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Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

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Blackbelt Blaziken

Okay, after a few rounds with this team on the Competitive Rate threads, I've got a lot of kinks in this armor worked out... but, several questions remain.... All of my qtopics/areas in doubt will be in BOLD

Heatran – FIRE/STEEL @ Shuca Berry
Naïve (+Spd/-Sdef)
EVS: 252 Spd/ 252 SA/ 4 HP
-Fire Blast
-Earth Power
-Stealth Rock

Main goal, get Stealth Rock up and running... Then to weaken as many opponents as possible... scince I'd like him to last a bit longer than a suicide-lead, could someone show me a bulkier defensive spread?

Vaporeon – WATER @ Leftovers
Bold (+Def/-Atk)
EVS: 188 HP/ 68 SA/ 252 Def

Not a ton of questions here. any suggestions are welcome.

Electivire – ELEC @ Expert Belt
Adamant (+Atk/-Satk)
EVS: 4HP/ 252 Atck/ 252 Spd
- Cross Chop
- Ice Punch

There's been a world of hate for this guy. i personally love him and the amazing type-coverage he gets, but for some odd reason, not many see eye-to-eye with me. Someone care to explain?

Gengar – GHO/PSN @ Choice Scarf
Timid (+Spd/-Atk)
EVS: 4HP/ 252 SAtk/ 252 Spd
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast

Not sure here to go with Psychic, Dark Pulse, or Explosion?? also here as a rapid spin blocker.

Gallade- PSY/FIGHT @Shell Bell
Adamant (+Atk/-Satk)
EV: 252 Spd/ 252 Atk/ 4 SD
-Close Combat
-Psycho Cut
-Night Slash
-Thunder Wave

Here for some status support... are there better supporters out the that'd fit better with this team?

Salamence – DRAGON/FLY @ Life Orb
Rash (+SAtk/-SDef)
EV: 252 Atck/ 100 HP/ 156 Spd
- Dragon Claw

Like to run as a Mixmence wallbreaker. help with a bulkier dfensive EV spead?

Thanks a milliion. Have at it! :)

******also, if this isnt the right thred for these questions, PLEASE show me where it is??*******
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Alright so I'm planning on a PBR/Diamond pokemon team, for either Wifi use mainly. So far I got:Ursaring Gliscor and Weavile, what pokemon would fit with these 3 guys? I can post movesets etc, but I dont wanna spam right now since Im not sure if thats allowed here. Thanks in advance.


^ If you want to give movesets, then post an RMT. As for your team, you have a large Fighting weakness, so add in a Ghost. IMO, Gengar fits in well because it attracts Psychic or Ghost attacks, both of which can go to Weavile and Ursaring respectively. Gliscor hates Ice, so put in a fire-type too. Heatran would work nicely, but that opens up another fighting weakness, so if you have access to it, then Moltres will work. Now, you have a weakness to Bulky Waters, so have a Pokémon like Electivire, Ampharos, or Raikou to cover that. So, as your final team, you could have...
Ursaring, Weaville, Gliscor, Moltres, Electric thing, Gengar. That seems to work to me. It might not be perfect, but I made it up on the spot. Tweak it how you want.
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Alright great, so a Fire Ghost and Electric type would be best? I think I'd want a 2nd lead or wall since at PBR youre mainly fighting with 3 pokemon anyways. Ill see what I can come up with and post it in RMT, thanks


^ Well, that was just done on the spot, but yeah, it should work. Just be careful of exactly which Pokémon you use so that you don't open up to many weaknesses.


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What do you mean by cutoff exactly? Do you mean what pokemon can be used?

Any pokemon can be used in the Uber Tier from Ubers themselves down to the NeverUsed Tier. For example, Parasect is a excellent Kyogre counter.


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Bluerabbit, would Magmortar work with Weavile Gliscor and Ursaring? I simply love him, or perhaps another Special Fire Sweeper? Also that would make me more vurnerable to (Bulky) Waters so I thought of Special Electivire or Raikou(though Raikou would be hard to get), do you or anyone else have suggestions for a Fire/Electric type by any chance? And is there something else that can work within my team besides a ghost, weaknesswise?

EDIT: Screw special Electivire on second thought, his SpA isnt as amazing as I thought. The reason I want the electric type to be a special sweeper (or perhaps a supporting role) is cause I already have 3 Physicals.
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^ Well, Magmortar could work but Moltres is better IMO, as it has acess to Air Slash, which counters the fighting-types that Ursaring and Weaville hate. You could give Maggy Psychic, but it won't work as well.
If you want a Special electric Sweeper, Jolteon does that job well, and SubCMKou (Raikou with TBolt, HP [ICE], Sub, and CM) is amazing if played correctly. I know that from experience, but if it's too hard to get, then Jolteon could work too.
EDIT: It is inferior to Moltres IMO, but Charizard could work in its place.
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I see, though getting my hands on a decent natured and with decent IVs Moltres would be quite the challenge. Also if I use this team on PBR I probably wont use Weavile and Ursaring at the same time due to the fact that it'd make my team quite fragile, so then I only got 1 pokemon with Fighting weakness at a time.
And as much as I would like a Raikou, getting my hands on a Timid one would be quite hard since theres a big demand for them! I'll think of Jolteon though his moveset/pool is quite boring tbh. The fact that I asked about Magmortar is also cause then I have almost the whole team that Shinji/Paul has;p. Once again it's back to the drawingboard and I'll see what I can come up with..


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