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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.


Old thread is old.
So basically, the topic creator, which is me in this case, will post a question that is absolutely dumb, contradicting, obvious or however you may want to put it.
Then, the next person who posts will reply with an answer that is redundant or has no logic behind it, following it up with a dumb question of their own.
From there on out, it just keeps going like that.
In case you don't understand or need a reference, look at the old thread here.
But all rules apply. So nothing offensive, respect each other, et cetera.

Righto. I'll start.

what is this i dont even?
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probably elsewhere
No idea with you.

How come dear reader is alive right now?


probably elsewhere
No answer is applicable, since they will all cower in fear.

Why are tongues considered dangerous?


Well-Known Member
Because if they weren't, Rayquaza would go crazy and kill everyone in Hoenn.

Does the Mint Green Delcatty know that mutant Buneary people have taken over Hearthome city?
No, because the Mint Green Delcatty ran away with both the Dish and the Spoon. Somebody's popular :p

Why did it take me half an hour to remember to write a new stupid question?
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Tri hawk

Say no to Poké-drugs
No, for mahogany is not yet a flavour of muffin!

Why are bugs soon to evolve into muffins?


Stop laughing...
No, the moke popcorn.

Os my Azumaril coming to play with me in yesterday?


YO MOMMA!!!!1111

Where are all teh kittens???


Not enough vitamins
It's a new number eith the international code of *UJGHIUHGGI*.

Did it flood somewhere?