.com/competitive/damage knock yourself out, it's the best one known, i think.

    my question:
    What is it about Serebii CRMT that attracts lots of people with less brain cells than the average teapot?
  3. Thank you! I read CRMT's just to see posts of a certain someone that a lot of you have been having fun arguing with..
  4. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    How are stall teams countered? Also how are they countered when using a Rain Dance team?
  5. Kingdrom

    Kingdrom Turn Away Again

    Me. Everybody comes here for my famous pics. But seriously, there has to be some place to start. It's not that they're less intelligent. They are too enamored with the actual game to realize what it means to be competitive. The appeal of breeding and beating the Elite Four still brings joy to them- it hasn't been hammered out of them by days worth of EV training and breeding. For this reason, they are unable to see further to the metagame and how people treat the way they battle. Instead of thinking "I want to sweep with SD Lucario, so I'll use Mixmence to beat Hippowodon / Gyarados / Zapdos / etc.", they think "I took ~insert random amount of time~ breeding this Electivire and Ev training it, its got to be powerful enough. The only solution to this mentality is to make every Pokemon and Eving option readily available through AR or Shoddy.

    @ Airhorton- Stall teams can be countered by bulky stat-upers that can block status in some way. For example, Taunt Gyarados does well, along with Crocune. Sub-based wallbreakers ususally do well- for example, Leftovers Subpunch Gengar (Sub / Focus Punch / Shadow Ball / Hp Fire). When using a Rain Dance team, Hippowodon will often switch in on non-attacks to get rid of Rain. Using a bulky steel to set up Rain Dance, like Bronzong, you can set up Rain Dance again. Ultimately, you want to be able to get rid of Hippowodon or possibly Tyranitar. Stall will also try to stall Rain Dance, so a Stat-up not dependant on Sandstorm, like SD Scizor can help. As an added bonus, bulky SD Scizor does well against stall Blissey as long as Rain is up. Ultimately, a stall team is no match for Rain offense once their Sandstorm user is gone.

    This is all tentative of course; Perish Song Celebi still wins against the opponents of conventional stall. In this case, it doesn't hurt to carry Mixed Kingdra or some equivalent. Also, Quilfish / Tentacruel should be given special mention when facing stall. Quilfish sets up a quick Rain Dance and then can explode or set up Toxic Spikes. Tentacruel is bulkier and can deal with Breloom if needed as well as being able to absorb and set up Toxic Spikes, use Knock Off, or Spin the opponents's entry hazards away. Both should be given some consideration if you are having issues beating stall with a Rain Dance team.
  6. Awesome A

    Awesome A The Gameshark

    Also, I feel like the people trickle in from the fandom sections of Serebii, when they start looking for a bit more. The thing is to be nice to them; they obviously cared enough to make the effort to take the first step into competitive, even if that step is ungraceful and ugly. Cut em' some slack unless they're being ignorant/trolling imo.


    Kingdrom tackled the stall stuff pretty well. My strategy in-battle is once a single wall has gone down, isolate the one thing on your team that can take advantage of its abscense and abuse that chink in the opponent's armor. Sadly, stall teams often lack a deep redundancy, such as being overly reliant on Blissey to handle Latias, or Hippowdon to handle T-tar. Just a thought.
  7. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    What are some good non-legendary, non-psychic special walls that don't need egg moves?
  8. Gren Draco


    yeah i meant the ignorant ones, they really piss me off and it seems we've been getting loads lately.

    Or they could just not breed the certain pokemon until after they've posted the team and it has been fully rated, so they know that the team they have now is the best one they're gonna get. Then they can start the EV training process.

    And i guess i wasn't clear, i didn't really mean stupid, i just meant the one's like kujoshan, who post for rates then when they get them say the rates are crap. Or ignore the rates all together. They annoy the hell out of me.

    without Egg moves it'd have to be snorlax and tyranitar. Blissey is also one but it needs wish to be really effective, and that's an event move.
  9. Monochrome

    Monochrome Well-Known Member

    Blissey can do with Softboiled.

    A simple Restalk Lax can work with Body Slam and Fire Punch which is a Tutor Move.

    Tyranitar isnt really a WALL, considering it has weaknesses to the common special moves, but it always works as a special tank. If you're TM savvy then you can run pretty much any TTar set, apart from the DD one. Maybe the CB or even Boah, who is( or apparently used to be) a great wall breaker.
  10. Gren Draco


    With Special Defensively EV'd tyranitar Heatran's Earth Power is a 5HKO, suddenly it's weaknesses don't seem to matter that much, do they?
    besides it's only really special based weaknesses are grass and water.
  11. Drybones446

    Drybones446 That Photography Guy

    Because people like them love to flame people's teams.

    And certain people don't actually want them rated, since they argue about some rates. And they hate suggestions from Smogon.
  12. spareux

    spareux maldición

    "Online". Competitive should be its own forum, and In-Game should become "In-Game / Online".
  13. hobby

    hobby Well-Known Member

    That is not really fair to state though, seeing as online is just as competitive as the shoddy based metagame...
  14. spareux

    spareux maldición

    Competitive teams can be online.
    Online teams are not always competitive.
  15. hobby

    hobby Well-Known Member

    That still invalidates your argument. If you wish to keep with your line of arguing you should have probably stated that the term online be removed completely, since shifting it will lead to problems as well.
  16. :wub:disc

    :wub:disc more like :mam:anbou

    if you honestly believe that, you're an idiot, or you never go to smogon university when you use shoddy battle
  17. spareux

    spareux maldición

    How will it?
    In-game teams are generally funner, with less rules of what you can use, and more about simply perfecting the moveset, rather than looking at the team's weaknesses, strengths and actual members.
    If someone comes here saying "here is my ash team i use online swellow torkoal sceptile pikachu" chances are they've been misled by the "Online" part.
    There was such an incidence with someone confusing what Online was and what Competitive was here just a few days ago.

    You are being pernickity and pedantic for the sake of arguing.
    It's not very jovial.
  18. :wub:disc

    :wub:disc more like :mam:anbou

    oh ronnie beat me to it lol. i am slow ._.
  19. Darkfall

    Darkfall Abuses SHIFT + ENTER

    See, that's what I thought too, but then I wondered if it'd affect multi hit moves that work across several turns, essentially causing a guarenteed 5 turns of trapping.

    I'm doubtful, but I have my DS so I can check it out now.

    I'll post here if anyone's curious.

    Thanks guys.
  20. Gren Draco


    ooo that's a nice word, jovial
    and yeah hobby he is right, competetive and online are completely different.
    For example people posted plenty of teams for the championships, and those obviously weren't online btu where still competetive.
    and lots of people post teams that are for fun and aren't competetive in the slightest, but are still used online.
    Yeah sometimes they over lap but they are different things.
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